Best washing machine of 2020 in India

Best Washing Machine in India [2020] A-Z Buyer’s Guide

Before getting into the post for best washing machines in India, have you observed that each third commercial you saw on TV was in the past when it was a detergent bar. Would you wonder where the ads for the detergent bar disappeared?

The detergent bars manufacturing industry was practically destroyed by the washing machine.

It can be a difficult job to choose the right washing machine for your house. In the market, you have a range of choices. You will overwhelm the number of versions.

Though, the confusion will become clear after you go through the guide and you can make the right choice.

Best Washing Machine in India 2020

1) Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

With this excellent top-loading model, Bosch brings the best German technology to washing machines. It comes with the most exciting features in order to create a pleasant experience with washing clothing.

  • 5 Kg strength to meet the needs of the Indian family of average size
  • Rate of 680 rpm
  • Features such as a washing system and a magic filter
  • The function of the dual dispenser

Bosch is now offering the same technology in India, after becoming Europe’s No. 1 brand of washing machines. The PowerWave Wash System requires three-way water flow, which produces strong waves to absorb the toughest stains.

In combination with the Power Wave Wash System, the Dynamic Water flow System delivers excellent results.

This machine has a magic filter to remove lint and fluff and keep your clothes clean. A dual-spender configuration allows users to use detergent powder or solution according to their needs.

Because this machine can operate at pressures of up to 0.3 bar, the machine is best suited for use in high-rise buildings with relatively low water pressures.

For its esthetic look, the Bosch washing machine boasts an outstanding exterior look. The interior design in your house can be adapted in six beautiful colors.

This machine is intelligent because it has a choice to start with one-touch. Depending on the load, the system chooses the ideal washing programme. Baby Locking is an ideal system for stopping your unwanted little one from controlling the keys.


  • 8 washing cycles make it a perfect washing machine.
  • Efficient efficiency of washing.
  • Great options for preventing injury and damage, including a softer deck.
  • Glass seal toughened.


  • Quality of service is in some cases not up to the mark.

2) IFB 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – Senator Aqua SX

IFB is one of the leading washing machine brands producing front load washing machine. This unit provides excellent controls to provide the best washing experience.

A special Air Bubble wash device is supplied to his frontloading washing machine, which produces and releases agitated bubble air to assure a complete cleaning process. The air bubbles join the layers of the tissue and get rid of grease stains.

The Aqua Energie feature is perfect for harsh water treatment. This system transforms the bicarbonates into crystals in water, so the water is soft enough to dissolve the detergent correctly. The formed crystals are so small that at the end of the washing cycle they drain away with the water.

The excellent 3D wash system uses loops for circulating the water around the drum by 360 degrees. The washing powder thus dissolves into the water and penetrates deeper into the clothing, providing a more thorough washing.

This drum is fitted with a crescent moon drum that turns water into a swoosh pattern so that clothing is not rubbed against the metal structure and is harmed.

By understanding the excessively high foam production and diluting, the Foam Control System offers a better wash-out.

This washing machine allows you to use the pause button to attach more clothes in a washing cycle. The feature Tub Clean discourages the development of bacteria and other germs by eliminating all impurities from the water.

An easy-to-use LCD panel helps you to easily schedule your wash cycles. The Time Delay feature allows dirty clothing to be soaked for periods of between 30 and 24 hours.


  • High rpm that ensures drier clothes.
  • Facility to add fabric softener.
  • Washing blankets is possible.


  • Requires a tap of a specific size during installation.

3) IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The front-loading features of IFB washing machines are given in various capacities. The power of this unit is 6.5 kg. It features excellent features that make it one of the best in its category.

The USP of this washing machine is that it provides a total of 100 wash programs with a separate wash system for all kinds of cloth or stain.

The 3D washing system is fitted with a special water spray system to create a deep 360 ° current in the container. This ensures that detergents are removed during the rinsing process and effectively draws the dirt out with the soap.

