best semi automatic washing machine in India

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine In India Of 2020

All of us know various types of washing machines, such as automatic washing machines for fully automatic, front loading and top-loading. But a semi-automatic washing machine is one which is the most common and we have given all necessary details of best semi automatic washing machine in India to make the right choice in this article.

Semi-automatic washing machines are one of India’s most common types and are the cheapest type of washing machine. It is partially automatic, as the name suggests, and you have to operate by yourself. You will add water to the bath prior to washing clothes and then remove the water after washing the clothes.

The semi-automatic washing machine provides partial access to a washing machine for consumers. This is a middle point between handwashing and washing completely automated. It needs some manual effort from the other hand and partly automatic.

Compared to the fully automatic washer, the semi-automatic washing machine is less costly.

A semi-automatic washing machine has the advantage that it helps to conserve the water because there is no constant supply of water to wash clothes. The washing cycle should be used closely to ensure it uses no more power than is necessary.

Semi automatic washing is still top-loaded. It uses two separate tubs, one for washing, and one for drying.

How Does Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Work?

A semi-automatic washing machine needs human effort and progress as one has to transfer the clothes from one bath to the next. The fundamental principle is the same as when the bath, detergent and clothes are put in the tub before the process has been over and the clothes are clean. They are transferred to the drier afterwards.

Semi automatic machines are mostly top loading. Some semi-automatic washing machines are fitted with a double layer tub, an outer tub to catch water, and an inner tub with drainage holes. There are two tubs available in many semi-automatic washing machines, one for washing and one for spraying perforated tanks.

The first step is to add the detergent, then the clothes and then enough water at the appropriate temperature, and then work through the instructions. After the wash cycle is over, you will transfer the clothes to the dryer, add clean water, and start the washing machine again.

The clothes are rotated and the water is removed until they are scorched and dried. The drier uses a centrifugal force to push the clothes down to absorb excess water.

Types Of Washing Machines

Based on Automation

Fully-automatic Washing Machine

A fully automatic washing machine works and does all the work by simply pressing the switch. This sort of washing machine only has a single tub that serves as a washer, dryer and after washing just rinses the clothing.

There are two types of fully automated washing machines-one is the front load and the second top loading machines.

The functioning and performance of both these two types of fully automatic washing machines differ, which also depends on the company.

Semi-automatic Washing Machine

Semi automatic washing machines are partially automated, meaning that they have to be operated by men.  You need to fill tub manually and once washing done you need to put clothes in dryer manually.

Semi automatic machines come in two types one is a single tub and another is twin tub,

Single tub means everything needs to be done in one tub only. From washing to drying. This is one of the simplest mechanism which needs too much less work. The tub comes with an outer and inner layer which have holes on its wall. So clothes can be a drain in it.

Twin tub is the most common type of semi automatic machines which have two tubs as it names shows. It requires manual work like moving clothes from the washing tub to drying tub manually.

Based on Loading

Front Load Washing Machines

Mostly front load washing machines are fully automatic machines which take the load from the front side. This type of machines uses less water and energy as well which give the best results too.

Top Load Washing Machines

If you don’t want to bend down to put cloths into, then top loading washing machines are best for you. As it has lid upper side you can put clothes into from topside. Top load washing machines need less space so if you have lack of space top load washing machine is the best fit for you.

Buying Guild Of Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

It’s a difficult task when it comes to choosing from many models of washing machines. But if you think about your requirements it will be quite easy. Consider the following major factors while choosing best semi automatic washing machine for yourself.


Each machine have a specific capacity that how much load it can bear.  Just count members of your family and accordingly you can choose the machine you want. Larger the family, more the capacity you need.

Apart from that also think that how many times a day you are going to wash the cloths. Many people washcloths by washing machine each day. Some people skip a day. Quick wash technology is been introduced in washing machines hence you can wash it daily without any difficulty and quickly.

3D Scrub Technology

This is an import feature introduced by many big brands in washing machines. 3D Scrub Technology ensures to wash and clean your clothes no matter how much dirty it is. They use 3D scrub pads inside the drum, which help extract the dirt as the drum rotates.

