Best Sewing Machine Under 10000

 The sewing machine is used by professionals and housewives who love to stitch clothes on their own. so, most of them get confused about the product details, their durability, pricing, and most important brand.

By keeping all these key factors in mind and a detailed study of each product we have listed the top 10 best sewing machines under 10000. Read the description carefully which will help you in making the correct decision.

Best Sewing Machine Under 10000

1. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine (White And Blue)

The sewing machine Usha Dream Stitch has 4-steps buttonholing, which allows you to stitch buttons rapidly on clothes, dresses, and jackets.

You can also choose your favorite pattern from dialing. Automated tripping bobbin makes sure that when sewing starts, the thread is correctly wound around the bobbin.

The Usha Janome lightweight sewing machine has a handle so that you can conveniently shift from one place to another. The automatic zig-zag sewing machine Usha Janome Dream Stitch has a perfect size, which fits easily into your shelves.

This convenient sewing machine has seven integrated stitches and fourteen apps that enable the sewing process to explore several functions.

It has a sewing light, which makes it easier to see when stitching it in dimly lit spaces. In addition, the thread tension control ensures that the thread doesn’t break during operation on the machine.

The sewing machine Usha Janome Dream Stitch is a free arm model with zigzag stitches. This lightweight sewing machine can be used in no time to suit and stitch clothing from various fabrics.


  • Electric
  • No of Stitches: seven
  • The speed of sewing is 550 SPM
  • Four Button Hole Designs
  • Max width of stitch: four mm


  • The sewing quality is Good.
  • Provided a lot of stitching design.
  • Stitching even jeans material in an easy way.
  • Installation is easy.


  • Customer service is not good.
  • The outer shell is plastic.

2. Singer 1304 Start Sewing Machine with 6 Built-In Stitches, Free-Arm Sewing Machine – Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

The Singer 1304 Start is an easy mechanical sewing machine that is simple and easy to use. For learners and others who want a lightweight movable device, it is an excellent option.

Customer reviews are pretty high and the majority of the owner is accessible, simple to set up and run, and even free of charge. But it has some problems with jamming and sometimes owners have difficulties threading the machine.


  • Electric
  • Amount of stitches: Six
  • Speed: Per minute 750 stitches
  • Holes button: automated four-step


  • The number of in-built stitches is six.
  • The sewing speed is 700 SPM.
  • Efficient and comfortable design while working.


  • There is no start/stop button provided.
  • The little issue regarding service.

3. Singer Tradition FM 2250 Sewing Machine (White)

This Singer’s 2250 Tradition sewing machine can enable sewing as simple as pie, even if you are a professional or simply a beginner.

This machine makes your sewing projects enjoyable and easy with a host of amazing features, including 10 in-built stitch designs and customizable touch foot pressure.


  • Electric
  • No of stitches: ten
  • speed of Sewing is 800 SPM
  • Designs of four Button Hole


  • Easily useable and compact.
  • This machine can be used by both beginners as well as professionals.
  • It’s very durable for the cost.


  • The body is designed with Plastic doesn’t seem convenient for use.

4. Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

The Singer 8280 electric sewing machine is simple to use and reliable and enables sewing quicker and comfortable at home. If newly cushion covering needs to be stitched or something is to be repaired, this sewing machine with its range of features is there to support you to accomplish your job done effectively.


  • Electric
  • No of Stitches: Seven
  • The speed of Sewing is 800 SPM
  • Styles with One buttonhole
  • Max width stitch: five mm


  • Really high-quality building and sustainable product.
  • Easy to use, robust, and more cost-effective.
  • All features are outstanding.


  • No negative aspect found.

5. Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine (White)

A fully automated sewing machine for newcomers would you like to design and stitch clothes to your own convenience? Then buy online from Amazon India for the Singer Start 1306 (White).

This sewing machine is simple to set up. With six built-in stitch patterns, you can explore the boundaries of your creativity: four fundamentals, one decorative, and one buttonhole.

The machine features an LED lighting that lights up the entire area while you easily sew the dress. Since the length and width are preset, this machine does not have to make changes in the length and width of the stitch.