The dynamic movement of the device drives the water into the surface of the fabric to provide smooth washing.

Aqua Energy is used in this washing machine which has an integrated aqua filter that handles hard water. This device transforms the bicarbonates into the minute, free-flowing water crystals that do not form a layer over the drum’s surface.

It comes with a crescent moon cast drum, which can absorb the tough hits during the fall, giving the clothes a warm, yet gentle washing.

The design ensures that the water flows in a specific pattern and that the robes are not rubbed against the

The Foam-Control system uses this unit to improve washing consistency. It senses and dilutes the production of foam to the desired level.

The Auto Imbalance feature ensures that clothing is distributed uniformly throughout the washing process.

The ball valve technology to avoid wastage and the children’s locking system to avoid child interference have other functions.


  • Ideal for small families.
  • Variety of wash programmes.
  • Suitable for use with hard water.


  • Does not fit into all taps.

4) LG 8.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – FH2G6TDNL42

Very few brands can keep a candle on LG when it comes to home appliances. It’s one of the most famous washing machines for LG’s 8.0 Kg range.

The best thing about the LG FH2G6TDNL42 is to clear dust mites, pollen, and pet irons from your clothes.

Through 6-motion Direct Drive technology, this front-load machine enables various washing programs.

Another good feature of this washing machine is that it detects various types of fabric and provides the corresponding washing cycles.

The advantage of the 6-Motion Drive technology is that the washing drum is moved in many directions and is therefore hard-working on the stubborn stains while at the same time wearing clothing.

This washing machine eliminates both noise and vibration as the motor is attached directly to the drum. A heater system is provided to remove harsh stains and allergens from this washing machine.

The automatic restart allows the washer to proceed from where it was left during a power failure. Removing germs and allergens improves by soaking the clothes for 15 minutes at 40 ° C.

The SmartThinQ software will detect up to 86 errors if the system does not function correctly. Features such as a waterproof touch panel and a rustproof body are offered in this unit.

It is easy to clean the drum since the water can be heated to 85 degrees C. Deactivating the setting panel will make it secure for your child using the Child Lock arrangement.


  • Child lock features.
  • Saves water, energy, and time.
  • Inbuilt heater.
  • Stainless Steel drum.


  • Comparatively heavy.

5) Samsung 6 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine 

Samsung washing machines have excellent washing possible options which make the product energy-efficient. It saves a lot of water in the deal as well.

The capacity of 6 kg makes it suitable for families or 2-3 people. 1000 rpm speed is suitable for this system of digital inverter and an easy-to-use interface. The ceremic heater stops the build-up of calcium.

This Samsung washer operates on a wireless motor with a low vibration so it doesn’t make much noise. Electricity is also saved.

It also provides protection against damage to sensitive garments. This diamond drum is made up of small outlets of water to quickly drain water.

A range of washing cycles is provided to suit your busy schedules in this washing machine. To obtain fast work, you can pick wash cycles for up to 15 minutes.

The presence of the ceramic heater is beneficial because the deposition of calcium prevents the total life of the washer. This increases the quality of life.

This washing machine has an exquisite exterior look with a stylish design and a premium feel, apart from its excellent performance. The ergonomically designed dial improves your comfort.

At the lightest of touches, the touch buttons respond. All the information you need is given on the easy to use display screen.

Samsung provides a 10-year engine manufacturer warranty. The Volt Control feature prevents the application of a stabilizer. This role protects the system from sudden voltage surges in India’s smaller cities.


  • Excellent washing performance than others in the same range.
  • Prevents damage to clothes.
  • Energy-efficient.


  • The LED display is difficult to see when operating the machine on the balcony.
  • The dial does not have a marker.

6) Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine

Many homemakers prefer semi-automatic washing machines to fully automatic washing machines because they are not happy without rubbing hands-on collars and cuffs.

There is therefore still a demand for semi-automatic top-loading machines in India. Whirlpool produces some of the best semi-automatic laundries.

