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10 Best Water Purifiers for Home in India – Reviews & Buying Guide  

Looking to find the Best Water Purifiers for Home in India? Okay, you are in the right place.

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Do you or any in your family members are always suffer from waterborne diseases?

Is your drinking water smelling like rotten food, looking polluted, or taste salty?

Not to worry! You are not alone!

You just need a good purifier of the water.

For almost all Indian houses RO water purifiers are a great choice. RO (Reverse Osmosis) purifiers in India are so common that the word ‘RO’ is synonymous with ‘water purifiers.

RO water purifiers eliminate almost any commonly found impurity, such as dust, sand, mud, virus, bacteria, cysts, and excess dissolved solids like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chlorides, and heavy metals such as plum, arsenic, fluoride, and other substances in combination with UV, UF, and MF.

It has to be a well-thought-out option to buy a new water purifier for your homes because your entire family depended on clean water.

Please check out our detailed purchase guide for water purifiers to learn more before you buy a new water purifier. A RO water purifier can easily be purchased online or from your nearest house & kitchen appliance shop. But it’s just not that easy to buy the right one.

The perfect water purifier for your home is difficult to find with hundreds of different models of various brands offering different purification technologies.

Which is India’s Best Water Purifier for home?

We spend hundreds of hours per month in research to create a list of the top 10 RO water purifiers which are great for every Indian home.

Please also read if you have the same issue, to find the best purifier for the house. We wish to express our sincere apologies for the slight delay in coming up with the top ten purifiers in June 2020.

The delay was caused by the serious work challenges that the global Corona Virus pandemic continues to face for us all. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and happy and wish you well. We believe you take all the recommended precautions to keep yourself safe.

We have also checked the water purifier market and made sure that we are still up-to-date with our offerings and have added some new models to a list.

Our Top Pick remains the widely famous Kent Grand Plus. High water recovery, efficient cleaning, good functionality and 3 years of additional free service make this a lot at this high price.

At location # 2 of the list, Water purifier continues to rule  Aquasure Delight RO+UV+MTDS This water purifier is Indian online buyers’ latest top choice in the market, looking for a quality water purifier RO below Rs. 10,000.

The safe and portable layout of this water purifier. This purifier is a good option because of the trust of Aquaguard, a very attractive price.

Havells Max has successfully defended his # 3 position this month too, due to beautiful design sensation. This water purifier is our favorite because it comes out of the box design, removable storage tank, and quality purification.

Keep reading below to find out why we liked it and some other options for those looking for affordable options or for those who are looking for better purifiers.

Why Do You Need a Water Purifier For Your House?

As per the Ministry for Drinking Water and Sanitation the government of India report, The estimated impact of waterborne diseases is estimated of around 37.7 million Indians, 1.5 million children die because of diarrhea, and 73 million working days lost per year because of waterborne diseases and this creates an economic burden of USD 600 million per year.

 Out of a total of 17,13.303 homes in India, 1,40,437 were identified as contaminated by laboratory tests conducted in FY2017-18, based on data published by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS). 8.19% of all homes are affected by the poor quality of water.

In 20 Indian states, it is estimated that 66 million people are at risk from excess fluoride and 10 million from excess arsenic in groundwater (report). Approximately 62 million people suffer fluorosis at different stages, 6 million being children under the age of 14; dental, skeletal, and non-skeletal fluorosis.

These reports are alarming since the state of water pollution in India needs almost all Indian households to take one or the other form of water purification.

Factors to look to find the Best Water Purifier for Your Home?

This is the most genuine, exhaustive, and reliable piece of information on ‘things to look for when buying a water purifier’ you will find anywhere on the Internet.

If you buy a water purifier for the first time, the following information would be very helpful. Buyers are disturbed most of the time and don’t know what to look for before buying a new water purifier.

We tried to keep this guide as quickly as possible while ensuring that you don’t miss out the crucial information.

Source of Water

 This is the first and most important thing to look at when you intend to purchase new water purifier for your office or home.

