Best Air Cooler In India

10 Best Air Cooler in India In 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you live in India and trying to get rid of heat in summer Air Cooler is the best option you have. There are many types and brands available in the market.  We have reviewed Best Air Cooler in India In 2020 and listed top 10 picks.

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2 Things To Consider While Purchasing Air Coolers

Symphony, Bajaj, Orient, Crompton and Kenstar are few famous air cooler brands available in the market which grab costumers attention.  Air coolers are the best alternatives to air conditioners.

Air cooler is an efficient and economical way to save yourself from summers in India. Where Air Conditioners cost you more than 30000, Air Coolers starts from 5000 to 18000.

There are types like room cooler, duct cooler, jumbo cooler. Types are different but functioning is the same of all air coolers.

So, in my opinion, you must purchase a portable and efficient air cooler for yourself.  So we searched for a few best brands air coolers and giving you all the information you need to purchase the best air cooler in India.

There are hundreds of brands available in the market so it was quite tough for us to select the best. Raising temperature due to summers and global warming as well there is a huge demand for air coolers. Air cooler may not be as much as efficient than air conditioners but surely it will help to keep your room/office cold.

Working Of Air Coolers

Today near about all coolers available in the market are evaporative coolers. In this hot air passes through the cold water, where waters sock hotness from the air and passes cold air in the room. This process is an ongoing process hence it keeps room or office cold.

Air pulled from outside and it passes through cooling pad and evaporation of water take places. Water is thrown on the end of the cooling pad. Evaporation is the only thing in this work hence it makes place cold as much as it can.

You need to get cooler as per the size of your room to get more benefits.

Types of Best Air Cooler In India Which Can Save You From Extreme Heat In Summer

Nowadays Air cooler has started to become very famous and popular in every house where people are looking for an affordable way to keep their house cold with low maintenance. Before getting into the list of best air coolers in India you need to know the types of it and which will be best suitable for you.

  • Desert Cooler

As the name shows desert cooler is comparatively larger than personal coolers which have a capacity of 40-60 litres. This cooler can be used in bigger rooms, dining halls etc. You can use this cooler in small marriages too. This kind of coolers is more efficient than air conditioners as they have powerful fans which work for a longer period.

  • Personal Coolers

Personal coolers are comparatively small in size than desert cooler having the capacity of 25-35 Liters. These coolers can be used for homes or small rooms. It has wheels which allow you to move it from one room to another easily. It saves a lot of money on electricity bills too!!!

Things To Consider While Purchasing Air Coolers

  • Cooling Capacity, Water Storage Tank & Its Type

There are a few important factors which decide whether specific air cooler is good for us or not. Room cooler, tower cooler & desert cooler are different types of it. Different types of air cooler have different capacity of cooling as well as its storage capacity too. Below are the factors which help us to get the best air cooler for our home.

TypeWater Tank CapacityCooling Capacity
Tower Air Coolers15 to 30 LitersUp to 100 Sq.ft
Room Air Coolers20 to 50 Liters100 to 300 Sq.ft
Desert Air Coolers60 to 100 Liters300 Sq.ft +
  1. Cooling Pads

Honeycomb and wood wool are two different types of cooing pad which used in air coolers. Honey pads are able to give the best cooling experience where they need low maintenance too but they are quite expensive. On the other hand wood wool cooling pads are cheaper than honeycomb but they are less durable and need more maintenance.

A list of Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India is also provided below. They are shortlisted after detailed analysis.

Best Air Cooler In India

1) Bajaj DC 2050 DLX 70-Litre Room Air Cooler

If you’re looking for a decent new cooler to replace an older one this summer, you’ll find some excellent new coolers on the market, including the Bajaj DC 2050 DLX 70-Litre Room Air Cooler for example.

This cooler gives you a range of features and enhancements which were available from previously available coolers. Excellent build quality, cooling ability, dehumidifier, visual appeal, and overall functionality.

Some of the interesting features incorporated by the Bajaj DC 2050 DLX 70-Litre Room Air Cooler are the use of Hexacool technology, which uses a hexagonal shape for extra-efficient cooling.

It uses very little energy, and it throws a significant amount of cooled air with the turbofan, allowing it to very quickly cool a large 600 sq ft room/hall.

