Best Double Door Refrigerators In India

Best 8 Double Door Refrigerators in India : 2020 Reviews

The double door refrigerators are more demanded because of their productivity and increasing numbers of brands in this category and having different types of versions. In this post, we listed the 8 best double door refrigerators in India for your family.

If your family is quite big you must need double door refrigerators. If your family is small then a single-door refrigerator will be best as required less space. 

The fridge is actually the most common appliance you’ll find almost in all houses in India. The purchase of a refrigerator nowadays is not an issue, however, it is a difficult task to choose the correct one.

We recommend you to go to the double-door if you’re searching for a new refrigerator. There are various types of fridges on the market. Today we’re going to review a few of India’s best double-door fridges.

Best double door refrigerators in India

1) LG 260 L Frost Free Double Door 4 Star refrigerator

It is probably for you when you are looking for a double door fridge with substantial storage space.

A very large double-door refrigerator that would definitely fit a huge house perfectly will have a magnificent appeal for each kitchen.

This LG 260 litre double door refrigerator is the best choice if you are looking for the best inverter technology refrigerator for your home! The model is also highly attractive as it has 4.5 online reviews from almost 900 customers. It takes first place, then, quite rightly!

The best feature is its smart inverter compressor, which will keep food fresh and noise-free. In addition, the 260-litre capacity is ideal for bachelors and small families. In that, it adjusts its cooling power based on the fridge load the inverter compressor has an advantage.

  • Auto defrost to avoid ice-building.
  • Capacity 260 L:  perfect For small families.
  • 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor Warranty.
  • Inverter –Saves a lot of electricity, lower noise, longer-lasting.
  • Form of shelf: robust glass.
  • The equal cooling system helps keep food fresh for up to 14 days.
  • To order to minimize internal temperature variations, the inverter compressor provides more accurate temperature control.
  • LG’s smart diagnosis allows you to easily and accurately identify and fix any issues you may have.
  • A special fruit/vegetable box cover avoids the accumulation of excess moisture while preserving the required amount of moisture to improve freshness.


  • Excellent cooling system.
  • Huge storage capacity.


  • No Negative aspect found

2) Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door 4 Star Refrigerator

Presenting the double door refrigerator Samsung 235L, it has a smart style which will certainly appeal to you to place it in your kitchen or dining room!

Bring a little more color to your kitchen with this beautiful floral print Samsung 253L refrigerator.

The racks are made of tempered glass and are also equipped with a wireless LED display. You can easily increase it if you are faced with a shortage of storage space, particularly when you are at home.

It can be done because this Samsung refrigerator is a convertible model and even you can store your veggies in the freezer without freezing them.

Another great feature is the speedy cooling of the Power Cool, both in refrigerators and freezers. Even when your door is open, this smart product will alert you. Use this fridge for a long time to keep your food fresh.

This refrigerator can be operated without an external stabilizer, which makes it economical to buy an external stabilizer over traditional refrigerators.


  • Convertible options are good and useful.
  •  Fast cooling option is great to use.
  • Refrigerator performance is excellent.
  • It looks very beautiful color and design is very attractive.


  • A bit less storage space for bottles.

3) Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door 2 Star Refrigerator

Samsung’s new range of refrigerators comes with new features like durability, a digital inverter compressor along with a stylish design.

Their Stabilizer Free operation allows it to work very constantly and reliably and to prevent electric damage or shortening if voltage changes occur.  

This also means that an external stabilizer is not required and protects the system against stress changes. Samsung’s Curd Maestro is capable of fermenting and of preserving fresh stock.

There are bigger drinks on the deep side, and more without wasting time. You can store three 2-litre bottles and 1-litre simultaneously while avoiding the fall of the big bottles. Bring this new Samsung refrigerator home and feel completely at home. All you need is this Samsung fridge.

It comes with a door alarm that notifies you of the failure of the door. This helps prevent cool air and electricity from being wasted.