Indian most common source of drinking water are :


Municipal Corporation Supply



A growing source of water contains various impurities and therefore different purification types are needed.

Visible impurities, Sand, Mud, duct, etc. can be detected easily, as they can be seen either clearly in the water or causing water discoloration.

 Chlorine, A characteristic odour and bitter taste are leaving the most widely used chemical disinfectant.

 Micro-organic impurities, No identical smell or taste can be seen or left like bacteria, viruses, cysts, and protozoa. However, if you or some of your relatives often suffer waterborne circumstances such as diarrhea, typhoid fever, loose motions, etc., then microbial contamination is evident.

A digital TDS meter is easy to find the total dissolved solids level. But there’s a great catch here, which in the following point is discussed in detail.

TDS Level of Water

 The total concentration of all dissolved substances in water is TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Solids that have been dissolved can easily move through a 2-micrometer pore filter.

The most important and primary criterion for assessing the TDS level of water is to give you detailed knowledge of how polluted water can be.

It is easy and takes only a few seconds to find the TDS water level. You only need such a digital TDS meter. Online access to wireless TDS meters is simple and at very affordable prices.

Measured with PPM or mg / L, the TDS level gives you a clear idea of all the solids that is dissolved in your drinking water.

 Unfortunately, it is not so easy to identify the components of Total Dissolved Solids in water (and their precise concentration). This requires that the water sample is tested by the expert or in a water testing laboratory in almost all cases.

It is important for finding the individual constituents of TDS because of Harmless salts and minerals such as calcium, sodium, and magnesium form an essential part of the TDS stage.

However, even in small quantities, some dissolved solids are very harmful. Arsenic, fluorides, and nitrates are among these.

There are high risks that such toxic contaminants have entered the groundwater or river if you live in urban areas or in an agricultural region known for the misuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

BIS 10500-2012 is the drinking water standard which applies to India.

The maximum permissible level of TDS according to BIS Standard is 500mg / L and in the absence of a better source of water, the maximum allowed TDS level is 2000mg / L.

However, it should be noted here that the permissible concentrations of harmful substances such as Arsenic, Fluoride, and nitrates in the water are different.

This replies to your question “why is it important to know the individual components of TDS, particularly if you live in industrial areas.”

Purification Technology

 In order to keep this guideline short and succinct, we are not addressing any particular water purification technology.

For all this information, please see our detailed water purifier purchase guide.

The table below shows the desired TDS level and form of impurities water purification technology.

Please note: If there is some other alternative in the water than to use a water purifier with RO purification, which includes heavy metal or dangerous chemicals such as lead, arsenic. That’s because these harmful impurities can not be removed from any other water purifier.

Like many people, it’s always advisable to use a universal or multi-stage RO water purifier if you are also unsure about the type of impurities (except for the TDS level and visible impurities).

The universal water purifier is a multi-stage term used to purify RO+UV+UF water. They are known as universal water purifiers as all rising impurities present in drinking water can be filtered out.

TDS LevelIs Water Muddy?Presence of Biological Impurities?Ideal Choice
Below 500 ppmNoNoGravity-Based Purifiers
Below 500 ppmNoYesUV Purifiers
Below 500 ppmYesNoUF Purifiers
Below 500 ppmYesYesUV+UF Purifiers
Over 500 ppmNoNoRO Purifiers
Over 500 ppmNoYesRO+UV Purifiers
Over 500 ppmYesNoRO+UF or RO+UV+UF Purifiers
Over 500 ppmYesYesRO+UV+UF Purifiers

Purification Capacity

The purification ability, mostly in litres/hour, is the amount of purified water provided within an hour by the water purifier.

Many RO water purifiers have12-15 litres/hour purification capacity. However, some high-end models offer up to

20 litres/hour or higher purification ability.

Understanding the drinking water need by family size can allow you to decide the ideal purification ability.
Most Indian households have an ideal purification capacity of 12-15 litres/hour.