This is the ideal option for you when you have a wide area that needs cooling. Due to the casters the cooler has, it can be easily moved around, which is an essential feature for practical use.

The cooler’s power consumption also isn’t very high, with 200 watts of output. The standard of the build and the materials used in the cooler are also very impressive.

The Bajaj DC 2050 DLX 70-Litre Room Air Cooler provides you with quick, efficient cooling. The cooler is easy to use and provides you with a silent experience and an attractive appearance.

Capacity: 70 Liters

Warranty: 1 year


  •  It provides you with features such as an ice chamber to help you cool extra.
  • The turbofan and honeycomb pads ensure that a wide room or hall cools quickly.


  • The cooler is not the cheapest in stock. This, however, is also due to the high quality of design and the good materials used.

2) Orient Electric Snowbreeze Slim Desert Air Cooler

This Orient cooler with a large capacity of 55 L and a fully equipped ice chamber is a worthwhile buy. Made with top-notch material, it has a 35 ft. windthrow courtesy of a powerful motor that lets it cover up to 400 sq. of cooling area. Ft. Ft.

Tank Capacity55 L
Power220 W
Size64.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 117 cm
Body TypePlastic Body
Cooling mediumDense Nest Honeycomb

 3) Symphony Siesta 70 Litre Air Cooler

If you are searching for best cooling experience then Symphony Siesta 70 Litre Air Cooler is the perfect option for you. In this summer to satisfy your cooling need Symphony siesta is designed.

It can cool 370 sq ft room easily. Your rooms are small or large doesn’t matter. It is capable to cool both faster.

Symphony Siesta 70 Litre Air Cooler has 16” fan size with specially designed grills to increase airflow. It also has caster to move easily as well as it has a very appealing look.

Traditionally cooler is known as ugly, noise-making machine and heavy. The Symphony siesta is totally the opposite of it. It has the best quality, beautiful and attractive which you can’t complain about it.

Capacity: 70 ltr

Warranty: 1 Year


  • It provides super-fast cooling.
  • It has competitive price, Value for money.


  • It doesn’t have remote control.
  • Because its 70 liters capacity it needs space.

4) Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B 50-Litre Air Cooler

If you are searching for the best value for money & quality Cooler then Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B 50-Litre Air Cooler is for you.

Its brand Orient itself gives it a guarantee as orient is one of the best brands in the market. Because of its good built-up, it has a long life.

If you live in the area where the temperature is 35 to 50 C i.e dry weather, this cooler is best. It works effectively for medium size rooms.

If you want you can use this on your terrace as it has powerful fans which don’t make noise. Its powerful architecture, good quality of design and price range, and features like auto-fill, make it a great value for money investment.

Capacity:  50 Liter

Warranty: 1 year


  • Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B 50-Litre Air Cooler is not much expensive.
  • As its product of orient no need to worry about its quality.
  • It requires only 230 Watts of electricity.


  • Casters are not included in this.
  • It doesn’t have any stand within it. Makes it convenient to use.

5) Crompton Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

When you are looking for something powerful desert cooler to get rid of heat, there are only a few brands available in the market. Crompton ozone 75 Ltr desert cooler is one of them. There are few upgrades done in new models.

Crompton ozone lit 75 desert cooler is designed as a heavy cooling machine which is appealing in look as well as its working too. It has the capacity to cool down 600 sq feet of room within a few minutes. In short, anyone can use it in the living room or bedroom.

If you have cross ventilation available then Crompton ozone will be a better choice as its work best where cross ventilation is available. Due to is powerful fans its able to throw hot air up to 52 ft. One thing to mention that honeycomb cooling pads are used in it.

Capacity: 75ltr

Warranty Period: 1 Year


  • It’s a very powerful cooler which is able to give cool air as soon as possible.
  • It’s not much costly in the similar series of coolers.


  • It needs little extra space.
  • Only a few colors are available in this cooler.

6) Havells Celia 55 Litre Desert Air Cooler

 Whenever you are looking for a cooler which is beautiful and attractive too, No one is better than Havellls Celia 55 Ltr Desert Air Cooler.

You can call it a personal cooler as it gives all the facilities you need which will make ur summers beautiful. One of the best features is it comes with a remote controller similar to an air conditioner.