The Ace Supreme Plus is actually one of India’s best semi-automatic washing machines. It features like Ace Wash Station, which is also exciting. You will sort your clothes on the unit itself, stack and hold them.

No separate containers are needed. It is convenient because you need to switch your clothes from the tub to the spinning tub in the semiautomatic mode.

This washing machine has a rotor mechanism that correctly agitates the water to ensure a cool and quick wash. This has no separate pulsator, but the impeller provides the ideal movement for clothes washing.

The multi-use tray assists in sorting and washing. It has special ventilation that enables water to return to the tub.

The lint filter system is very useful as it helps the machine to remove clothing from the lint and fluff. This includes the washing of clothes.

This unit has an integrated scrubber for scrubbing your collars and cuffs to ensure the perfect washing of your clothes every time.


  • To add to your comfort Ace Wash Station.
  • Clean lint to avoid lint.
  • Scrubber for proper garment washing.


  • Don’t have the ease and comfort of a fully automated press.
  • No hot water washing facilities

7) LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Although front loading device is becoming popular in India, most home manufacturers prefer a top-load model. The LG machine is one of today’s best 8 Kg washing machine models.

An innovative built-in jet spray mode allows solid waterjets to wash off the excess dirt and detergent residue from the clothes of this top load loading machine. This technology helps you to remove the rubbing of mane and collars before placing your clothes in the washing machine.

This is one of the most powerful machines in this segment. It saves approximately 70% of water and 40% of electricity.

The inverter motor optimizes energy consumption to the necessary power level. This motor features BMC Motor Protection, making it corrosion free and protecting it from insects, pollution, and moisture.

The Turbo Drum and pulsator rotate in opposite directions so that the hardest fleck is quickly removed. The three mini-pulsators create water streams to provide an even washing experience in a vertical direction.

The machine is equipped with a rustproof stainless steel drum which removes both bacteria and germs and therefore enhances its existence.

LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine has a Tub Clean feature to sterilize both the inner and the outer tub to remove an unpleasant smell after a washing cycle. The Auto Reboot option makes the series from which it was released during a power failure.


  • Good efficiency in washing.
  • Activity silent is relative to other washing machines.
  • Control options are easy to use.


  • The rinsing option is not available for adjusting the time.

8) Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – WAK24268IN

In India, Bosch is one of the world’s best washing machine brands. It has great features and supports a variety of washing cycles.

  • 7 kg to fit the average Indian family of three or four.
  • 1200 rpm high speed to reduce drying time
  • Super 15 to cool soiled washing in 15 minutes
  • Washing machine with energy efficiency

Thanks to its excellent performance, Bosch can be the ideal wash assistant. The machine comes with different innovative features to ensure a pleasant experience for washing clothes.

The Active Water facility saves water by adjusting automatically the level of the water with several sensors the weight and fabric of the dirty clothes.

The anti-vibration design is unique in terms of vibration reduction and greater stability. The Variorum feature has a unique design that works well on stains when it is soft in your clothing.

The SpeedPerfect feature reduces the washing times by about 65%, which really is a time-saving washing machine also.

The Allergy Plus programme, by the removal of dust mites and other small insects, ensures that the clothes are allergen-free.

This machine also saves energy, in addition to saving water and time. It’s not that much noise this machine makes. Therefore, at night it is safe to use. The water pressure can be lower than 0.3 bars in the input.

Reload allows you to add clothes at an early stage of the washing cycle. This machine has a large drum for smooth clothing movement which gives better washing results.

The Child Lock function allows all features to be locked in order to avoid your child’s tweaks. A unique water filter for all types of pads is provided on this machine.


  • Excellent features to ensure a perfect wash.
  • Saves time, water, energy, and thereby, money.
  • Prompt after-sales service.


  • Spare parts are expensive.

9) LG 6.5 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG has products for all family sizes for the washing machines. This 6.5 Kg unit is suitable for small families of Indians with a maximum capacity of four.

The inverter technology in this LG product ensures that the consumer is relaxed because it not only saves power but also reduces noise.