 Storage Capacity

Besides some UV purifiers, most of the other water purifiers are fitted with a filtered water storage tank.

This enables you to always have access to purified water. The storage capacity of water purifiers

ranges from 7 to 12 litres.

You can go for water purifiers with a large storage tank if you have a larger family or if there are long power cuts in your area.

Any water purifier with 7-litre or higher storage capacity is suitable for most Indian homes.

 Tank Type

The storage tank material also plays a significant role in keeping the purified water secure. This is why almost all brands of water purifiers supply ABS plastic or stainless steel food steel tanks for pure and robust conditions.

You only have to ensure that the tank is correctly filtered to avoid external contamination.

 Indicators & Alerts

Indicators and warnings in water purifiers are an essential but overlooked feature.

Just imagine for a second that your UV / UV+UFor RO+UV malfunction is already being drained by the purifier.

Without a UV fail alert/alarm, you do not have any way to know whether the UV lamp is functioning or not.

Similarly, some filter change alerts notify you when the filters need to be replaced. Also very useful are standard indicators, such as those for purification and a full tank.

The on/off purification indicator shows if the purification process is on or off. If the storage water tank is full or empty indicates the tank total indicator.

 Type of Installation

You can use a water purifier, which can be put on a counter or fixed on a wall, depending on the availability of a place and your personal preferences.

The majority of RO water purifiers offer double installation,i.e. a countertop as well as a wall-mounted system.

You can go for saving under sink purifier if you have no place on the kitchen counter or on the kitchen wall.

You can easily add under the sink water purifiers under your kitchen sink.

Water Recovery / Water Wastage

During the purification, allRO water purifies wastewater.

While some waste as much as 75% to 80% of input water, some newer models recover over 50% of input water. Looking at the worldwide water crisis, it is important to buy only a RO purifier when absolutely essential.

If water level TDS is less than 500 PPM and water does not contain a toxic chemical or heavy metals, you need not buy a RO water purifying agent ..Non-RO water purifiers, such as water purifiers based on gravity, UV, or UV UF, do not waste water If you purchase a RO water purifier, use brands and models with a higher recovery rate of water.

Features like child lock on tap also prevent accidental wastage of water.

Warranty & After-Sales Service

  • Water purifiers require regular after-sales service and maintenance. Therefore, selecting a brand that offers good customer support is essential.
  • You should also look for the initial guarantee, in addition to the after-sales support.
  • Go to the well-established customer with a well-defined customer service network and a minimum 1-year warranty.
  • You may also scan for products and brands with extended guarantees.


  • Like all shopping, when you purchase a new water purifier, price is an important factor.
  • Water purifiers start from the lowest of Rs 1,500 (Gravity Based)and can reach the highest range of Rs 40,000 or more.
  • But price should not be the first factor in your buying decision when you buy a water purifier.
  • This is because it is often more important for your family to be healthy than a few hundred or a few thousand rupees.

Best Water Purifier in India (2020)

1) AO Smith Z8 RO Water Purifier

Key Features

  •  8 Stage RO+SCMT Purification – Pre-filter + Sediment filter, + Carbon Block, + ARTTM + Side Stream RO diaphragm + MIN-TECH and ZX Silver Post Carbon + SCMT Dual Protection Filter.
  • Get hot filter water at the button press.
  • Ultra-modern layout with a smart digital display, which also displays the digital hot water temperature test.
  • It saves twice as much as other ordinary water filters of  RO filter.
  • Night help – Glow effect will lead you through the night to your RO purifier, and make your kitchen look nice.
  • The RO membrane automatically flushes that improves the RO membrane’s life.
  • Alerts in advance for RO membrane and other filters change.
  • Tank capacity: 10 liters – 9,2 liters + 0,8 liters (hot water purified).
  • Up to 15 liters per hour of purification capacity.
  • Into the purified water, adds essential minerals.
  • Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty covers all filters, RO membrane, and electrical components.