  • Low energy consumption.
  • The low sound you hear for some time when the fridge is switched on but after some time you barely hear a sound.
  • The fridge body is solid and the paint looks premium.
  •  Packing delivery is very good, no dents nothing & on-time delivery.
  • Highly rated fridge.


  • Single control for both refrigerator and freezer.
  • The control available on the freezer door and the control available inside the freezer both for the same purpose.
  • If you change the control inside the freezer the level on the display doesn’t change although both are for the same purpose.
  • The door alarm sound is very low.
  • No LED light for the freezer.

4) Whirlpool 245 L Frost Free Double Door 2-Star refrigerator

This new fridge is packed with Deep Freeze Technology with the chilliest freezer in the class. It comes with a Freshflow air tower, which provides you with uniform cooling throughout.

With this fridge in your kitchen, farm-fresh fruits, tasty vegetables, and juicy meat are a staple in your home. This refrigerator is equipped with the 6th Sense DeepFreeze, Micro block, and Vegetable Crisper technologies to ensure that healthy eating isn’t a battle.

It also has a chilling gel to guarantee that even during power cutting the cooling is preserved. It comes with a proprietary zeolite technology that prevents fruit and vegetables from being overmatured and keeps them fresh for longer periods.


  • Value for money.
  • Good storage.
  • Good color.
  • The double door is an additional benefit in this range.
  • Inbuilt stabilizer.


  • 2 star consumes some more electricity than 3 or 4 stars.

5) Haier 347 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator

If you are looking for something innovative and powerful refrigerator then Haier 347 L frost double door fridge is for you. This double-door Haier fridge features a host of revolutionary technology and a huge storage room to keep your food fresh, safe, and delicious for a long time.

Take this Haier refrigerator home and meet your cooling needs without the installation of a separate stabilizer. This 347-litre refrigerator, which features a 360 degree

Air Flow and a 1-hour Icing system, not only guarantees that every nook and corner of the refrigerator are cooled continuously, but it also lets you ice for 60 minutes.

Haier frost-free double-door fridge is fitted with ultra-bright light LED to provide a new and clear overview of food and to save up to 20 times and 20000 hours of energy.

It also comes with a special Ice pack, which keeps cooling up to 60 minutes in the freezer. This helps avoid the melting and spoilage of freezer food.

1 HIT is short in time for freshness to produce perfect nutrition for food (1-hour icing technology). 360-degree air duct cooling system, circular air canals make air blow indirectly to food, very well maintain humidity.

For 5 times longer than the standard refrigerators, VC Fresh Technologies retains a nutritious value and freshness of fruits and veggies. Raw materials used in these fridges are inherently non-toxic to the environment. It is supplied with tough glass shelves that can support additional loads without collapsing.


  • Good spacing and uniform cooling.
  • Detachable toughened glass shelves help keep bigger containers/cakes with boxes.
  • For the price excellent color and finish.
  • Compared to other models in the range loved the spacing in the door.


  • It is not super silent but not too loud that you will notice.
  •  Although the vegetable box is a bit small.

6) Bosch 288 L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Why go to the supermarket when you can store in this spacious double door refrigerator on a week’s price of vegetables and fruit? You can conveniently store spiciness, snacks, eggs, and food remaining in this refrigerator at home.


The SuperCooling mechanism reduces the refrigerator temperature by a button to one degree Celsius and then the items can easily cool down.

Technology for cooling preservation

The Cooling Retention technology retains the refrigerant’s cooling and freezing performance while maintaining the refrigerator at 8 ° C and the refrigerator at minus 6 ° Celsius, so that even in power cuts the refrigerator’s contents are chilled. The cooling capacity of the refrigerator remains in this system for up to 16 hours.

Twister of Ice

Slide back into it in an ice cube or two and cover yourself with a big glass of cold water. This Ice Twister refrigerator is easy to run and offers easy access to the ice cube.

LED light

The interior of this double door fridge is illuminated by the LED lamp. Driven lights use less power and guarantee better lighting than traditional fridge lights.

New Life

The revolutionary freshness method of VitaFresh from Bosch preserves food for a long time fresh and safe, which means less spoilage and waste.