The Singer Start 1306 Sewing machine is a better place to start enables you to realize your imagination. It has six built-in stitches – straight, satin, zigzag, blind, scallop and four-step, making life simple for you.

The threading structures are printed efficiently and simply on the machine so that you can set them up quickly. You can automatically make awesome buttonholes within four simple steps using the four – steps automatic buttonhole.

The two spool stitches are ideal for hemming and attaching a decorative touch to correspond to stitching rows. A movable and lightweight sewing press Enjoy skip-free sewing and total sturdiness as a heavy metal frame is provided. The Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine’s detachable, free arm offers simple access to collars, slips, cuffs, pants, etc.


  • Electric.
  • No of Stitches: Six
  • Speed of Sewing is 700 SPM
  • Styles with One buttonhole


  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Several patterns for the sawing.
  • Light In-built for increased stitching visibility.


  • No negative aspect found.

6. Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

Singer 1408 Promise is the perfect way to unleash your talent for beginners. to a perfect beginning. It is said that the main effective creative resource is a high-quality sewing machine.

Regardless of how highly you are, you can always purchase the best Sewing Machine, be it a beginner, a hobbyist, a sewist, or a professional.


  • Electric
  • No of stitches: Eight
  • Speed of Sewing is 1800 SPM
  • Styles of four Button Hole


  • It’s very simple to operate.
  • Extra stitches make it simple and quick to stitch.
  • Both basic accessories included saving the extra cost of purchase.


  • In some areas, service is not good.

7. Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine (Black)

ISI labeled stitch regulator style Lever with front and reversed stitching method. Automatic trip bobbin winder for unchangeable bobbin winding to form the ideal thread. Pressure modification of the form of the screw for the pressure control of the needle bar.

Shuttle race form closed. Other foot variations available, such as X stand and metal sheet stand. Available with some other Hand models including plastics base cover Economy & Regular plastic base cover.


  • Manual
  • No of Stitch: one
  • Speed of Sewing is 850 SPM


  • Very handy &easy to operate.
  • Best for easy work like alteration at home.
  • Price is affordable.


  • Service is not good after-sales.
  • Most of the customers said the product delivered is defective.

8. Usha International Ltd Prime Sewing Machine (White)

Fully automated Zig zag Machine Six in-built stitches Single Touch Reversed Stitch 4 Steps button for moving Automatic Trip Bobbin – Winder Built-in Motor Single Touch Reversed Stitch Simple to do quilting, lacework, smocking, and mending. Stitches built-in single tightening motor Single touch reversed stitch.


  • Electric
  • No of Stitches: Thirteen
  • The speed of Sewing is 80 SPM
  • Styles Two Button Hole


  • Very good machine for beginners.
  • Very compact and useful product.
  • Perfect stitching, easy to handling, safe, strong material.


  • Some issue regarding the bobbin, like a bobbin, does not work efficiently.
  • Suitable only for the professionals.

9. Usha Janome Allure Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine (White)

Tired of going every time to the tailor every if you’ve got to repair anything in your clothing? If so, the electric sewing machine Usha Allure is available for you. If you wish to alter your recently bought clothing, this sewing machine is simple for you, or you would like to fix buttons and zips.


  • Electric
  • No of stitch: Thirteen
  • Speed of Sewing is 860 SPM
  • Styles Four Button Hole
  • Max width of stitch: five mm


  • Simple to carry with the handlebar due to its lightweight.
  • You can select from Thirteen built-in stitching functionality and up to 21 apps.
  • This is an arm unit that can be stitched circulate.


  • Representation of Usha is not up to the mark.

10. Usha Bandhan Deluxe Sewing machine, Without Cover (Brown)

This Square Arm Sewing Machine is a uniformly stitch square arm. Usha is a famous local company known for its sewing machines, fans, and other home-made items, along with the Usha sewing machine. This ISI approved type has Stitch Regulator, Automatic Tripping Bobbin Wined.

Built-in 1934, Usha International Ltd started operating in India with a broad range of innovative items for the citizens of India. In India and other neighboring nations, this company has become a household name over the years. The company has also converted its business into new-world household appliances, embroidery machines, fans, etc.