Hard Water Processing

If you live in India then this feature is a lifesaver.  Most people face a problem with hard water because the detergent does not fully dissolve, and the fine layer may be left on the drum or in a jar. A lot of manufacturers come up with unique and innovative methods to eliminate this problem by treating hard water. The technology of hard water treatment allows smooth washing.

Hot Wash

This feature helps to wash the clothes with hot water when you are looking forward. Few washing machines have built-in heaters that sense the load and heat up the water by killing bacteria and germs.

3D Lint Filter

Triple-layer filtration technology ensuring that your clothes are new and dirt-free makes for great and efficient lint collection.

Digital Display

A digital display assists in checking the remaining cycle time, washing mode, and it also has a help button.

Wash settings

Many washing machines have different clothes wash settings, such as a gentle wash for delicate clothes and various water level choices. It’s adjustable to specific requirements for clothing. The controls can be set specifically for each type and this helps to better wash clothes.

The  Material of the Tub

It’s also important to know what the tub is made of, whether it is made of plastic, porcelain-enamel or steel. The first two types of cited are cost-effective. The enamel tubs are not as durable as those made of plastics. The stainless steel tubes are the best because they can withstand high speeds and are the most durable.

Control of Temperature

Many washing machines have an embedded feature that helps to adjust the water temperature. This can be very helpful while washing clothes when clothes are cleaned more properly in hot water, the damp setting enables dirt and dust to be removed better.

Semi-automatic or automatic

You just have to attach the machine to a constant water supply for automatic washing machines, add the detergent, put in the clothes, and click on to start the machines. It takes water as needed automatically and washes the clothes accordingly.

In the case of semi automatic washing machines, the water must be added separately and the clothes removed manually to be inserted into the dryer.

The key difference between the two types is the water source requirement. If there’s a water supply shortage you should go semi-automatically, since you need constant water supplies from a fully automatic washing machine.

Price: Price.

The cost of buying one is one of the most critical factors. What are you prepared to do for a semi-automatic washing machine? You will affect your financial capacity to buy

Wheels or castors

In a large house, a wheel, handle or castors is required to move the machine around. To move the machine around. It is necessary. For gyms, spas, hotels, and outdoor events use the machine is also needed. Therefore, if you want to use it, it is essential for the machine to have a wheel or a rim.

Save water

The semi-automatic laundry saves on washing water. It does not need to be refilled as the washing continues.

A child-lock

The new feature known as child-lock is available with most modern semi-automatic washing machines. This function protects your kids from being stuck in the machine if the adult isn’t around.


The durability of a semi self-sufficient washing machine is another factor to see. The stainless steel tubes are more durable and can be used at high spin speeds for the various types of materials. Porcelain-Email is less resistant than the three tubing materials.

Time delay and pre-soak

This function allows you to load a pre-set time on the machine. This also allows you to soak clothes for a certain time, after which you can operate the washing machine alone.

The Spin Cycle

This is also an option for a semi-automatic washing machine to look for. The spin cycle is used for per-minute (rpm) measurements of drying revolutions. Due to the spin cycle, the tissue dries up.

Fuzzy Logic

Based on the material, this additional function automatically selects the appropriate washing conditions for each material. The water quantity, time and detergent needed for cleaning clothes are calculated automatically.

12 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine In India

1. Haier 6.2 Kg Semi-automatic

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Haier is a global corporation based in Qingdao China specialized for consumer electronics and home appliances. The semi-automatic top loading washing machine Haier 6.2 Kg has two different washing programs that guarantee that different fabrics are customized and safe to wash away.

This is supplied with a spray that encourages cleaning and quickly removes the stains from the wardrobe. The machine has twin hubs in a blend of white and bordeaux.