Depending on the load, this elegant inverter motor adapts the energy consumption. It is supplied with BMC motor protection which provides dust, moisture, and insect protection.

This machine has an intelligent diagnostic device, SmartThinQ, which can quickly diagnose any problems.

The Turbo Drum will quickly scrub away the toughest stains by turning the opposite direction of the pulsator. In order to eliminate dirt and detergent traces, three mini-pulses must also drive the water vertically.

Compared to plastic tanks, the stainless steel tank is cleaner as it discourages the growth of bacteria and germs. The Tub Clean solution eliminates the discomfort by sterilizing the internal and external drums.

This press comes with a free, smooth, and time-consuming operation of the door. This system has the option of Auto Reset to allow the system to start where it was removed when the power was cut.

One of the best features is Child Safety. This function allows you to disarm the configurations, which prevent your child from unintentionally manipulating them.


  • Noiseless service and control choices are easy to use.
  • Autostart is an innovation that is a welcome addition.
  • Inverter motor reduces energy consumption.
  • Rat mesh to protect the machine’s sensitive parts.


  • Not very effective in treating extremely dirty clothes.
  • Auto Restart does not function in the Child Lock mode.

10) LG 6.2 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Some of the most flexible washing machines are made by LG. This 6.2 kg system is perfect for fast work, which is why bachelors and working couples are in favor.

Both LG top loading and front loading washing machines are fitted with an inverter motor, thus discharging bands and springs. It eliminates noise and is thus less noisy than other devices.

Depending on the load the intelligent inverter motor will change the power consumption. The BMC engine safety feature provides immunity against corrosion, moisture, dust, and insects.

The Smart Diagnostics feature on this machine detects and diagnoses more than 80 problems with the SmartThinQ application. The rust-resistant stainless steel drum does not allow the build-up of bacteria or germs.

The Turbo Drum feature ensures that the hardest of the stains are eliminated as it rotates towards the pulsator for an agitated flow.

The three mini pulsators create vertical water streams to extract dirt from each fibre and to provide 100% smooth washing.

This washing machine has the tub clean option to make certain that after a washing cycle there is no dirt or soap residue. The inner and outer parts of the bath are sterilized in order to avoid an awkward ode.

Another excellent feature is the intelligent closing port, which does not contribute to the door being easily broken. It operates to avoid damage and loss eventually.

The Auto-Restart function is useful since it restarts the system, especially during a power cut situation, from where it has stopped. The Child Lock feature stops your kids from causing mischief.


  • The intelligent door closing is a wonderful feature.
  • Good efficiency in washing.
  • Ideal for a smooth workflow.


  • It doesn’t come with an inbuilt heater.

11) Haier 5.8 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

This washing machine is small as it has a capacity of 5.8 kg compared to the other models mentioned above.

  • 8 Kg size makes it suitable for couples and individuals
  • 700 RPM Speed
  • Six washing programs specific to your requirements
  • Role of self-diagnosis

The Haier washing machine is an overwhelmingly compact instrument. Six different washing programs are available for your fabrics. This machine has intelligent options for spinning, rinsing, quick washing, rinsing, and holding half the load and drain make it a handy device to use.

The Quadra Flow Pulsator avoids clothing tangling, ensuring excellent cleaning. This machine has high-tech sensors that feel the load automatically in deciding the washing cycle.

The high-speed washing function allows you to organize your washing at your convenience at a later date. This machine has a digital monitor that monitors every washing cycle procedure and facilitates it for the customer.

The stainless steel drum avoids high spin speeds and is thus suitable for use on a daily basis. The plastic exterior provides a rust-free body for the unit. It can also be cleaned and the required hygiene standards are maintained.

The Memory Backup function ensures that the machine continues to wash from anywhere it stops due to a power failure.

Upon completion of the washing cycle, the automotive power-off mechanism disconnects the machine to save water and energy. This Haier washing machine is lightweight that gels with other apps.