Why is it Good?

  • AO Smith Z8 has many features that make it a good option and certain features do not come from any other brand in the RO water purifiers.
  • First of all, AO Smith Z8 is supplied with an 8-phased purification system, which can eliminate all common drinking water impurities.
  • Quality water purification means that each drop of water that you get from the Z8 can be 100 percent certain.
  • Mineraliser Technology (MIN-TECH) retains in filtered water the necessary minerals to ensure a fresh, natural taste. The mineralizer equalizes the pH of the water to preserve and make it healthy.
  • Also features separate intelligent RO membrane and filter alert indicators for AO Smith Z8. These indicators are provided near the temperature display and start to glow when the RO membrane or the RO pre-and post-filters need to be modified.
  • AO Smith Z8 features a state-of-the-art design with two separate water and hot (0,8 litres) storage tanks for ordinary water temperature (9.2 litres).
  • They can be installed on a wall or on a table or kitchen counter. During the night help function is very helpful. The glow effect leads you to the purifier without turning the kitchen lights on.
  • The dispensing of filtered warm water is another feature rarely available in any other brand. With the click of a button, the AO Smith Z8 dispenses hot water.
  • Two separate rockets for normal purified water and hot purified water are included in the cure. The water is heated to 45 degrees by default and the temperature up to 80 degrees can be increased.
  • This function is especially useful in winter. The best part is to prevent accidental hot water burns by keeping protection in mind: the purifier comes with a children’s locking key.
  • The auto-flushing of the RO membrane is another kind feature of AO Smith Z8. At the beginning of each purification cycle, the purifier automatically flushes the RO membrane. This increases the lifetime and maintenance cost of the RO membrane.

Why should we buy

  • This A.O. Smith RO water purifier is a must-buy for people looking for a technically advanced water purifier with a  higher budget.
  • It is also an awesome choice for those who do not like regular water purifiers’ shocking wastewater. The ultra-modern design, digital display, and the glow effect at night are an excellent choice for homes with modular kitchens that are beautifully constructed.
  • You shouldn’t be going any further if you are someone who likes to drink warm water.

Expert Review

  • If the price was slightly more affordable, we would have rated AO Smith Z8 the top choice of this Indian best water purifier. AO Smith Z8 is definitely a great purchase if you have the required budget.


  • 8 stage purification.
  • Saves water and reduces the wastage of water.
  • Purified hot water.
  • Auto-flushing of RO membrane.
  • The total storage capacity of 10 liters.
  • Ultramodern design and digital display.
  • Alert for filter and membrane change.
  • Adds essential minerals.


  • High price.

2) HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier

Copper in drinking water is now being emphasized by more and more brands.

Copper+ Mineral RO, a RO water purifier that adds the quality of copper in purified water, was recently launched by HUL Pureit water purifiers.

The advanced 7-stage RO+UV + MF water purifier is Copper+ Pureit RO. This purifier features a unique Copper Charge technology which enriches your purifier water in real-time with copper.

Age-old Indian tradition based on old Ayurvedic wisdom is the copper vessel’s drinking water. Copper, a mineral of great importance, enhances digestion, helps combat obesity, maintains immunity, and promotes overall wellbeing.

The manual method of using a copper jug to add copper goodness to the drinking water means that you can store the water for 8-10 hours overnight.

Copper vessels often are difficult to maintain as it requires lemon juice or baking soda to avoid oxidation. They are also harder to maintain.

With copper+ RO, all manual effort can be eliminated and the health benefits of copper can still be enjoyed in water.

Key Features

  •  Purified water with goodness of copper
  • Purification of seven stages in RO+UV+MF: Pre sediment filter, Pre-RO carbon filter, mesh filter, reverse osmosis membrane, UV reactor, PRF, and micro filter membrane.
  • It is Suited for borewell, tanker, and municipal  tap
  • 8 litres storage tank
  • Up to 28 litres/hour purification capacity
  • Purifies up to 2000 mg / l or ppm with high TDS
  • LED storage tank indicators empty/full, filter change, and machine error
  • Soft-touch buttons for the Copper Charged RO water and normal RO water
  • Option to add a manual tap that dispenses water without electricity
  • Garantie for 1 year

Why is it Good?