  • The machine has a pulsator that guarantees stronger spin for a heavy flow of water that removes stains and provides better washing quality.
  • It features spray technology which makes better cleaning possible and reduces foam through a separate flow and intensity separation of the water.
  • In this machine, the magic filter cleans clothes made of lint for cleaner clothing during the washing cycle.
  • This machine provides faster washing than modern washers with 1300 rotations per minute.
  • The machine has a robust and stable body and is built of antifreeze material. The entire body is made of plastic, making it easier to maintain.
  • The machine has a dry wind function that dries off excess water and moisture from your clothes faster.
  • It takes 240V and is guaranteed for 2 years and 5 years on the engine.
  • The machine has wheels to quickly move the machine easily.


  • The machine prevents rat entry because of its strong plastic cover and has anti-rating mesh.
  • It has a selector to control the quantity of water used by the machine. Save water. That saves money.
  • On soft fabrics such as silk, lace, and chiffon, It is gentle.


  • No negative points observed so far.

2. Whirlpool 9 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Whirlpool Corporation is a multinational American corporation. Whirlpool uses innovative and intuitive technology in order to deliver better performance to customers. Our products are classified in cooling, washing, kitchen, air conditioning, cleaning.

A 2-year guarantee and a 5-year motor guarantees are available for the product. This also has a hard water cleaning feature that allows stains and dirt to be removed even while using hard water. This has four types of knobs, dirt selector, drain selector and turbo-dry for various applications. You may now set the type of wash according to the type of fabric. This unit provides additional features such as a shower, buzzer, auto reset, hard water wash.


  • The machine has 9 wash capacity
  • There are 5 washing programs available.
  • The machine can eliminate 10 different forms of stains
  • The main features are the technique of 3D scrub, 3D lint filters, 3D turbo impeller.
  • 3D scrubbing technique ensures that hardest stains or dirt are removed from the towel and even during heavy loading of the machine
  • 3D lint filters have three filter layers that guarantee a good collection of lint and fresh, dirt free clothing.
  • 3D turbot with 3D scrubber pads allows the dirt to be removed as the drum rotates perfectly
  • The maximum speed for rotation is 1400 RPM ensures maximum dry clothing.
  • In addition, the control panel installed is safety resistant to wash and shock.


  • It looks robust, lovely and sleek because of its compact size.
  • Can load a good quantity of clothing in a single go so that a small family can choose best.
  • Enables enormous capacity
  • Can remove all stain types.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • The wheels move a little while spinning.

3. Samsung Top Loading Washing Machine

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Samsung WT725QPNDMP / XTL is a semi-automatic top loading , together with a twin-tub washing machine, which has comfortable functions that save a lot of time while washing the room. The machine is made of rust-free plastic, which prevents corrosion for a longer-lasting time.

This semi-automatic washing machine is able to wash heavy clothing with a capacity of 7.2 kg. This system features an efficient dual jet system that creates vertical and horizontal streams in the water to clean clothing more efficiently. It guarantees profound cleaning that will not tangle clothes.

The washing machine is budget-friendly, realistic and comes with an EZ wash tray. You can handle many clothes that can be scrubbed, rinsed and placing them on the appliance temporarily. When cleaning is done, the buzzer disappears. The Air Turbo Drying Device allows quick cloth water extraction.


  • Washing machines is measured to 80 cm x 93.5 x 50.2 cm (W x H x D)
  • The device’s capacity is 7.2 kg
  • The machine consumes 350 watts of electricity
  • The washing machine weight is 24.5 Kg
  • It comes with a two-year warranty for the engine used for ten years
  • The rotation is RPM 1000


  • High speed of rotation
  • The device has different washing systems
  • Comprises a Drying System Air Turbo
  • It is driven by wheels
  • The washing machine does not require any installation
  • Indicator of buzzer

CONS (What wasn’t right for us)

  • There is no digital screen
  • Missing soak functionality

4. LG Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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The LG semi-automatic washing machine has advanced technology to save a lot of time in your washing machine.

The machine consists of plastic, which is able to handle the large volume of your clothes with a capacity of 7.5 Kg. You can look at the washing cycle without opening the door. The top is transparent. It has a roller jet pulsation which allows you to clean your garments in a single wash.

