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10 Best Mattress In India: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Comfort and relaxation can be combined with being in your place and in your home. People working throughout the day and spend a lot of time travelling from home to office, and vice – versa, need audio rest as and when necessary.

The mattresses you utilize are very dependent. A mattress of great quality is a backbone for a comfortable sleep.  But you need to know that everyone has his own individual demands on the best mattress in India in order to make your sleeping more comfortable.

The correct option helps you relax your muscles, increase flexibility and sleep by circumventing your body structure. But you’ll have back problems and troubled sleep if you select a wrong way.

How you select and purchase the best mattress in India?

That’s not so simple as you feel, because since selecting the right mattress for your house, they have to know lots of things that are been used to determine the best mattress.

There are various choices on the marketplace. But purchasing the best mattress should be difficult to choose. This is why we have the best 10 mattress options available for you to have a relaxed sleep for your family.

In essence, three forms exist – soft, medium and hard. To choose from them, you must take 3 factors into consideration, namely sleep, weight and whether or not you have back pain. On the basis of this information we created a table below.

WeightFirmness ChoiceSleeping PositionBack Problem
AverageMediumMultiple positionsYes or No
HeavyFirmBack or stomachNo

10 Best Mattress In India:

1) Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

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The Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress accept the shape of the body of the sleeper and provides a uniform help overall. It uniformly allocates the body’s weight, makes sure no blood coagulation or restlessness.

Length (78 Inches), Width (60 Inches), Height (8 Inches)

Colour: white, mattress, medium firm.

Guarantee: 10 Years warranty manufacturer.

wakefit’s memory foam is made up of high-quality memory foam with the new technology inventions gives outstanding back support.


  • Breathable Fabric
  • Cool Foam
  • Next-Gen Memory Foam
  • Transition Layer


  • Good service since they asked me what are measurements of my bed and suggested to me with a specific size of mattress accordingly after placing the order.
  •  The packing is very good. They rapped the mattress and covered it tightly 2 or 3 layers of packing which is compact and very secure.
  • Since it is orthopaedic memory foam ( medium soft ) you feel very comfortable after laying in the evening.
     comes with a cover which can be washed off.


  • No negative aspects.

2) Emma Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

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Emma Ortho mattress integrates a brand new ortho foam layer with such a trusting layer of memory foam to give superior pressure relief by contouring the weight of your body uniformly, providing full muscle and joints pressure relief in any position.

  • Length: 78 inch, Width: 72 inch, Thickness: 8 inch (6 ft 6 in x 6 ft x 8 in)
  • Support Type: Memory Foam
  • Comfort Layer: Memory Foam
  • Mattress Features: Orthopedic Mattress


  • Material: Memory Foam, Mattress Feel: Medium firm
  • Colour: White, 20 Year warranty supplier
  • Cover: Removable and machine washable outer cover with the top environment for optimum airflow.
  • The mattress provides optimum body ability to adapt by combining the breathable air decompresses cell-layer with the visco-elastic memory foam and a layer supportive polyur.

3) Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress

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Some of the mattresses are hard. Some are soft. Others are springy. And there is one which is all right. Sleepyhead is a mattress that fits perfectly for both you or anyone else with memory foam and springy breathable foam.

The mattress has a supportive foam, offering the perfect rigidity without any softness or cushiness requirements.. mattress also comes with the right bounce quantity and sufficient density and a very good exterior covering that can be washed regularly.

Length: 75 inch, Width: 72 inch, Thickness: 6 inch (6 ft 3 in x 6 ft x 6 in)

Colour: White

Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

Primary Material: Foam


  • Orthopedic Mattress
  • Rolled & Vacuumed Mattress
  • Zero Partner Disturbance
  • Sag Resistant Mattress


  • It gives best back support
  •  material quality is good
  • feels solid and much more sturdy than the cost paid


  •  The outer covering of the mattress is white, which attracts a lot of dirt and dust
  •  It tends to get hot in Summers

4) SleepyCat Plus 8-inch Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

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SleepyCat Plus is a high-end version of its original predecessor. This 8-inch orthopaedic memory foam mattress has been designed to give the perfect combination of comfort and firmness.

This 8-inch mattress comes with a 2-inch gel memory foam layer on top, 6-inch high-density foam for the base and the two layers with an inner netted cover are kept intact.

This is our method by cutting out the intermediaries to produce a luxury mattress for a fraction of the cost. We use a special memory foam mixture of refreshing crystals that controls your nighttime body temperature.