  • One of the best devices for easy work.
  • Strong efficiency in washing.
  • Compact facilities.


  • Improvement of Control Panel.
  • There is no clear space for the conditioner.

12) LG 6.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine 

The greatest thing about semi-automatic washing machines is that they are readily available. The installation is not necessary.

  • 5 Kg Capacity ideal for families of medium size
  • The speed at 1300 rpm
  • Three applications for washing
  • Collector Lint and other valuable tools

LG has many fine items in the semiautomatic washing machine category, apart from the development of some of the finest front loading and top loading fully automatic laundry.

A roller jet pulsator comes with the LG Semi-automatic Washing Machine to provide an excellent washing experience. By rotating quickly, this pulsator improves water flows. The more rotations, the stronger the friction. The more rotations.

Three washing programs, gentle, regular, and heavy, feature this computer. Based on the criteria, you can select the best alternative.

The appliances such as collar scrubber are provided for cleaning the stubborn dirt from collars. Therefore, no need to remove dirt from these inaccessible locations with the brush.

The scrubber can also be useful in removing contamination from the magnets.

Another essential device, the lint collector, is used to extract fibers that cling to your laundry area. During the washing cycle, this collector collects every lint. The attachment can be removed and the debris removed.

This washing machine is exceptional because it comes with a spin shower for the rest of the soap to be sparklingly clean.

The Air Dry feature guarantees almost % to dry your clothes before hanging in the sunlight.

A 3MM plastic cover with rat repellent chemical is supplied to the LG washing machine. You will, therefore, find no rats near the unit. It is the perfect protection because, with the cable, rats can play havoc.


  • Great experience with washing.
  • At 1300rpm, the spin speed is really good.
  • The counterpart is an outstanding trait.
  • Lint collector and air dry characteristics are good add-ons.


  • The drainage pipe is very short.
  • The cable also needs to be stretched.

13) LG 6 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine 

Ideal for couples and bachelors, this six-kg LG washing machine. This front-loading machine comes with an inverter and an integrated heater, apart from other exciting features.

  • 6 Kg capacity that is perfect for small families and individuals
  • 1000 rpm spinning speed
  • Direct Drive Technology
  • 6-motion technology
  • Inverter control
  • Inbuilt water heater

LG washing machines are still future-oriented. The 6-motion technique is used to remove the toughest stains by rotating the drum in many directions.

Since it is dealing with Direct Drive technology, no belts and pulleys are involved, the areas where a washing machine is of great concern. This also decreases vibration and noise and saves on its upkeep a lot of money.

A seamless interface is a waterproof and dumb touchpad, which helps you to work with wet fingers as well. The Auto Restart method ensures that the system is rebooted when the power failure occurs.

The built-in water heater will heat up to a temperature of 60 ° C to remove stains or allergens of any sort. The SmartThinQ application is easy to diagnose any system issue and can recognize up to 86 errors.

In order to clear the dirt and soap residue from the pump, the Tub Clean heats water up to 85 ° C.

You should take clothes with your baby at 40 ° for 15 minutes, and then 60 ° to kill detergent, enzymes, and bacteria. The detergents should be extracted. This washing machine is also one of the best on the front of the sanitary system.


  • Direct drive technology lowers costs for maintenance.
  • Water heater for sanitary washing.
  • 6-motion technology to get rid of the difficulties.
  • An additional benefit is the presence of a rat mesh.


  • The Auto Restart function does not work in the Child Lock mode.

14) Samsung 7.2Kg Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine 

Samsung is a well-known semi-automatic washing machine manufacturer in India. In terms of results, Samsung and LG, and Whirlpool are right at the top. This semi-automatic washing machine with high specifications is provided.

  • 2 Kg capacity, ideal for a family of four to five persons
  • 1000rpm spin speed
  • Three wash programmes
  • Buzzer facility

This washing machine is one of the most sophisticated on the market. It’s one of the most comfortable in the house to pass around.