The washing machine comes with a three-wash program for each material that provides a safe and individual wash. You can now use the treatment you need to wash your clothing. It has a lint collector that ensures that the wash is smooth. The special feature is the technology to keep the rodent out of clothing.

Main characteristics

  • The washing machine has dimensions of 80.5 cm x 97.5 cm (W x H x D) x 47.8 cm.
  • It is a semi-automatic machine.
  • Composed of a pulsator roller jet
  • The washing machine has a capacity of 7.5 kg
  •  It’s available with a transparent top
  • The product is guaranteed for two years
  • It has a 1400RPM spin pace

PROS (What was pleasant to us)

  • Higher speed of spinning
  • Plastic body for long life
  • It has a collector of lint.
  • Technology for special advice
  • It is completely ready to use a washing machine, so no installation is required.

CONS (What we haven’t wanted)

  • It has no digital screen
  • Certain filters are not included in the order to obtain confirmation before purchase

5. Haier 9 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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A Chinese multinational company, Haier Group Corporation was founded in 1984. They have passed five different phases in branding, diversification, internationalization, global branding and network strategic development.

Haier ‘s products have been classified as consumer and industrial. The goods in the industry include refrigerators, washing machines, TV, air conditioning, water heating, microwaves and industrial air conditioning and freezers.

A user manual, water intake components, taps and warranty card are provided for the blue and white combination semiautomatic top-load washing machine. You can take up to 9 kg of load.

One for washing and a second for drying or spinning your clothes is provided for twin drums. In addition, different fabric form wash systems.

Main characteristics

  • The semi-automatic laundry with top load size is 9 kg.
  • Its external body is made of high-quality material for plastic tubing
  • While the lid is toughened glass
  • Three washing programs can also be used to customize washing based on the fabric type
  • The mesh is supplied to save your machine from a bite of a rat.
  • The machine offers Vortex Pulsator and Softfall technology to boost washing efficiency.
  • The max. rotating speed is 1300 RPM.
  • A two-year safety guarantee and the five-year motor warranty are given on the semi-automatic washing machine.

PROS  (The things we liked)

  • Value for money
  • The machine design and layout make it easy to fit in any room.
  • Service quality is excellent
  • Suitable for a small family, it saves time and effort to wash lots of clothes in one wash.
  • Suitable for all clothing types

CONS (What did not please us)

  • So far there are no negative points.

6. BPL 6.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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In 1963 BPL was formed. Originally, the Panel Meter and Electrocardiograph machines were manufacturers. BPL has become an Indian consumer electronics world-class brand for a period of time. These include TV, fridges, microwave ovens, air conditioning, cookware, soundbars.

A user manual and a hosepipe are included in the unit. It is suitable for families of 2 to 4 numbers in small to medium scale. It’s got an air-dryer system. Three knobs are supplied on top of the machine for wash/soaking, drainage and spinning. You can see your clothes while washing using the transparent lid.

Primary characteristics

  • The product comes with a one-year product guarantee and a year engine guarantee.
  • Washing machine in blue and white colours is made of plastic of the highest quality
  • During washing the deck is transparent so that the users can look at the clothes.
  • The speed of rotation is up to 1400 rpm
  • The semi-automatic washing machine with top load has a capacity of 6.5 kg.
  • This has two applications for washing
  • There is also a soak feature for the washing machine and a scrubber for collars


  • The machine’s noise is lower
  • The machine will not shake like other machines during drying.
  • It’s perfect for bachelors and couples thanks to its scale.
  • The computer is durable and lasts a long time.

CONS (what wasn’t in our mood)

  • There have been no negative points so far.

7. Hilton Single-Tub Washing Machine

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A portable semi-automatic washing machine is the Hilton 3 Kg Single-Tub Washing Machine with Spin Dryer. As it is ready to be used, this product does not need installation. It has a capacity of 3 kg and is available in various colours (white, pink and blue).

The motor capacity of the machine is 1 kg, 100% copper -coated motor form, wash and spin control. Wash duration for five minutes and spin time for 15 minutes. It can only contain five to six dresses at a time, which is ideal for small families or bachelors. It is also accessible in the gym, lounges, hospitals, hotels, spa centres, galleries and resorts. It’s great to save water, time and money.