  • Length: 78 inch, Width: 36 inch, Thickness: 8 inch (6 ft 6 in x 3 ft x 8 in)
  • Support Type: High Density (HD) Foam
  • Comfort Layer: Memory Foam
  • Colour: White, Style: Modern
  • Warranty Details: 10 years on product


  • Orthopedic Mattress
  • Removable Cover
  • Reversible Mattress
  • Rolled & Vacuumed Mattress
  • Zero Partner Disturbance


  • Very comfortable
  • helps ease back pain
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ease of installation
  • Softness
  • quality sleep
  • Orthopaedic Technology


  • The cover on the top can be a bit thicker
  • It is very uncomfortable if you have to sit for hours
  • The mattress gets really heated up

5) Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft

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Dual Comfort mattress gives two types of comfort to the sleeper with two foam layers and can be used on both ends. The opposite surfaces have a hardness feeling. One side has a soft, smooth feeling, while the other side gives a medium, firm feeling.

A sleeping surface based on comfortable preferences and changing weather conditions may be selected by individuals. When the weather is hot, it is recommended a softer sleeping surface and a harder sleeping environment in winter.

We invested thousands of hours in R&D to consider our customers’ needs and desires in creating ideal backpacking, incredibly long-lasting and convenient mattress for any sleeping guest.

  • Length: 75 inch, Width: 60 inch, Thickness: 6 inch (6 ft 3 in x 5 ft x 6 in)
  • Support Type: High Resilience (HR)
  • Foam Comfort Layer: High Density (HD) Foam
  • Colour: White
  • Mattress Feel: Medium Firm & Medium Soft on Different Sides
  • Warranty : 7 Years Manufacturer warranty.


  • Reversible Mattress
  • Zero Partner Disturbance
  • Dual Comfort Mattress


  • Customer service is amazing
  • The mattress comfort is amazing
  • The mattress can be used from both sides
  • Packaging and delivery was flawless


  • Not very comfortable in Summer.
  • occasionally felt like it heats up after long hours of lying in bed
  • Very soft side was white in colour. So should be careful with dust 

6) SleepX Dual Mattress – Medium-Soft and Hard

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There are different sleepers, and we look after them all. On one side of the mattress SleepX by Sleepwell is a soft feel while on the other side a hard feeling.

On one hand, it has an adjustable firmness core to better match the spine and back while on the other, a medium stiffness core for a soft, bouncy feel.

Pick your side for full comfort that you able to feel like sleeping on. The core thickness of the core is 45 mm of resilience foam and 60 mm of re-bound foam for every body type.

The top and bottom quilting sheet is 16 mm thick and has a PU foam infiltration to provide optimum support and additional comfort.

  • Length: 78 inch, Width: 60 inch, Thickness: 5 inch (6 ft 6 in x 5 ft x 5 in)
  • Support Type: Bonded Foam
  • Comfort Layer: High Resilience (HR) Foam
  • Colour: Orange
  • Warranty: 3 years on product


  • Dual Comfort Mattress
  • soft on the one side and medium-firm on the other
  • Reversible Mattress


  • Good Quality.
  • Comfortable of all age people.
  • Reasonable cost
  • Delivery and packaging was good
  • Relaxing to sleep; no discomfort till date


  • Feels a bit harder on the sides.
  • Look wise it doesn’t look of premium quality, but with this price range can’t expect more.
  • Edges are not very tough.

7) SleepX Ortho Mattress – Memory Foam

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The perfect back support solution is found in SleepX by Sleepwell Ortho mattress. Pain is now a common issue, and it is an incorrect mattress that is the main cause.

Our mattress is designed to adjust to your sleeping position and recognizes your stresses to provide lasting relief for your back. The mattress is adjusted to suit your spine to be supported comfortably.

Sleep well through the night and hustle during the day. A 25 mm core, Visco rebound foam for pressure point relief and 80 mm rebound foam are used for better backrest and comfort.

  • Length: 72 inch, Width: 72 inch, Thickness: 8 inch (6 ft x 6 ft x 8 in)
  • Support Type: Bonded Foam
  • Comfort Layer: Memory Foam
  • Colour: Purple
  • Warranty: 3 years warranty


  • Orthopedic Mattress
  • High-Density Foam
  • Premium Fabric
  • Memory Foam


  • An extremely comforting good night sleep and keeps you the energetic morning
  • Keeps your spine straight, supports you at night
  •  It is durable and hard


  • Very heavy – cannot move it easily
  • If you buy the thicker versions of the mattress – 6-8 inches, it will feel 1-2 degrees warmer to sleep on
  • Though the top fabric is of good quality we need bed protection cover so that it will not damage.