Havells Celia 55 Litre Desert Air Cooler gives a pleasant experience in your bedroom. Its specially designed fan don’t make noise. It has the capacity to filter air which can save you and your family from dust and insects, bacterias.

As being the owner of Havells Celia 55 Litre Desert Air Cooler makes you happy and give a pleasant experience.

Capacity: 55 Ltr

Warranty: 1 Year


  • Out Of 217877 customers, it has 4.5 ratings out of 5. Means Full Satisfaction.
  • One year warranty.


  • It’s Quiet expensive in this series
  • It takes little extra space due to its 55 liters capacity.

7) Bajaj Tc2007 37-Litre Air Cooler

The Bajaj Tc2007 37-Litre Air Cooler can be the best air cooler in India thanks to its state-of-the-art design and powerful cooling technology.

Easy mobility and robust technology such as 3-speed blower control, which supports its cooling capabilities, make it an ideal companion to cool your bedrooms and offices.

Tank Capacity36L
Power100 W
Size45.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 82.0 cm
Body TypePlastic Body
Cooling mediumHoneycomb Cooling Media

8) Bajaj Frio 23L Personal Air Cooler

Continuing its reputation as India’s most trusted brand, Bajaj offers a unique cooler with a built-in ice chamber that facilitates faster refrigeration.

In addition, it has a rugged nature that makes it corrosion- and shock-resistant, while being easily portable-all of which make this model a top contender for India’s best air cooler.

Tank Capacity23L
Power140 W
Size34.5 cm X 38.0 cm X 79.0 cm
Body TypePlastic Body
Cooling mediumHoneycomb Technology

9) Bajaj MD2020 54-litres Window Air Cooler

This Bajaj model implements the Maxcool technology to ensure that with its air throw of 80 ft, you get effective cooling all over the place. In addition, it provides a 3-speed control that lets you change the airflow according to your convenience.

Tank Capacity54L
Power230 W
Size629.5 cm X 63.5 cm X 65.5 cm
Body TypePlastic Body
Cooling mediumWood Wool Technology

10) Hindware 200 Snowcrest 85 H Desert Air Cooler

Equipped with a powerful fan, smart louvre mechanism, auto-fill tank and an effective motor, this Hindware model ensures that every room in your house can cool down. It provides consistent cooling thanks to its ergonomic nature and 4-way air deflection.

Tank Capacity85L
Power200 W
Size63 cm x 48cm x 110cm
Body TypePlastic Body
Cooling mediumHoneycomb cooling

11) AISEN Magna A55DMH500 55 Litre Desert Cooler

If you are looking for a powerful allrounder cooler this summer in India, AISEN Magna A55DMH500 55 Litre Desert Cooler will fulfill your all needs. This summer it is designed beautifully to face the summer’s heat this year.

This cooler has great finishing, four-way air deflection, ice chamber, powerful fans, 55 Liters tank, Honeycomb cooling pad. You can easily remove its cooling pads for cleaning.

AISEN Magna A 55DMH500, 55 ltr provides you the best cooling experience for a longer period. Within one refill of its tank its enough to enjoy the cold air

Capacity:  55 Liters

Warranty: 1 year


  • IT has the ability to cool large rooms as soon as possible.
  • It is not noisy like traditional coolers.


  • It needed large space due to its 55-liter tank.

12) Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 65 Litre Air Cooler

If you are looking cooler for a large space then Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 is an ideal choice for you. Because It can easily cool down space of 700 sq feet and it can pass cold air till 45 feet. Hence it is specially designed keeping in mind to cool down large space faster.

Its built-up is very easy and powerful. It has an anti-bacterial tank as well as it generates low noise. It also has a shockproof body as well as speed controllers too.  It has special features like an aroma chamber and water level indicator.

It is not hard to operate. Anyone can easily operate it. For better cooling, it needs to be kept in a ventilated environment.

Capacity: 65 Liters

Warranty: 1 year


  • Economical as well as an effective wide cooler of high quality.
  •  Durable and built with high fit and finish.


  • Can be more esthetically pleasing in look.
  • Color combinations could be more desirable.