With the EZ Wash Tray, you can pile and sort the clothes in the spinning tube. It is also an excellent scrubbing pad for scraping stubborn dirt from necklaces and squatters. So, without interfering with the washing process, you can gently wipe your clothes.

It has three natural, intensive, and delicate washing programs. The double jet system allows washing output to be increased by firing vertical water jets. This keeps the clothes from falling on the pulsator and therefore avoids tangling.

This machine features accessories such as fibre collectors for clean washing the fibreglass and other foreign substances. The Air Turbo Drying System lets you dry nearly 40 % with a blow of warm air.

The buzzer is a welcome feature since it alerts you when the washing has finished. A sleek design and an anti-corrosive plastic body are available for this appliance. You can easily move your washing machine through a two-way inside handle.


  •  Excellent performance in washing.
  •  Buzzer warning is welcome.
  • Air dryer allows for quick clothing drying.


  • Compared to fully automated computers, a laborious process.
  • There is no way to wash hot water.
  • Best Washing machine brands in India.

15) IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

IFB has excellent top front loading models to meet the needs of Indian households, besides producing some of the best top-loading models.

  • 5 Kg capacity to suit medium-sized Indian families
  • 720 rpm speed
  • Eight water levels
  • LED screen display
  • 3D Wash and Triadic Pulsator feature

This washing machine’s 3D washing system thoroughly absorbs clothes in order to provide a dynamic washing experience. The Deep Clean feature gives your clothes a magic feeling because it works hardened and gentle.

The Triadic Pulsator, which makes the clothes shine, makes this possible. This pulsator removes stubborn stains by means of strong water jets. The motion of the Mechanical Center Punch drives the dirt out, leaving the clothes brightly clean.

Two new ideas are included, Aqua Energie and Aqua Spa Therapy. Aqua Energy energizes the water easier to absorb and wash the detergent.

By purifying and hydrogenating each fabric, Aqua Spa therapy exfoliates and rejuvenates your clothing.

On the inner surface of the washing drum, the Crescent moon Lunar Drum creates a mild coating layer to cover and avoid tangling of clothes.

Two revolutionary designs are also the Auto Softenant Spender and Bleach Dispenser. The Bubble Leveller ensures the system is perfectly balanced to reduce vibration, thereby increasing its lifespan.

The Auto Balance feature equally distributes the clothes to keep the washing efficiency constant. In order to maintain the environmental balance, the feature Aqua Conserver reuse the water used for final rinsing to soak the fabric.


  • Outstanding performance.
  • Triadic pulsator, child lock, and crown grooves are excellent features.
  • Friendly for the environment.
  • Savings energy and time.


  • This makes a little bit of noise.
  • Do not have a washing option for hot water.

However, we open up some of the top washing machine brands available in the Indian market today before going into the complications of the Washing Machine Buying Guide.

LG: You always find LG at the top of the heap when it comes to electronics. This is mainly because LG is acquainted with the pulse and the Indian customer understands better than the others.

IFB: The IFB has always been a leading foreign brand, with a bang in India. The other foreign brands such as Bosch and Siemens will fight hard for them.

Jacuzzi: Some of the most resistant laundry machines come from stable jacuzzi.

Samsung: This electronic giant can not be left behind when you talk about electronic equipment. We have a spot on the market for themselves.

Additional brands, including Godrej and Onida, are focused on business. And if you have a limited budget, you can have these labels too.

Washing Machine buying guide

We are now going to reach you at different features when you enter the market to buy a laundry machine. This buying guide will help you overcome your doubts.

Semi-Automatic vs Fully Automatic Machines

What is the meaning of “Automatic?”

When we use “Automatic,” we figure out that, after the washing process is done, not only does the machine wash the clothes but also extracts the water.

The fully automatic unit has a system for washing, spinning and drying in all ways.

You will move the clothes manually to the spin-wan in the semi-automatic machines after the washing cycle is done. So you find two tubes for the semi-automatic machines. Otherwise, the mechanism is more or less identical, as are the energy consumption features.