8) Shagun 4-inch Double Size Foam Mattress

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Shagun foam mattresses are made of PU and hard layers of foams that give customised support for consistent sleep at night. Premium Foam consistency ensures a long mattress life and longevity.

It allows you to choose among soft and firm comfort of convenience and air flows freely through mattresses so that you sleep cool.

This mattress works in a very technical way to accomplish an incredibly basic aim: relaxing, painless sleep. If you have a sore neck, lower back, or other troubled locations, the SHAGUN mattress can help relieve tension and stress points all over your body.

A multifunctional mattress that is ideal for yourself and your partner sleep position because of its versatile feature on either side.

Sleep quality may be based on the fact that people sleeping on the mattress of foam. Material Type: High-Density Foam & Cover: Premium quality cotton cut fabric cover that helps with air circulation that improves mattress durability. All mattresses are exported from the manufacturing unit directly.

  • Length: (75 Inch), Width (48 Inch),height (4 Inch)
  • Color: red
  • Warranty:5 Year Manufacture Warranty
  • Material Cover: Special cotton fabric ensure optimal circulation of the air on the top of the cover.
  • Comfort Level: You can use both the useable side and firm side for restful and painless sleep according to your needs.


  • Orthopaedic on the one side maintains natural body balance which reduces back pain and on the other side, the weight of the body is evenly distributed.
  • A versatile mattress, suitable for you and your partner’s sleep position due to its both side usable
  • Material Type: High-Density Foam
  • Cover: premium quality quilted cotton fabric cover for air circulation that improves mattress durability.

9.Extrasleep Coir Mattress

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Cotton Breathable Fabric is made of our years of expertise in the sleep industry and its extra Sleep Premium Back supports Orthopedical Care Coir Mattress.

Our mattresses cater to many Indians who had the comfort and support of better sleep mattresses satisfactorily.  Each extra sleep mattress passes strict quality testing to ensure flawless comfort.

Every mattress is made from high-quality, comfortable materials as well as mattress longevity. That is why each mattress comes with an unmatched guarantee that you will have the chance for years to come to enjoy your mattress.Extra Sleep mattresses are available in Single, Double, Queen and King sizes.

  • Length: 72 inch,Width 60 inch,Height 4 inch, Mattress Size: Queen
  • Colour: Coir Mattress
  • warranty:5 year warranty


  • Natural Rubberised Coir: The mattress has a natural rubberized coir layer that supports you with the correct body posture
  • Durable Orthopaedic Coir mattress.
  • Premium Cotton Fabric: The Quilted Cotton premium fabric gives you a premium feel while ensuring your mattress is breathable.


  • Quality coir mattress.
  • The good quality cloth used and coir is distributed quite well.
  • Perfectly fits the size as mentioned.
  • Fast delivery. Got it in a week.
  • Good customer service.
  •  Comfortable. No lumps found on the mattress.
  • Worth the price.
  •  It is quite hard which helps our back have a good position while sleeping.


  • If you are looking for something extremely soft i.e which you can find in hotels this product is not for you

10) Springtek Ortho Pocket Spring

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Bring this mattress home and end your efforts to have a good night’s rest. This mattress is built to accommodate all forms of sleepers and guarantees you the perfect restful sleep support for your body.

With four layers of Foam, Felt and Pocket Springs, this mattress is responsive, supportive, and conforms to the natural curves of the body without the sink-in feel of memory foam.

  • Length: 78 inch, Width: 60 inch, Thickness: 6 inch (6 ft 6 in x 5 ft x 6 in)
  • Support Type: Pocket Spring
  • Comfort Layer: PU Foam
  • Colour: white


  • Zero Partner Disturbance
  • Sag Resistant Pocket Spring Mattress


  • Perfect for orthopaedic patients
  • Springs are stable and not making any trouble
  • Quality is excellent


  • So not expect a bouncy experience as its basically made for Pain avoidance.
  • Not sure if the mattress was responsible for the pain.

Buying Guide: Pick the right mattresses that fulfil your requirements:

What kind of sleeper are you?

Everyone has its own style of sleeping in different positions. Some sleep in straightway and on the back and some has a habit of sleeping on the stomach. Thus, Everyone as the sleeping positions different such as support, firmness, comfort, according to that you need a mattress. If you select the wrong mattress you will not able to sleep properly. As if you got pain on neck, back or hip then you are using the wrong mattress. You need to change it as soon as possible.