13) Voltas 70 Litre Desert Cooler

For a variety of reasons a cooler like the Voltas Desert Cooler 70, it is perfectly sensible. It offers you the quality of the product from an assured Tata brand.

It may not be the cheapest on the market, but it is not a commodity of poor quality. This Tata cooler has excellent fit and finish and is made of high-quality, robust materials for long trouble-free service life.

Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70 is the best quality product that has extremely low maintenance. It’s designed to give full satisfaction to use. That’s the reason many users gave it a 100 % Product. It’s not the cheapest but on the other hand, it ensures your best quality. It is attractive too.

Capacity: 70 Liters

Warranty: 1 year


  • The high quality of this product means it can last along.
  • It gives you an enjoyable and friendly user experience.


  • This product is quite expensive.
  • Color may look dull for few users.

14)  Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler

Whenever the temperature rises you need a cooler to protect yourself from heat.  The Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler is a good option to consider to get rid of summer heat in India. This cooler has the ability to keep the place cool for 12 hours due to its 50 Liters tank.

It is able to throw cool air up to 35 feet and provides quick effective cooling. It has 4-way airflow which is able to cool down 20 miters space.

It can save a lot of money on electricity as it doesn’t need much power. Wool pads and evaporative pads are being used to cool places.

Quality is the most important thing when you are looking for the best air cooler where  Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler is the best option. It makes sure that whenever the temperature raises kenstar can make it pleasant for you.

Capacity: 50 Liters

Warranty: 1 Year


  • Cost-efficient to buy and run.
  • Powerful cooling and silent.


  • The company doesn’t provide a stand along with it.
  • Minimal color choices.

15) Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler 30 Liter Air Cooler

The Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler 30 Liters Air Cooler is the right one for you if you are looking for an elegant and lightweight cooler for your personal use this year.

There are several reasons why this is a great purchase, it is also a genuinely powerful cooler apart from excellent build quality and aesthetic appeal. The cooler’s entire purpose is ultimately to be able to cool the premises in the summer heat.

Many of the interesting things involved with the Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler 30 Liters Air Cooler is that it is made of robust, long-lasting impact-resistant materials.

It is configured with honeycomb pads to ensure swift, effective cooling, the cooler’s esthetic appeal is excellent and provides you with a silent experience. Also, you’ll find a 3-speed fan control, and it’s very energy efficient.

Then the Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler 30 Liters Air Cooler can not be overlooked when you find a cooler for your personal use. It gives you all the features you’ll like in a cooler and also has a really attractive look.

Capacity: 30 Liters

Warranty: 1 Year


  • The 30 Liter Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler Air Cooler gives you a lightweight, portable cooling experience.
  • The product’s cost is also very reasonable when compared with other available coolers.


  • It would be hard to find fault with such a cooler, and the inconveniences would not be justified if they were placed there just for the sake of being there.

Buying Guide for Air Coolers

Before purchasing any air cooler you need to understand its specialties, functions, advantages, and disadvantages

How does Air cooler works?

Have you ever thought about how Air cooler Works? Its main function is vaporization which required continuous water supply. Hence Air cooler has an attached water storage tank.

With the help of the pump, it pulls water and spread over cooling pads of cooler. Then air pulled inside the cooler and it is cooled by cooling pads.

Types Of Air Cooler:

Air cooler comes in three different types. Tower Cooler, Room Cooler, and Desert cooler. Working is the same of all the cooler but it’s differentiated by its capacity of water storage, duration, size, etc.

Room Air CoolersDessert Air Coolers
20-30 litres is the water tank capacity30- 60 litres is the water tank capacity
The small to the medium-sized room can be cooledLarger sized rooms can be cooled
These coolers are suitable for humid weather conditionsThese coolers are suitable for dry areas
Blowers are mostly used in this coolers for coolingFans are used for cooling

Tower Air Coolers

In areas, where a humid environment exists tower air coolers, are preferred. This cooler comes with blowers instead of fans. This is best for small rooms and it’s economical too.

personal coolers are easy to move because of their small shape. You can use it in the kitchen, bedroom. The most cooler comes with a castor wheel which allows us to move it anywhere easily.

This kind of cooler has a capacity of up to 30 liters. This cooler consumes low electricity which makes it perfect for household use.