  • The majority of the water purifiers on the market today use a copper tank to add copper to the water purified. You’re always going to drink copper-enriched water.
  • Copper-infused water definitely improves your health. But excess copper is not good for your body either, like all things. Experts, therefore, do not advise to drink copper-enrich water throughout the day. It’s more than enough two glasses a day.
  • It gives an opportunity to dispense purified water with or without copper, the reason why you are fond of Pureit Copper+ RO.
  • A unique technology based on the electrochemical dissolution of copper in water is utilized in Pureit Copper+ RO. It charges RO water in real-time with 99.8% pure copper just before dispensing. So when the copper enriched water supply button is pressed, the electrochemical reaction adds copper into the water. Copper in water.
  • Two soft-touch buttons are included in the purifier: one for the discharge of copper Charged RO water, and the other for the discharge of normal RO water.
  • But we have seen a drawback with RO purifiers with touch controls or soft-touch buttons.
  • Since the touch control or buttons are controlled electrically, even if enough purified water is present in the storage tank, you can not dispense any water without electricity.
  • HUL Pureit has found a way around this problem and we have provided this feedback for several brands. The purifier is supplied with an innovative feature that lets you use an authorized service technician to install a manual tap.
  • This tap can be used even without electricity to dispense usual RO water. However, only electricity is available from copper RO water when copper is added in real-time.

Why should we buy

  • The inconsistent dosing of copper is another problem with a copper Tank based RO purifier and Copper Jug. In other words, if the purified water were kept for a longer period of time in a copper jug or copper storage tank then the water enrichment would be higher than the water that was used immediately.
  • However, Pureit Copper+ RO uses advanced technology to ensure that has enough amount of copper for every glass of water. This could be achieved because Copper + RO adds copper in real-time just before water dispensing, as it is possible to, unlike other copper RO purifiers.
  • It seems that HUL Pureit carried out a lot of work and very seriously took customer reviews. This is evident from the fact that Pureit has managed to eliminate the inconvenience of the regular Copper RO cleaner.
  • The need for frequent cleaning to counter the effects of oxidation is a further problem with Copfer vessels or RO purifiers with a copper storage tank.
  • Copper+ RO Pureit features an advanced copper cleaning function. This ensures that every water glass is always filled with freshwater rich in copper.

Expert Review

  • Copper+ RO has a huge water tank that can store up to 8-litres of purified water, in addition to all of the above-mentioned unique and advanced features.
  • A very high purification capacity of up to 28 liters/hour is made suitable for the compact or a larger family by a large storage tank.
  • Not only does Pureit Copper+ RO look ultra-modern and beautiful, but it’s also built for day-to-day functionality.
  • To ensure continuous flow, you must not press and hold the button. A press of the soft-touch button continually provides water for three minutes.
  • You can stop the flow of water in between by pressing the Soft-Touch button again and if you need more water then you need to press the button again.
  • 15 days before Germkill Kit life passes and auto shut off prevents water purification unless a fi filter is adjusted within time. The advanced filter warning system warns of the filter change. This ensures 100% water purity.
  • The purifier is a bit more costly and rightly so. In a short period of time, Pureit Copper+ RO became one of Amazon’s top-selling RO purifiers.
  • This surely is the best water purifier for your home, when you don’t mind spending a few thousand more on purchasing a purifier that is not only beautiful but also functional.


  • 7-stage RO+UV+MF purification.
  • High-end design.
  • Large storage tank and high purification capacity.
  • Alert for a filter change.
  • Purified water with goodness of Copper.
  • Dual water dispensing.
  • Soft-touch buttons for dispensing water.