Main characteristics

  • It features a portable light-weighted design
  • The Hilton 3 kg Single-Tub Washing Machine with Spin Dryer comes in a sturdy and very durable plastic shell.
  • Single clockwise and anti-clockwise wash mode functionality
  • A one year warranty is issued for semi-automatic machine
  • The size of the item is 40x40x55 cm
  • It comprises 2 knobs that act as a washing and spin selector, washing and spinning timer
  • The washing time is 15 minutes, and the spinning time is 5 minutes.
  • It can work on an inverter
  • An inlet pipe can be used to dump water

PROS (what was pleasant to us)

  • This is cheaper than other semi-automated washing machines.
  • There are less technological problems
  • It can run on less water
  • It can be used at low voltage
  • It’s fast and good washing

CONS (What we haven’t wanted)

  • You can not wash a lot of clothes simultaneously
  • A small spinner comes with it

8. Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only

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The Onida washing machine Lilliput is a top-loading lava-red semi-automatic  washing machine (6.5 kg). This powerful semi-automatic machine has useful features that can save time and effort.

The Lilliput washer from Onida is made of fibre that is strong and robust, avoiding rusting and corrosion. Its lightweight and sleek shape make it easily fit in any part of the home without space.

The washing machine is able to handle your everyday washing requirements easy with 6.5 kg capacity.

Main characteristics

  • Powerful hydraulic pulsator technology bringing detergent into the fabric deeply
  • A powerful engine enhancer that improves washing efficiency
  • A design that is easy to pass and an anti-rust fibre
  • It has a 270W engine designed to improve flow performance.
  • A buzzer facility that reminds you that after the procedure has been done, it is time to pull your clothes off
  • A transparent top allows you to see the washing process while washing clothes.
  • Equipped with a 490*460*890 (W x D x H) mm unit size and a 525*490*925 packing size (w x D x H)
  • One year’s guarantee

PROS (what was pleasant to us)

  • No installation is required.
  • It has an easily movable castor
  • It comes with a high speed that makes dry time faster
  • It comes with a washing setting that allows you to pick different settings for various fabrics
  • Good for heavy washing

CONS (What we haven’t wanted)

  • No dryer
  • Level of low spin

9. Whirlpool Ace Turbodry 7.5 Kg

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Compared with some other washing machine, the semi-automatic 7.5 Kg whirlpool ace turbo dry is high. Its capacity is 7.5 kg and its design is unique. It can spin a minimum of 1450 rpm with an efficient engine.

It is supplied with dry turbo technology, which helps to dry clothes in a hurry. A smart handle that helps one to move around the washing machine is given for the whirlpool as turbo-dry. It includes a two-year washing machine warranty and a five-year compressor warranty.

Main characteristics

  • 7.5 kg capacity suited to large families
  • A dry turbo technology that fastens to 15 minutes for dry cloth
  • Comes with a quick soak and a wash.
  • an intelligent handle that allows the computer to travel freely.
  • Comes with a big wheel
  • It comes with a full two-year warranty and a compressor for five years
  • New technology improved super soak
  • The new Ace washing station, which helps to sort and store clothing before washing.
  • It is fitted with a combination of washer and dryer
  • This uses a cleaning cycle for impellers
  • Consumes 350 Watts of electricity
  • It comes with an external body of fibre

PROS (what was pleasant to us)

  • It is 7.5 Kg high in size
  • Have a powerful and reliable engine
  • 15 minutes of quick-drying technology
  • Produced using turbodry and super soak technology to clear dirt easily

CONS (What we haven’t wanted)

  • No combined heater
  • No digital display unit

10. Godrej Top Loading Washing Machine

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The Godrej GWS 8502 PPL is one of the best semi automatic washing machines. It has manual intervention as it is a top-loading machine. It gently cleanses the clothes and causes them no damage.

The compact machine weighs 8.5 Kg and is very lightweight. It has an interior lint collector, which gathers all lint when washing and helps to keep all your clothes lint-free.