Desert Coolers

Desert coolers work best in Dry environment. If you are looking to cool down a large space then Desert coolers are best. These coolers need large space due to their shape. This is quite expensive than personal coolers.

These coolers have a capacity of up to 70 liters. A powerful fan is also an important thing to notice as it is designed to cool down large space. You can use these coolers in marriage halls, hotels, restaurants, etc.

These coolers consume more energy but in results, it gives much more cooling than personal cooler. So you can purchase it if you are looking to make your summers happy.

Things To Consider While Buying Air Coolers.

We gave detailed information below. With the help of this information, you can choose the right model as per your need.

1) Water Storage Capacity

If the air cooler has a large storage tank then it can provide cold air for a longer period as water is the main factor in cooling down the air. Water tank size is directly related to the overall size of the cooler.

  • Tower Air Coolers – 15 to 30 Liters
  • Room Air Coolers – 20 to 50 Liters
  • Desert Air Coolers – 60 to 100 Liters

2) Cooling capacity Or Air Delivery

Coolers size depends on your need. If you are looking to cool down large spaces you need a big cooler and for small spaces, you need small coolers. Hence you just need to have an idea of the space you have.

The cooler company clearly mention on the top of the cooler that how much space this cooler can cover or can throw air.
Simple Calculation you need to keep in mind while selecting Air cooler

Air delivery or Air displacement (in CFM) = Area of room in square feet x-height of your room / 2

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are one of the most important things to consider as cooling pads are the ones that have a direct impact on its cooling capacity. Once cooling pads get wets it sucks all heat inside and cools down the air.

Thicker cooling pads are best for effective air cooling. Cooling pads come in honeycomb cooling pads and wood wool cooling pads.

As Name suggests honeycomb cooling pads make similar to the design of honeycomb. These pads are very effective required low maintenance but are quite expensive

Tin synthetic fibers of the wood are used to make wood wool cooling pads. It looks like dry grass. This is durable, less expensive but needs high maintenance.

Electricity Consumption

Before purchasing any air cooler you need to think about electricity consumption. Between 160 W to 220 W consumption is always better. You can check on the user guide of electricity consumption

Castor Wheels

If you are thinking to use a cooler in all rooms of your house then the cooler needs to have portability. This means we should able to move it from one place to another easily. Many coolers have castor wheels attached to them which gives the ability to move it.

Water Level Indicator

Water is the important factor of the cooler which cools the air. Hence you need to fill it out from time to time. Hence to know whether the cooler is empty or not few coolers come with a water level indicator. So you can easily refill it when required.

Speed Control Nob

Low, Medium and High are three evaporation coolers come with. You can choose airflow as per the requirement with the help of speed control nob

Thickness Of Cooling Pads

If you select a cooler with a thin cooling pad it won’t absorb much water. As Thickness of the cooling pad directly impacts the cooling capacity of the cooler. More water it socks more cool air you can get. The standard Thickness of the pad is suggested  about 90 mm


Many people don’t tend to buy air cooler because they think it will take too much space. But nowadays cooler-maker companies producing beautiful slim tower coolers which easily fits with your furniture in a room.

This type of air cooler is trending now as they are able to cool a large room and it needs little space. Tower cooler has the ability to pass air in two directions so you can keep it up in the corner of the room.

Remote Control Feature

Better to choose a cooler which have a remote control to operate. To change the speed, Direction of air you don’t need to always go near cooler if you have the remote control.

Ice Tray

These days many coolers come with an ice tray facility. You can put ice inside that. So Once ice melt cold water mixed up with normal water gives an instant cooling

Inverter Attachment

Air coolers are known for their less consumption of electricity. Some air coolers can also work on inverters so whenever there is a power cut you don’t need to compromise for cool air. You can simply connect your air cooler to the inverter and enjoy a power cut.


It is always good to use coolers of the branded company than local. Big brands keep attention on security features like shockproof etc. Brands give you a time warranty too. So you can have a hassle-free experience. Few brands give home services to their customers. Brands like symphony, bajaj, Compton are few famous brands in the market.


You need to check your budget before buying a cooler. The more feature you want price rises simultaneously. Top brands coolers start from 5000 to 18000. If you want to buy a cooler with high water storage capacity you need to pay a little more money.