Sleeping stylesSuitable Mattress
Stomach Or Back SleepersFirm Mattress
Side SleepersSoft to medium-firm mattress
Combination SleepersMedium Firm Mattress

Side Sleepers:

If you side sleepers it is more essential to have a correct mattress with pressure relief. That is because you put the pressure on your hips and shoulder directly.  You have to sink your hips and shoulders a bit. Anything soft to medium-sized will be suitable. This will help you to safe from back and neck pains.

Stomach Sleepers:

The mid-part of the body normally bears much pressure throughout the day. The area absorbs increasing pressure when you sleep on the stomach. You must, therefore, make sure that your mattress provides the support to avoid a backache.

Your mattresses need to be suitable and have a quality structure to raise the pressure. For stomach sleeper, the softer mattress is better than any other mattresses. A mattress like foam and air-bag is good for a stomach sleeper.

The ideal mattress for couples:

Movement changes is a big problem for most couples. If one will change its movements the other will get affected as well. You should, therefore, choose mattresses which dissipate movement across the surface and thus eliminate movement transfer. In the spring mattresses, that is not possible.

Back Sleeper:

For the back, sleeper Go for something soft enough to prevent pressure points from forming but firm enough to support your back adequately.

Mattress for kids

Kids are continually growing, unlike adults. Therefore, for them, you need to have something different to protect them. If the choice for your mattress is wrong then is uncomfortable us. Kids have the same logic. As their body is often growing on a regular basis.

The child’s mattress size is crucial. 6 to 7 years long for Mattresses. At the age of the 7 years, the child overgrow.

Spring mattresses are best for the child. Children will play on the mattress and there is the chance of hurting themself as the spring in the mattress tears through the cover which will lead to injuries.

Combination sleepers:

Your perfect match is a medium-sized mattress. As your sleeping positions are back, sides and stomach which means you are combination sleeper. We recommend that you pick a combination bed or gel bed.

Mattress for heavy people

Heavy peoples weight are more than 75 kg. These peoples must go for thick cushions. As you will see these people selecting mattresses of eight inches and 10 inches for the efficient thickness. If your weight is more than 75 kg, You have to choose the mattress which is thicker in the range of ten to twelve inches. The reason is that heavy people create more pressure than light people. If you have a heavy person in your home. The latex mattress is the safest mattress for heavy people.

Mattress for back pain

If you have shoulder pain, neck pain while sleeping than you are using wrong mattresses this can affect you through backaches. Here is some guidance for you which helps you to decide whether your mattress is to be replaced.

  • The firmness of the mattress
  • Fatigue when you wake up
  • Difficulty in going back to sleep
  • Allergy
  • Tossing and turning around

What mattress do you want to get back pain relief and other discomforts?

The mattress must be sufficiently firm which supports the lower back. Same time it has to be soft for the body.  You need therefore to have the right combination.

The foam, memory foam and latex mattress has proved some of the great mattress in India for back pain.

During your sleep, are you sweating?

This problem is related to a lot of us. And few of the mattress feels hotter than the other mattress. In general, some of the soft mattresses do not allow more air to pass Comparison to any firm mattress they keep more heat.

Other mattress products like foam capture the heat of the body. Choose a hybrid mattress or an innerspring. They allowed cooler air to pass through and sleep.

Indian Mattress Types

All the mattresses in India are very unique from each other. The different types of mattresses are as follows:

  • Coir Mattress
  • Spring Mattress
  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Foam Mattress
  • Latex
  • Hybrid
  • Air bed
  • Gel bed or Water bed

What Are The Different Sizes Of Mattresses Available On The Indian Market?

Twin Mattress (39” X 75”)

In addition, they are known as individual mattresses and could only sufficient for one child or adult. These mattresses cannot fit a large adult.

Twin XL Mattress (39” X 80”)

These mattresses are also referred to as single beds, but they cover eighty inches long, making them suitable for the tall people.

Full Mattress (54” X 75”)

For everyone who wants to have a bigger space while they sleep, a full-colour mattress will be better because the separate colours are only 27 “space for one individual to rest.

Queen Mattress (60” X 80”)

This kind of mattress is an excellent grab for growing adults or even those couples who want to sleep closer. These types of mattresses are typically the most commonly in India.

King Mattress (76” X 80”)

This mattress is the most excellent options for couples that want to have their own space while they sleeping. In addition, such mattress are a good choice for families or pet owners, who share their beds with pets at house.