Temperature monitoring wireless

The electronic temperature control in this refrigerator controls the temperature inside a refrigerator and the freezer, ensuring the proper management of the temperature environment.

Starting Low Voltage

Don’t worry about low-voltage conditions affecting this Bosch refrigerator’s output, since it is designed to withstand tensile variations between 135 and 290 V.

Technology NoFrost

NoFrost technology protects your food against the creation of ice crystals so that you do not have to manually freeze the refrigerator.

MultiAirflow DoorAirflow

MultiAirflow circulates cold air evenly throughout the fridge, so your food and drink stay cold irrespective of the shelf. The DropAirflow technology calculates the intensity of cold air at the door, helping to keep masalas, eggs, and bottled water fresh and chilled.

Filter AirFresh

The worst thing your homemade ice cream can do is to extract it from the freezer to find it tastes like the leftover curry in a refrigerator. The air fresh Filter reduces the chance of odor transfer between products, which contributes to preserving their fresh flavor.


The refrigerator shelves in this double door are sturdy and simple to carry bottles and containers. These shelves are easy to clean and have hygienic storage space for your food.


When putting new food products in the fridge, SuperFreezing prevents frozen food from frosting. This also helps to freeze fresh foodstuffs faster.


  • Quality is awesome, I checked other refrigerators LG and Samsung in the same capacity, and bosch is stood out.
  • Bright LED.
  • Cooling pads for retaining cooling.
  • The best refrigerator below 25K.
  • Wheels are provided for the refrigerator itself and it is very easy to move from one place to another.
  • Auto Holiday mode is awesome, it will be a noiseless operation.
  • Big vegetable box.


  • There is no option to convert the freezer to fridge, but temperature control is given to set the temperature accordingly.
  • Only one egg tray is given and the cooling pads are a bit small.

7) Whirlpool 265 L Frost Free Double Door 3 Star Refrigerator  (Alpha Steel, NEO IF278 ELT 3S)

In this refrigerator, store veggies, fruit, remaining food, desserts, and more. It has 265 litres which help you to store your favorite items without worrying that the storage space. It has a vegetable crisper made to keep vegetables up to 7 days fresh.

For long-lasting freshness, the Freshflow air system ensures consistent cooling. Even in the back and corner, access to things quickly and easily becomes easy by the simple glide movement of the “Every day Fresh.” Hold your vegetables up to 7 days fresh and stable.

The special Hexa-Fresh cover was developed to condense fruit and vegetable moisture evaporation. The optimum humidity level for freshness is preserved.

The successful Active Deo anti-odour action incorporated at the bottom of the Freshflow air tower keeps the refrigerator environment fresh and without odors.

The unique fruit storage space includes a macroblock that prevents bacterial development for a product life of up to 99.9 percent. Including our antimicrobial additives through the manufacturing process of a product, they operate in cells so that the uncontrolled growth of the microorganism is continuously prevented.

The separate fruit zone prevents the odor mixing of fruit with vegetables simultaneously. This ensures that your fruits and vegetables will remain cooler for longer, in the healthiest and hygienic environment.

This refrigerator comes with an advanced artificial intelligence ( AI) microprocessor and 3 IntelliSensors that sense the load, conditions, and usage patterns and analyze the data in order to ensure optimum cooling and to maintain food fresh for a long time.

Cake in the lower corner or sliced fruit in the top corner – due to its strategically placed air turret or air flows, all parts within can receive the same cooling.

Fresh fruit or chicken -You can store it all, but don’t worry about the smell, because this refrigerator comes with the Active Deo Freshflow Air Tower that helps to keep the atmosphere fresh and odor-free inside.

No one wants to eat it if it has crystals, whether it’s home-made ice cream or shops bought. Using the innovative DeepFreeze technology, this refrigerator guarantees a full rotating airflow that holds ice creams free of crystal.

This refrigerator comes with a special anti-microbial additive to destroy bacteria, which in effect provides longevity and safety against pollutants. 