Advantages Of Air Coolers

  • If you compare prices of Air Conditioners and Air Coolers, Air coolers are 70 % expensive
  • Air coolers consume 80 % less electricity than air conditioners
  • Air coolers use water to cool down air hence they are known as Eco friendly
  • Due to its portability, you can move it from one place to another.
  • Air conditioners use the same air to keep cooling. But air coolers take fresh air from outside hence you can always get fresh air.

Disadvantages of Air Coolers

  • The main disadvantage of the air cooler is its depends on the type of environmental conditions like humidity, dry air, etc. In places where more humidity is, coolers don’t work that effectively
  • It needs a continuous water supply. If you are living in places where frequent water supply air coolers cant help you much to keep your house cool.
  • Internal parts of the cooler are more prone to corrosion if there is a hard water supply in your area
  • Coolers fans can make noise.

Effectiveness of Coolers in Various Temperatures

Air coolers are ideally suited to dry and hot regions. As its key function depends on water-there will be further evaporation, and the air will be warmer.

However, the air has certain requirements for moisture retention. If the air is still wet, so more water does not hold. Therefore, evaporation and cooling do not occur to the degree that normally takes place in dry climates. So, with higher humidity, the cooling should be less.

Manufacturers also included humidity control feature in some of their air coolers to solve these problems. In some of their models, the brand’s Bajaj and Symphony include this feature. If you live in humid areas then with this option, choose an air cooler.

We have provided a clear diagram to provide better insight representing the relationship between humidity and temperatures.

If your region has a humidity level of 30 percent and a temperature of 32.3 Celsius (90 F), then air can be cooled to 23.3 Celsius (74 F). As the levels of humidity increase, cooling efficiency also decreases.

Frequently Questions Asked?

  1. Which air-cooler is best for humid conditions In India?

Room or tower heaters are ideally suited for areas where humidity is high. Because these air coolers use blowers for circulating the cool air instead of fans. The brand’s Symphony and Bajaj have the best air coolers for towers and air coolers for the rooms.

  1. Which one is best symphony or kenstar?

We choose to go with Symphony among these two brands as it provides products of better quality and durability than Kenstar. Besides that, symphony customer service is also much better than kenstar’s.

  1. What air cooler is suitable for halls or large rooms?

The desert coolers are the perfect choice for rooms larger than 400SQFT. Because of their high water tank capacity and cooling capabilities, they are able to refresh large spaces. The desert coolers used to show up in fixed forms before. But they’re also available nowadays in movable options.

  1. What is the best air cooler-blower or fan?

Air coolers with blowers operate well in small to medium-sized rooms. Since they only move air in some directions. These are great for large rooms and even for outdoors when it comes to fans. Since they are highly effective at inflowing air.

  1. Air fan or cooler-which one is the best?

The answer is obvious; an air cooler provides better cooling than a fan. Since the air cooler cools down and circulates through the air. But fans are simply recirculating the air present in the room. Fans cover just a limited area. Although air-coolers disperse the cool air equally across the house.

  1. What is the best small space air-cooler?

The tower air coolers are necessary to provide adequate cooling for small spaces. For small rooms, the Symphony Diet 12 T is the perfect air-cooler.

  1. What is the best waterless air-cooler?

Tower fans do not need water to function. But they’re not perfect for dry areas. They do not cool down the air because there is no water source. Only the fans in the room can be recirculated.

  1. What’s India 2020’s Best Air Cooler brand?

The following are India’s best air-cooler brands * Symphony * Orient * Crompton * Kenstar * Bajaj 9. Do air-coolers really work?

Hey. They can cool the air using the mechanism of evaporation. When the air cooler removes water or ice it evaporates and spreads the cold air through the airflow dispenser.

9. How does wood wool vary from a honeycomb air cooler?

The difference is the water absorption level, and also the phase of evaporation. The wood wool coolers are a little costly and the power they use is also a lot more. Wood wool coolers consume much more water than the basic honeycomb coolers, so far as the water consumption is in question. You must make sure that you prioritize your interest and choose one that you wish to have.