California King Mattress (72” X 84”)

The mattress of this type mainly consists of royal mattresses of which a length of four “is distinct and attached to the width. It is a peaceful choice for the one who wants to sleep in the maximum extent.

Common Myths about Mattresses?

The bed is the common type of furniture that you use on a regular basis. Therefore, it is a complicated task to purchase a mattress. We looked at different elements of cushions to enhance your mission. We have commented on myths about mattresses.

Myth 1:All I need to sleep in peace is a soft mattress.

No, not that. Soft mattress is perfect for stress relief and comfort. Yet that isn’t always the case. These might not be suitable for back pain users.

Myth 2:The mattress must be used until it sags.

You must simply replace your mattresses once you lose its firmness. You don’t have to wait until it is fully damaged. There is no support for a sags mattress. Probably, every 7 years you must change your mattress.

Myth 3: The most convenient and best mattress is Memory foam.

A mattress will indeed be great if it meets your specific needs. Memory foam is most convenient and might not be suitable for those who have back pains regularly.

Myth 4: Regular cleaning of your bedsheets helps to maintain your mattress.

Note, in your mattress, there are millions of dust mite. tSuch mites may lead to allergies from coughing and scratching to many other major breathing diseases. If you are using mattresses not only wash sheets but also mattresses regularly.

Myth 5:Every severals month I should turn my mattress to avoid damages.

That is only true for mattresses that are the same on both sides, as we have already said in our guides. Nevertheless, it is not supposed to work for dual preference or unilateral spring mattresses. Only if you still need the other comfort and one-sided must be kept as designed should double comfort revert.

Myth 6: The most convenient of all mattresses are memory foam mattresses.

The mattresses for memory foam are pretty comfortable. Based on personal choices, however. One person could use a memory foam mattress but it cannot be suitable for another person. Until purchasing mattresses, you must check out their levels of comfort.

Myth 7:To keep the mattress clean is enough to wash my bedsheets, linens and outer cases.

You’ve thought about the billion microbes in your bed. In order to maintain your bed, you should clean your sheets. Yes. Mattress must be washed. You may apply different cleaning strategies to extract stains or keep the mattress clean.

Tips for Longer Life of Mattresses

  • Consistently wash the sheets and outside cases. It ought to be completed once in a month.
  • When necessary, use a mattress guard. Yet waterproof guard will improve the durability of your mattress to several folds.
  • Turn the mattress every six months towards the other side to preserve foam/coir/coil accuracy. Across 2 sides, most of the mattresses are the same (except for a double comfort mattress or spring mattress).
  • Put your pets out of bed. The string quality will gradually be compromised by dogs or cats with their parts. It loosens the thread and thus diminishes the living of the mattress.
  • Avoid going barfoot into bed. Attempt to wear a pair of socks to make your hands and feet more comfortable before you reach the bed.
  • Before purchasing, know the weight capacity of mattresses. Matches from Foam and Latex can carry larger weights. Additional weight can reduce the lifetime of the mattress.
  • Try to obtain, if possible, a waterproof bed sheet or a covering. They defend your mattress against any stains or fluids or moisture that damages your mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I want to pick the largest available size?

No, we suggest you select the bed size by counting the family members that will sleep on the bed. They want a large room or it’s enough for them. The best mattress must fit the bed, obviously!

What’s the best back pain mattress?

For the back, the best choice is the orthopedic mattress. Which can be found in India. Any doctor will recommend it. But, If you need anything that all uses then select memory foam mattress. It’s medium-sized and you are suggested. They suit the body to show that they help the spine.

There is no guarantee for my mattress. Does that mean that’s going to break?

Most Mattresses have no guarantee. This doesn’t mean, however, that it is broken or collapsed at the lightened touch. Don’t stress about too much.

Which is the safest mattress for women who are pregnant?

First of all, you must sleep sideways. You must be aware. Do not sleep on the back or on the stomach. You do not need perfect mattress not to be more soft or firm. You need this mattress of foam or memory foam or latex . However, the coir and spring mattress are strictly avoided.

  How can I wash my Mattress?

It is a difficult task to wash it and then waiting for the wet mattress to dry. It will take much time. Few mattresses have a washable cover which protects the mattress. You can use that.


As we are listed all the best mattresses int the above article our best-listed mattresses. All the mattresses which are listed have different features which is used according to that.

As the mattresses are important to buy and it’s an essential investment. Our research shows that the WakeFit orthopaedic mattress is the best choice for over twenty years of guarantee. Lastly, choose the best mattresses according to your choice by reading our buying guide.


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