  • Manual
  • No of Stitch: one
  • Speed of Sewing is 850 SPM

Features Usha Bandhan Deluxe Sewing machine, Without Cover (Brown)

  • Lever-type stitch regulator
  • Auto tripping bobbin winder
  • Includes: Sewing machine


  • Nice Products and easy to use.
  • Affordable product.
  • It is perfect for the beginner.


  • Lots of customer-reviewed about service is not efficient.
  • Heavy hard to operate and poor plastic hollow base due to which it doesn’t remain stable.

11. Singer SDL121512187 Multi-Stich Sewing Machine

The multi-sewing machine is highly compact with a handlebar. You will highlight your talent as it arrives with thirteen stitches and 4 steps buttonholing. You might do rounded stitching and you have motorized it. The reversed stitch button is given for ease.


  • Electric
  • No of Stitches: Twenty
  • Speed of Sewing is 120 SPM
  • Fifteen Styles of Button Hole


  • Good to have for basic stitching purposes.
  • It’s good and easy to use.
  • Small sturdy, lightweight, and value for money.


  • Machine accessories such as bobbin, needle thread, etc which come with a singer machine were not included.
  • There is no demo for the product.

Buying Guide

For Buying a sewing machine on a low budget, at At least you must look for basic features like handling various types of cloths, stitches, and sewing and also look for some of the advanced features like an automatic needle threader, cutter, LED light, LCD display screen, etc.

1. Automatic Buttonholer

The initial step to consider by looking automatic buttonholer which will help you sew the button in one attempt. It is a time-consuming process, everyone looking for this great feature in their machine.

2. Stitches Per Minute (SPM) Speed

This factor mostly considered by the professional or expert sewer. If you are willing to purchase this machine for home usage, it is optional.

Go with any other sewing machine that comes with a variable stitching speed that will help you in working with various fabrics.

For beginners machine with adjustable stitching speed features is sufficient for learning. If your budget is under 10,000 then it is not for heavy-duty but, it has enough stitching speed in this cost for doing activity like average level.

3. Weight

This factor is also very important to look at, and it is the key factor if you want to buy a sewing machine for your home. Because every time you need to carry and shift sewing machine one place to another.

4. Accessories

Accessories are most essential for a sewing machine as not every sewing machine comes with the accessories. If you are purchasing a sewing machine you must also look for sewing accessories with it With some sewing machine the kit is not provided then it will be much better for you to buy it separately.

In addition, many brands provide some basic accessories attached to the sewing machine are bobbins, presser feet, needles. And many other brands give accessories like multiple threads, needles of various sizes, scissors, oil, etc.

5. Needle

Needles are used in sewing machines according to their requirement. In small sewing machines only small needles are acceptable and in bigger only big needles are used for stitchings. the device should permit the needle to travel along with a wide space easily to enable you to continue moving the cloth as needed.

6. Price

Before purchasing, everyone must analyze their requirement and then select the best sewing machine according to your needs.

Your budget should be convenient as per your requirements. sometimes you stuck with some cost, consider getting a sewing machine that does all your jobs instead of searching for additional functions.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is each sewing machine is provided with light?

Many sewing machines come with the light. before using inspect which type of light it has. it is very useful in dim light conditions.

2. which are the best sewing machine brands in India?

some of the best sewing machine brands in India are-
1. Usha
2. Singer
3. Brother
4. Janome
5. Pariwar

3. How much duration gap should be there in service?

The sewing machine should be serviced every duration gap of eight to nine months. but it is much more dependent on the usage of the sewing machine. if you are using it every day then you must oil it in the time duration of every three months.

4. Sewing machine like mini is useful for heavy work?

No, a Sewing machine like mini only used for the purpose of alterations. if you want for stitching then our suggestion is not to go for a mini sewing machine.

5. What is the warranty duration for the sewing machine in India?


We have discussed all the information about the best sewing machine under 10000 and we hope this article is helpful for you to find the best sewing machine in this budget. the product we have listed in this article are very highly rated at this price. before buying read a complete product review and choose according to your requirements.

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