It features three washing programs for all types of clothing – an active soaking feature that increases washing time so that deep rinses are available to remove bad liqueurs, a hex-scrub option that combines a strong pulsator with a micro scrubber motion that deals with all your hard tins that would require a great deal more cleaning effort.

The washing machine consists of a solid, durable and rustproof plastic material made from polypropylene.

Main characteristics

  • The washing machine is semi-automatic top-load.
  • Material dimensions are 876x496x965 (W x H x D)
  • The washing machine has a size of 8.5 kg
  • This includes three programs for washing
  • The company includes a two-year guarantee
  • This is an autonomous computer that does not need to be mounted

PROS (The stuff that we liked)

  • The material is durable and rustproof.
  • At the end of the wash, you send a buzzer
  • Consists of a full soak

CONS (what wasn’t nice about us)

  • It has no built-in temperature control heater.
  • The digital display is not included

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do you use a semi-automatic machine?

  • To wash clothes in a semi automatic washing machine, you have to follow basic steps.
  • Serve the clothes with white and coloured separately.
  • Add your preferred detergent powder and water now.
  • Set the length of wash
  • Wait until the washing is done
  • Drain the tub and rinse thoroughly again with tub.
  • Drain the water with the drain selector after rinsing
  • In the spin tub, add clothes to dry (if a double model) or let clothes spin into the same bath if a single model is used to wash.

2) Why does my washing machine vibrate abnormally?

There are quite chances that your machine vibrates strangely when you position your washing machine on uneven surfaces. Furthermore, the incorrect balance may be the cause if the screws are not correctly balanced.

3) What is the spinning performance of drain pipes?

The drain pipe must be horizontal on the ground instead of vertical to ensure a good spinning efficiency. Furthermore, the spinning will not work efficiently, leaving behind the wet cloth in some machines if the drain tube is not horizontal.

4) When does your machine noise?

As we know, before you put the clothes, wash your clothes out, make sure that all the coins or leftovers are emptied into the pocket. The explanation for noise is the processing of coins, debris and ungraded spaces.

5)How does the full-automatic and semiautomatic laundry machines differ?

The semi-automatic washing machine is cheaper than a fully-automatic washing machine.  Twin drums are available, a dryer and a washer. Although fully automatic, only one drum does both. In contrast to fully automatic, semi-automatic uses less water and energy.

6) What safety information should I know?

Read the safety instructions of the washing machine always before using any of the machines and check care labels. This should also be remembered whether or not the machine needs to be mounted.

7) How much detergent is needed for each load?

Based on the consistency of your water and the dirt on your skin, the amount of the detergent used in each wash. Softened water requires a little detergent compared with hard water and dirty cloth. Take the machine instructions kit for unique detergent guidelines for any machine type. You will know that you’re probably using a lot of detergent if we see soap suds after each wash.

8) Can I use it to wash clothes of any kind?

Consider hand-washing of sensitive material. This is particularly important when clothing is natural, such as cotton and wools.

9) When is it appropriate to pre-wash?

Pre-wash can be appropriate if the clothes are very dirty, grated or stubborn, such as engine oils.

10) How would I do before I deposit clothes in the bathroom first?

Before loading into the drum, remember to remove any object from the cloth pockets. This can be harmful if metallic objects are left there in the clothing pockets or in important papers.

11) How many clothes should be loaded into the machine?

Do not use that much clothes to overload the tub. Many machines are required to wear 3-5 clothes while others will wear 5 and higher depending on the machine’s kg. Give space to shift around the clothing.

12) Will I have to wash the clothes inside out?

Turning out of the clothes doesn’t affect the washing or drying time – it is welcomed as it helps most of all to prolong the life of the fabrics because it’s colourful clothing.

13) Will my clothes spin-dry?

During washing, it is not advisable to spin all fabrics. Not too delicate spin-dry materials or natural fibres like wool or cotton fabrics are encouraged.

14) How can I maintain the machine?

After use, regularly purify the drum and filter of the machine. Make sure you follow the instructions on specifics listed in the machine instruction package.

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