10. Is it ok to purchase a cooler meant for a small room and use it in a big one?

You will not face any issues if you use a smaller capacity of cooler in a large area. The only issue you will face is uneven air across your room.

Your room will not get a sufficient amount of air it needs and only a limited and particular area of the room will stay cool. To enjoy the best of the cooler experience it is highly recommended you take the capacity of coolers into account.

11. Is water capacity level really an issue?

Water capacity is not really an issue as far as the functionality is in question. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits the cooler has to offer. The only issue you will face is refilling the cooler.

You will have to refill the cooler quite often if you purchase a smaller water capacity cooler, whereas if you choose a larger one, your labor will decrease to a great extent.

12. Is it best to choose a cooler with wheels?

Almost all the coolers you will find in the market are already embedded with wheels which makes it easy for the user to carry it across the areas easily.

If you happen to come across a cooler you wish to purchase and have no wheels, you can always buy a stand with wheels on which the cooler can be placed. Such stands are easily available in the market so choose the stand which best goes with your cooler.

13. Is ice tray really a requirement?

If the cooler has an additional chamber for an ice tray, you can add on some ice in it and the air the cooler would produce is assured to be cooler as compared to the normal air.

In case you come across a cooler which has no provision of ice trays, you can instead choose to add on ice in the water which would as well work and you will notice the chance of coolness in the air.

14. Do coolers sync with the cross ventilation provision?

Humidity is what most of the coolers find a hard time battling. The climate really plays a very significant role in affecting the humidity of a particular area and that in turn affects the room temperature of your area.

Hence, it is always best of your interest to have a cross-ventilation provision available in the room. This would have an effect on the air produced by the cooler as the excess of humidity will be forced out of the ventilator.

15. Do silent coolers bring no noise at all?

No-noise coolers are not like that. Coolers make noise and that’s a product of the equipment they’re dealing with. The fans, engine, water movement, etc. all have an effect on the cooler’s noise.

But in terms of the kind of fans that are used in the cooler, there is a small difference and they influence the noise cycle. These coolers are not noise-free, but rather less noise than standard coolers.

16. Does the consistency of water impact the life span of the coolers?

Yeah, the water quality you use in the cooler has an effect on the cooler’s internal component. There’s a lot of hardware to get the cooler to work together. Both of these sections come into contact with the cold, creating the air that comes from the cooler. Therefore the water quality matters.

If you live in a hard water place it will affect the cooler’s functionality. Holding the cooler is the way to cope with this problem. You need to take good care of the cooler and keep it washed at regular intervals if you want to mitigate the damage and the impact that hard water has on the cooler’s internal parts.

17. Is the most expensive cooler the best to buy?

As a result of the extra features made available with the coolers, the price does vary. Examples of these features include empty alarm tanks, sleep mode, remote control, etc.

These factors do matter but the aspect for which the coolers are produced is what needs to be taken into account. The ability to cool the air and the efficiency the coolers work with is essential that needs to be figured out. Make sure you look for the same and the additional features depend extremely on your need.

18. What’s the best place to put the coolers in?

It is advisable to put coolers near to windows forever. Placing a cooler in a closed space is certainly a misconception, and it works against cooler technology.

If the air is hotter then the process of evaporation would also be quicker and cold air is forced out of the cooler as a result. The moisture will be forced out of the room and that is what windows do.

But, it’s also critical that you don’t leave the doors and windows wide open to access the room for excess humidity and temperature.

19. Are air fresheners bad for your health?

The air-cooler after evaporation allows the water vapour to circulate around the house. This is the explanation for increased humidity, and they can be used in dry and hot weather conditions. If you use it in damp areas, then it can affect your health. A drain plug is in place but the drainage can only be performed manually.

20. Why do air coolers raise moisture?

When an air-cooler is used, an increase in humidity is produced. The air-cooler after evaporation allows the water vapour to circulate around the house. Water vapor in the air is called humidity so that it can be used in dry and hot conditions.


If you’re looking for  Best Air Cooler in India, then the top of these ten items is. Overall, they are excellent in performance, and while some models can leave anything to be desired in terms of combinations of price and color, they still give their value for the money spent.

From every angle, they are really worth the price and you’ll certainly enjoy using them. But here are the top three suggestions from us-

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