  • High price.
  • Comparatively higher maintenance cost.
  • No Copper RO water dispensing without electricity.

3) Kent Grand Plus RO+UF+UV with TDS Controller Water Purifier

 Key Features

  • 7 Stage TDS Controller purification with UV RO+UF+.
  • The capacity of storage: 8 litres, purification capacity up to 20 litres per hour.
  • It is suitable for all water sources, such as municipal, borewell, and tankers.
  • UV Fail Warning and Change Filter Alert.
  • Water-Saving technology: Recovers over 50% of the water.
  • TDS Controller retains in the purified water essential minerals.
  • SMPS is integrated for handling a wide range of voltages (100 to 300 Volts).
  • 1-year warranty + 3 years free service.

Why is it good?

  • For the RO, UF, and UV applications, Kent Grand Plus provides 7 stage purification, which can be used in any water source, such as borewells, tanks, or tap water. Kent Grand Plus is also suitable for high TDS water and can clean water up to 2000 ppm with TDS.
  • The purifier has a transparent cover that gives you an overview of everything that works behind it, giving you 100 % safe and pure water.
  • This is a perfect choice for a big family due to the storage tank which can hold 8 liters of purified water and the cleaning capacity of up to 20 litres an hour.
  • Built-in SMPS keeps the purifier fully free from fluctuations in voltage, a feature common in most Indian households.

Why should we buy a kent grand plus?

  • In contrary to other RO purifiers that eliminate all essential minerals from the purified water, Kent Grand Plus is using a TDS control system that keeps essential minerals safe in filtered water.
  • Filter change alerts & UV fail alarm keeps you updated when the filters need to be replaced, or when there is a UV fault. These characteristics also make Kent Grand Plus a dangerous water purifier since the purifier ceases all operations if the filters are not replaced within the next 60% of the warning.
  • Many RO water filters recover as filtered water just 20% and reject around 80%. Yet Kent Grand Plus uses Save Water Technology as filtered water to recycle more than 50 percent of carbon.
  • Not all, this really best water purifier stores the wastewater in a separate tank so that the wastewater of RO can easily be re-used for other purposes. Kent Grand Plus reduces water wastage and saves hundreds of litres of water every day.

Expert Review

Kent Grand Plus is one of India’s top-selling RO purifiers. With Kent Grand you get secure, quality purification with the trust of Kent’s excellent after-sales service.


  • Good Storage Capacity.
  • Over 50% of water recovery.
  • Stores wastewater in a separate tank.
  • TDS Controller.
  • Filter change alert & UV fail alarm.
  • Suitable for water from all sources.
  • 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years free service.


  • High Price.

4) Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF+MAT Water Purifier

 Key Features

  • 8-stage purification with RO+UV+UF+MAT
  • 9-litre germ block technology storage tank.
  • Up to 13.5 liters per hour of high purification capacity
  • Appropriate for all sources of water.
  • High-performance RO diaphragm for high TDS up to 2500 ppm
  • Comes with a free external sediment filter
  • Mineral addition technology adds back essential minerals
  • Guarantee 12 months

Why is it Good?

  • You obtain highly purified potable water with Faber Galaxy Plus, with 8 phases of purification.
  • These 8 purification phases are – External sediment filter (20 microns), Pre-carbon filter, 5-micron sediment filter, RO diaphragm, Post-carbon filter / MAT filter, UF diaphragm, and UV filter.
  • A free external sediment filter, also known as an external pre-filter, is provided for Faber Galaxy Plus. That will save about Rs. 500 – 750 additionally.
  • Most of the residential water purifiers for the TDS level up to 2000 PPM are only suitable for water. A special Filmtechen RO membrane made in the USA is used by Faber Galaxy Plus.
  • For homes or offices where the TDS of incoming water is higher than 2000 ppm, Faber Galaxy Plus is surely the best RO water purifier.
  • Purification RO leads to water demineralization, demineralized water has no taste and is considered unhealthy. This water purifier uses a MAT filter to add common essential minerals to the water purified. The MAT filter provides essential minerals, such as copper, calcium, and magnesium, that are present naturally in drinking water.
  • In short, you get healthier and tastier purified waters with Faber Galaxy Plus.
  • The Faber Galaxy Plus has a large tank that stores about 9 litres of purified water to discuss the design. In general, the design appears to be very clean and compact.
  • The purifier features well-designed indicators that are placed right in the middle for maximum visibility, full tank, on/off purification, and low pressure.

