Kitchen Chimney Brands In India

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand In India

The best choice you have ever made is to invest in the best quality kitchen chimney. The kitchen chimney is a must for a cleaning kitchen and a good living. In this post, we have listed the best kitchen chimney brands in India so it will be much easy to choose the best one.

A chimney cleans the smell of food, the solid odour of spices and fumes resulting from Indian cooking. In the last decade, the chimney has developed and now the technical features of the chimney are advanced. In this post, we’ll be discussing India’s top eight Chimney brands.

Best kitchen chimney brand in India

1) Hindware

We have listed the first Hindware brand today for the kitchen chimney. For the last Sixty years, the company has been in the manufacture of consumer products. Famous and reliable Hindware appliances. Hindware Chimney is, therefore, one of India’s top brands.

The Hindware chimney contains water and thermal cleaning functionality, a touch panel, and rustproof.  The Hindware Chimney consists of materials that are rustproof for durable and advanced performance.

An essential feature again is the Hindware chimney baffle filter. The Hindware Chimney’s dual auto-cleaning function allows it to be a top contender company in the market.

2) Faber

This company is in business since the 1950s. The company is present in 3 different continents in the manufacturing of goods.

Faber kitchen chimney is developed to suit a consumer’s personal style. Innovative and creative Faber is a leading company for the processing of chimneys.

The brand’s innovative technology involves 3 suction systems that ensure that the kitchen is fume-free at all times.

The Faber chimney includes three baffle filter suction, dual speed control, push-button control and speed operation as some of the key features. Faber Chimney is Known for their style, layout and creativity.

3) Elica

Elica is also one of the popular brands in India. These years, Elica has made some fantastic kitchen chimneys. The kitchen chimney in Elica is elegant, versatile, and functional. By choosing this brand you can bring the best kitchen chimney for your kitchen.

A complete range of cooking options offered by the Elica kitchen chimney is available without hassle and smoke.   The chimney is impressive due to its compact design, touch control panel, and stainless steel.

4) Glen

Glen’s chimney brand is both ambitious and conventional in production. The hood is constructed of high-quality durability materials. Glen chimneys are normally fitted with the Italian engine and safety button options. When the heat is heavy and practical, the safe button on the chimney turns off.

Both the baffle and carbon filters that give clean air in the kitchen are available with a glen kitchen chimney.

5) Prestige

The reputation is renowned for its cookers in India. Other household appliances such as a chimney are also manufactured by Prestige. Prestige chimneys are very high in suction capacity, which benefits bigger kitchens in India.

Throughout the years, the company has earned customer trust by delivering quality products.

6) Sun Flame

The brand is praiseworthy because, by offering its consumers modern technology and supporting in easy and comfortable cooking without compromise, it consistently made a great involvement in the Indian kitchen for more than 30 years.

In addition to stainless steel and glass finishes, sun flame chimneys have a high airflow capacity. They come with 2 LED lights and electric controls that give the required luminosity in the kitchen and are energy efficient.  It contains cassette filters and feather touch controls with auto-shutdown functions that make it very easy to run.

Many of the best models have remote control and double filter technology. You can switch between three-speed settings with the excellent aluminium frame.

7) Kutchina

The company has a simple faith that any family’s well-being begins in the kitchen itself. They are therefore also focused on producing products that are comfortable to use and user-friendly.

We generally build a mixture of German technology and Italian design to manufacturing their kitchen modular items. The company provides complete solutions for all product categories.

These brand chimneys are fitted with long-lasting and very powerful electric motors that do not leave any trace of fumes in your kitchen.

The chimney motors are designed for minimal noise throughout the operation. Since the advent of time, it has added several features, which ensures that the new technology is always used.

Kutchina provides a chimney which is extremely convenient to use and maintain. It comes with the one-touch dry auto-cleaning technology to clean oil deposits and therefore save your manual efforts. In several layouts, the kitchen chimney is available side by side as well as the hood.

 8) Kattich

The brand and its product range are perfect for people who are interested in something different and favoured. In addition to cleaning the air, it attaches to your beautiful kitchen.

They have foreign styles with extremely robust features. The brand is a mix of European style and German strength, with a powerful motor and changeable fan speed when making food. The brand has a high popularity.

Its captivating features are the touch control panel and remote from which processes can be easily controlled. The auto cleaner removes the need for paid service, its steel baffle filters do not clog and enable the best filtration.

Because it provides 60, 75, and 90 cm chimneys, it is also possible to address all problems in kitchens.

9) Inalsa

Inalsa is a subsidiary of the Tauro Group, which has been one of Europe’s most successful Kitchen appliances brands since 1962 and was established in 1967. As a food processor, Inasla also has one of the widest product ranges.

In addition, it has great chimney quality, as well as cooking appliances, utilities, heating equipment, and personal service, over thirty categories. Inalsa has more than Ten models for customers in the kitchen chimney.

10) Eurodomo

Eurodomo is present in more than 35 countries for different kitchen appliances and has headquarters in Switzerland. The brand is better known for its outstanding designed kitchen chimney


As we have discussed the top kitchen chimney brands in India. All the brands are well known for their features and performance. We hope that this article will help you to understand the best brands in India every brand have unique features. Choose the product brand according to your need.

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