In vegetable crispers, the Microblock technology prevents bacterial growth and retains vegetable freshness for a maximum of 7 days.


  • Capacity 265 L: Suitable for families with 2-3 members.
  • Toughened Glass.
  • Auto defrosts to stop ice-build up.
  • 3 Star: For Energy savings up to 35%.


  • Haven’t seen any yet.

8) Haier 310L Double Door Refrigerator

The Haier double door refrigerator features a variety of advanced technology and a large storage area. It helps to keep your food fresh, nutritious, and tasty for a long time.

The Haier 310 Frost Free double door refrigerator provides multiple features to suit your various needs, including keeping your fruit fresh to making ice rapidly. A 1-hour Icing system, 360o Air Flow, and stabilizer free operation mean an effective cooling of fresh food and chilled drinks are available on this essential kitchen appliance.

Technology including 1 Hour Icing

Within just 60 minutes, this refrigerator manages to get the freezer temperature down to -5 ° C. It makes the fridge very good for ice cubes.

Wind Flow 360 °

Its revolutionary function allows cold air to touch every nook of the refrigerator and therefore cool it uniformly. This function also helps to keep the refrigerator moisture at an optimum amount. This ensures also that no air blockage is possible. All this helps reduce the compressor load, and it operates with less wear and tear.

Project Stabilizer-free

You don’t have to worry about it affecting the function of your refrigerator if your region faces a lot of voltage fluctuations. Within the range between 135-290 V, this refrigerator can be used safely and steadily.


  • Worth for the money.
  • Larger space for keeping big bottles.
  • Freezer cooling was outstanding.
  • LED lamps which were very good.
  • Best one for a family of 4-5 members.
  • Instant cooling as promised.
  • Haier customer executive installed and gave a demo on the next day and he clearly explained the product on how to use it, how not to use it. Customer care was really responsive.


  • I didn’t see any cons as of now.

Buying Guide – Best Double Door Refrigerators

It’s hard work to find the best fridge to match your needs. Because there are many options available from which you have to select the best fridge for your home. The best brands include  Whirlpool, Samsung, Haier, Bosch, LG.

What to look for when purchasing a Double- Door Refrigerator?

There are many options that make it difficult for you to choose a product. Informative knowledge about the double door refrigerator is discussed below. read all the information to know more about the double door refrigerator.

1. Capacity

In general, fridges with double doors are bigger than fridges with single doors. The capacity can be between 230L and 550L. Based on the size of the family, you decide on your refrigerator. A small family of two-three members can select a smaller fridge. A 260-360 litre refrigerator is an appropriate option for larger families with four or more members.

CapacityFamily Size
230L- 260L3-4 members, 2 adults+ 2 kids
260L- 350L4-5 members, 3 adults+ 2 Kids
350L- 550L6+ members

2. Frost-free refrigeration

The great thing about having a fridge with a double-door is that it is frost-free. Within the freezer section, there is no form of ice. simply, manual defrosting is not necessary. The free-frost fridge uses electric fans that spread cool air uniformly.

3. Inverter Compressor

The modern refrigerators feature is a digital inverter compressor saves power. The inverter function is such that it varies the compressor frequency according to the load within the refrigerator.

If the temperature drops down the specified temperature the compressor is moved to lower power. When refrigeration is needed, the compressor again works at max capacity. This reduces energy consumption by twenty percent to thirty percent of the electricity consumed.

4. BEE Star Ratings for Electricity Bills

Bureau of Energy Efficiency ranks the fridges according to their power usage. A rating of five stars indicates it is most energy-efficient and One star indicates it is less efficient. Thus, the most costly items are a five – star BEE rating fridge.

5.Freezer Size

Single-door fridges have small freezers compared to double-doors. If you’re fond of eating food, such as non-vegetarian dishes, To keep this food in a freezer you need a dual-door refrigerator.

6. Lighting

Check if there are enough lights for the refrigerators you are purchasing.  lights have to be sensitive to the eyes. select the refrigerator which uses LED lights because it is good for the environment as well as efficient.