Why should we buy

  • No TDS controller is used in Faber Galaxy Plus. This means that the purified water is 100% purified by the RO system.
  • This RO water purifier restores important minerals into filtered water like most other conventional water purifiers.
  • It is an ideal choice for a small or large family, with a large storage tank of 9 litres and high purification of up to 13.5 liters an hour.
  • Faber Galaxy Plus is also one of the few residential RO water purification capable of purifying water up to 2500 ppm with high TDS levels.

Expert Review

  • Faber Galaxy Plus provides all basic features and 8-stage water purification technology which is highly reliable.
  • This water purifier is able to purify water from any source by means of multi-stage purification of RO+UV+UF+MAT and mineral addition technology.
  • It definitely becomes a full package by its ability to purify high TDS, premium design, and attractive prices.
  • The free external filter is a further bonus to save you 500-700 rupees.
  • The purifier has no advanced functions such as an alert/indicator for a filter change or ultra-modern design, but it is certainly a good choice for almost every Indian home with everything it has.


  • 8-stage purification with RO+UV+UF+MAT.
  • High capacity RO membrane for TDS level up to 2500 ppm.
  • 9-litres storage tank.
  • Adds back essential minerals.
  • Free external sediment filter.


  • No alert/indicator for a filter change.
  • No other color option apart from black.

5) KENT Superb Star RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller WaterPurifier

Key Features

  • RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller+UV Multi-stage Purification in tank
  • The storage tank has UV disinfection
  • 9 liters of storage capacity
  • Up to 20 liters/hour of purification capacity.
  • Auto-flushing increases the life and efficiency of the RO membrane
  • Recovers up to 50% of water, reducing waste of water
  • Effective mineral content display in purified water
  • LED indicators for filter life, error, full tank, power on / off, RO pump on / off, automatic flow on / off, purified water mineral content, and RO flow indicators
  • 1-year warranty + 3 Years No Service Charge

Why is it Good?

  • Kent Superb Star has the advanced RO+UV+UF+TDS control+UV purification multistage process. This is an ideal water purifier for multi-source water, such as municipal tap, water tanker, and borewell.
  • The TDS controller allows you to adjust the purified water TDS level to give you full control of the purified water quality.
  • Pollution in the storage tank is an ordinary problem and we are happy to hear from the Kent Superb Star that the UV tank finally solves this question.
  • The UV lamp in the tank safeguards purified water against all germs and microorganisms contamination, such as bacteria and viruses.
  • You will get complete information about the water purifier via the functional digital display.
  • In addition to helpful information on RO flow rates, RO pump on / off, power on / off, and full tank indicators, the remaining filter life is displayed. The automatic flush sign shows that the RO membrane is automatically flushed.
  • The digital view also displays the mineral content on a low, good, and high scale in purified water.
  • It also displays alerts for any possible UV fault, filter change, low RO flow, and no water input.

Why should we buy

  • The RO+UV+UF multiphase purification along with a TDS controller and UV in-tank offers 100% safe and pure potable water.
  • The state of your wastewater purifier is notified via a highly advanced digital display.
  • Advanced information to keep your drinking water 100% safe is provided by a timely filter change alert.
  • The auto-flushing function prevents the RO membrane from scaling up, reduces the RO wastewater, and enhances the efficiency and durability of the RO membrane.
  • Excessive wastewater is one of RO water purifiers’ major disadvantages.
  • KENT Superb Star features a unique water-reducing save technology to reduce wastage. WHEN KENT Superb Star recalls more than 50 percent water with machine operated process, while most RO water purifiers just 20-25 percent and waste about 75-80 percent of input water.