Front Load vs Top Load Machines

When you talk of washing machines, you must have heard these names many times. It’s very easy to differentiate. The front-loading machines, as its name implies, require loading clothes from the front.

You load clothing into the washing drum from the floor in the top-load machines. In general, people from western countries prefer front-loading machines but Indians prefer top-loading machines.

The front-loading machines are fully automatic, whereas in the top-loading machines, in addition to the fully automatic, you have semi-automatic machines.

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It must be remembered in contrast to the top loads that the front-loading machines use less power.

Since you need plenty of water to drink clothes. The front-load washing machines operate with a tumbling operation so that less water is required to soak. By comparing the front loading machines with the top-loading machines, they both have longer periods.

For longer periods, the front load washing machines run at a relatively slower rate. Therefore, compared with the top charging machines they are more energy-efficient.

These front-loading have a cycle of hot water for cleaning clothes. You are still using a dryer. As the consumption of water is lower, clothes drying is more effective. The dryer cycles are shorter and thus use less fuel than the top load devices in the dryer process.

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Washing machines Technologies

The main features of the washing machines have just been seen. Don’t look at the various technologies in use.

Inverter Technology

This technology is a revolutionary technology that can save power especially when you feel the need to use a motor. Inverter Technology allows the machines to run to the load at optimum speed.

In the ordinary process, your washing machine has a motor that can run at a fixed charge. Therefore, it only performs at the optimum level when you have that particular load. In the case of the Inverter technology in washing machines, however, you have the machine running at variable speeds which is optimum for the load you have at a given time.

This technology has a special electronic circuit, which determines the load – based speed of the motor. So you end up saving lots of power because every day you don’t have the same load.

Direct Drive Technology

You have moving parts like gears and belts in conventional motors. There is a lot of friction involved when you use these parts.

The output of the engine can be affected. Direct-Drive Technology removes the use of such moving parts which reduces friction and therefore saves electricity.

The disadvantage is also described because the motors based on direct drive technology can be heavier than conventional motors.

They are however more efficient in producing less noise. They also produce less noise. Today, some companies use both an inverter and a direct drive technology mix.

This can be of great advantage as it saves significant power particularly if you have variable loads. The advantages of using the inverter and direct drive technology in washing machines have only recently been seen.

Flexwash and TwinWash

The choice of the top loading and front loading machines could lead to great confusion as each machine has its own advantages.

What if you had a washing machine combining the advantages of the two technologies?

It’d be a great experience.

Samsung has the Flexwash option, allowing you to use all designs in one single machine. The main front loader has a capacity of 21 kg while the loading capacity of the miniature top is also 3.5 kg.

This allows you to wash in two different modes the heavy laundry products, such as bedsheets, blankets, and curtains as well as the delicate items, such as handkerchiefs, socks, and lingerie.

LG has also introduced this technique and the TwinWash facility with two single drums in its latest range.

Two separate drums are used for this equipment, the principal drum with a capacity of 20 kilograms for cleaning heavy washing, and a small section below the main drum for washing smaller items such as scarves and inner garments.

In this way, both technologies can be taken full advantage of in one machine.

EcoBubble and O2 Wash

Is important to wash clothes. It is also important that the fabric does not get damaged while washing them. One way to ensure the same thing is to unleash the power of cleaning clothes from bubbles.

In most washing machines which have hot water cycles, you have this facility.

This technique was implemented by electronic giants like IFB and Samsung in machines even using cold water. Indians use cold water when washing their things for clothes.

Samsung has invented the technology EcoBubble that transforms the detergent particles into bubbles. These bubbles gush around the clothes and penetrate the fabric to remove the most stubborn particles of dirt.

IFB has its own variant, the O2 Wash where the same technology can be seen in practice.

6-Motion DD and Wave Motion

To get an optimum wash, different kinds of fabrics need different motion technologies. Nowadays, washing machines have become smart with companies such as LG, Samsung, and IFB creating different methods to create a variety of cleaning types.