7. Shelf Space

The single-door fridges are not acceptable for storing things. whereas, dual-door is efficient.

8. Built-in stabilizer

The fluctuations in voltage in India are quite normal. The perfect fridges are supplied with an integrated stabilizer to save the compressor from fluctuation in high voltage. However, a stabilizer is not used with all fridges. But before buying verify it.

9. Power Consumption

Single-doors fridges take less power than fridges with double-doors, as seen from their size and efficiency. Even large fridges consume less power, though, with efficient energy ratings.

10. Different Features

  • When the power cuts, It kept food fresh for twelve hours even if there is no power.
  • This filtering method allows the disagreeable odor to be eliminated from the refrigerator. This function is part of most of the enhanced models.
  • The famous brand such as L.G has smarter features such as smart connecting inverters and smart diagnostics in its fridges.

11. Warranty

When there are some issues with your refrigerator warranty unexpectedly, it will benefit you. Some double door fridges are warranty up to one year on product and ten years warranty on compressor.

12. Price

It depends on the configuration of the product you choose. Double-door fridge cost approximately 12 thousand everywhere. Just you have to choose the right product which fulfills your needs and budget.

Advantages of Double-Door Refrigerator

  • The doors of the double door fridges are separated from each other, so the coolness inside is conserved.
  • It is durable because the fridge has dual doors.
  • The storage space of the double door fridge is much larger than the single door fridge.
  • Shelves are big and more in the double door fridge which single door doesn’t have.
  • As these fridges are forst free the cleaning inside it is very easy.

Disadvantages Double-Door Refrigerator

  • It is not suitable for a small family, As it may not fulfil the requirements of the more capacity.
  • It will consume more power.

Keep those tips in mind when buying a new dual-door fridge. Choosing the perfect fridge for your house shouldn’t be complicated for you now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these double-door refrigerators be easily cleaned and maintained?

Yes, as many models of dual-door refrigerators have removable joints and racks, which allow you to easily access them in order to clean them. you can use the soap water to clean after cleaning use soft cloths to clean it.

Why some fridges don’t need Stabilisers?

Most fridges are equipped with built-in voltage fluctuations by stabilizer circuits. You don’t have to mount a stabilizer since you don’t face significant voltage fluctuations.

What is the best dual-door fridge brand?

Various types of the best dual-door fridges brands are as follows-L.G, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, Bosch, Godrej, and so on.

What is your opinion about the Frost Free Refrigerator?

A frost-free refrigerator does not work on the usual technique of condensation and evaporation. The refrigerator has a set of fans that are responsible for blowing cold air inside the fridge. There are multiple vents inside the fridge for the air to flow uniformly. Hence, you have uniform cooling throughout the fridge. There is no formation of frost inside the freezer compartment. Therefore, there is no need for manual defrosting.

Which do I first see when I pick a refrigerator for my family?

First thing you should look while purchasing a refrigerator is the storage space.

 How often should I clean my fridge?

It is essential to clean your refrigerator to keep refrigerator hygiene. By keeping the refrigerator dirty, The food stored inside it is affected which is freshly cooked the bad smell enters into the fresh food. So cleaning a refrigerator once a month is necessary.

How long can I store veggies in a fridge with double doors?

Fridges with double doors are modern and frost-free. You can store veggies and fruit for a long time. They have a slightly wet box of vegetables that keeps the moisture evaporated and keeps it fresh. The vegetables are to be fresh for more than one week, an average of ten days.

Should I leave any space in the fridge behind and around?

Sure, leave only ten to Fifteen centimeters behind the fridge. The reason is that the refrigerator walls can warm up. If you don’t leave enough space behind, radiation can affect the output of the refrigerator.


In conclusion, As you know all the details and buying guide information. Read all the information regarding the products. As you already planned what to purchase. Here are our best top selections for each price category:

We suggest you go for the LG Double door refrigerator because of its efficiency and reliable product and as its ratings are remarkable. It is the most trusted brand in India. LG refrigerator has remarkable features and also very low in price. As we also introduced other best products with all advanced features at a reasonable price.

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