LG introduced the 6-Motion DD technology which includes the following six styles of wash action, namely Tumble, Jumping, Scrubbing, Swing, Rolling, and Filtration. You can find this rare combination in the premium range of models offered by LG.

Whirlpool has developed a new range of FRONT loading machines. It uses the SoftMove technology which allows the machine to feel the load inside the drum and to use the correct program based on the type of fabric loaded inside.

Depending on the fabric you put into the unit, it uses the following forms of motion technology, Aggressive wash, Soft cradle, Power Shower, and Slow Motions.

In adopting such technologies IFB can not be very far behind. They’ve engineered different types of wash forms, including Air Bubble Wash, 3600 wash, Cradle wash, Steam wash, and O2 wash.

Innovative Drum technologies

The drum is one of the most important aspects of any washing machine. Through time you need your washing machine to give you a high-quality wash without damaging the fabric.

In this endeavour the drum design has to play an important role.

Various manufacturers have their own designs. In drum design, Bosch uses a special form of technology. Known as the VarioDrum technology, the different paddle movements can be observed as the drum shifts its direction of spinning.

The machine uses the flat side of the paddle to clean the loaded clothes, as it spins in one direction.

The steep side of the paddle comes into the picture as it shifts its direction of spinning by providing a deep cleaning experience with its special wave-droplet style.

Built-in heaters in Washing machines

Hot water has the potential to get rid of the hardest stains. You will find the Western countries in their front-loading machines using this technique. Indian washing machine manufacturers had not used the technology in their machines until very recently.

However, in this aspect, you have companies like Samsung and Whirlpool coming in with creative technologies.

Samsung’s front-loading machines come with ceramic heaters which tend to prevent the build-up of stubborn calcium salts. Since they have rapid heating efficiency, these heaters are also very efficient in reducing power consumption.

Whirlpool is the only Indian manufacturer offering this facility in the Indian market’s top charging machines. These devices can heat up to 600C of water thus ensuring the removal of the most stubborn stains.

Smart technology

  • With the use of smart technology, the entire world is becoming smarter in virtually every area. You’ve got tablets, smart TVs, etc.
  • With the introduction of numerous revolutionary technologies, washing machines have become smart today too.
  • The new LG washing machines come with Near Field Communication ( NFC) tags which allow for diagnosis and monitoring.
  • This facility helps synchronize the washing machine with the Smart Treatment software that has the mobile.

This software helps the user to know when there is a problem with the washing machine. It then continues by offering troubleshooting tips to inform the consumer.

Similarly, Samsung provides this facility to users allowing them to use a Smart Control device to power their washing machines from their smartphones. You get the machine status at any time. You can also over-the-phone address issues concerning the computer itself. You can refer to this blog to read more about the latest washing machine technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machines – Which is better?

Washing machines for front-loading do not need much water and are more energy-efficient than machines for top loading. Often, because of their energy-saving and other features, the front-loaded washing machines are more costly than the top load models.

How to prevent tangling of clothes in the washing machine?

The front-load washing machines use a tumbling action in the top load washing machines as opposed to the spinning action. Models with font load do not have impellers and agitators. Therefore no tangling of clothes will occur.

How much detergent do you need?

The total amount of detergent depends on the state of the clothes and their design. This all depends on the hardness of the surface. When you notice soap suds left on the clothes after washing, you use more detergent than needed.

Washing Machine Powder vs Liquid detergent Which is better?

Liquid detergents are better than washing powder, as the liquid can dissolve faster in water than powders. They also don’t create a white residue that sticks on your clothes

Final thoughts

Washing machines are no longer apparatuses of luxury. Today, they have become an integral part of any household. That explains why people go to great lengths to understand today’s technologies that are used in washing machines. This article will help you a lot in that regard.

You’ve just walked through the purchasing guide and the features of India’s best washing machines. The benefit of this section is that there’s a wide range open to you.

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