Expert Review

  • Multi-stage TDS controller RO+UV purification makes it adaptable for all sources of water. UV disinfection in the storage tank gives additional protection to germs and bacteria that cause disease and keeps the water safely and healthily stored for a long.
  • The large 9-litre storage tank is an ideal choice for large families because they always have enough potable water.
  • The large digital display gives you everything related to water purifier information and updates.
  • In comparison, KENT Superb Star recovered over 50 percent of the water, which wastes 75-80 percent of the wastewater. The necessary step to reduce wasting water by RO purifiers is this feature.
  • The original cost of that water purification is comparatively high, but your overall ownership cost is ultimately reduced with the unique 1-year guarantee + 3 years Free Service AMC.
  • If you want a high-end water purifier and have no budget restrictions, Kent Superb Star is definitely one of India’s best water purifiers.


  • UV disinfection in the storage tank.
  • 9 litres water storage tank.
  • Auto-flushing of RO membrane for longer-lasting RO membrane and reduced wastewater.
  • Recovers up to 50% water.
  • Displays mineral content in the purified water.
  • Indicators for filter change and error.
  • 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years No Service Charge.


  • The price is high.
  • 100% of the water may not be RO purified.

6) Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

 Key Features

  • 6 phase purification RO+UV+MTDS
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • TDS controller to adjust water taste according to the water source
  • Suitable for all water sources such as taps, borehole, and tankers
  • Can be used for the 200-2000 PPM range of TDS.
  • 6-litres storage tank made from food-grade plastic
  • Intelligent color shift indicators for the complete purification process, low incoming water pressure, no water supply/error with the system
  • Protection for voltage fluctuation (150 V – 270 V)
  • Table-top or wall-mount installation
  • Garantie of 1 year

Why is it Good?

  • This water purifier offers an affordable price for reliable purification. With a 6-liter storage tank, you get 6-phase water purification by RO+UV+MTDS.
  • This water purifier is supplied with the Clarity Card (external prefilter), Chemical Block Filtration and Disposal Chamber, Life Enhancer Diaphragm, Diary Enhancer Taste, Membrane Life Enhancer RO Membrane.
  • The compact and lightweight design makes the installation simple and ideally suits contemporary modular kitchen design and space requirements. The brilliant black color increases the overall appearance.
  • A large LED color change indicator is present on the front panel. The LED indicators change colors automatically so that you can call for service by highlighting the purification process on the full / tank, low incoming water pressures / no water supply/error.
  • The smart-voltage fluctuation guard protects your water purifier against fluctuation of the voltage from 150 V to 270 V is also quite good for most Indian homes.

Why should we buy

  • Aquasure Smart Plus is suitable for input water purification from 200 to 2000 PPM with a TDS level. This makes it ideal for borehole, groundwater, and tank water.
  • You can increase or decrease the TDS level of purified water according to your need with the integrated TDS control. You will always be provided with safe and pure sweet and savory water.
  • A purifier called the ‘Clarity Cartridge’ comes with the external pre-filter. Generally, this prefilter is not included in the majority of other purifiers in this price range.
  • This is a good thing if you want a reverse osmosis purifier made by a well-known brand with high-quality customer service. Eureka Forbes has one of India’s largest networks, including smaller towns and villages.
  • This Eureka Forbes RO water purifier has gained popularity over the previous months and is now one of leading retailers.
  • And the obvious reason we can see here is that this is one of Eureka Forbes’s cheapest RO+UV water purifiers. Eureka Forbes has been known for its products at prices above the market.
  • Nevertheless, Eureka Forbes has recently updated its market strategy by adding several new players offering premium water filters at competitive rates.

Expert Review

  • Eureka Forbes has been a popular supplier of clean drinking water to millions of Indian homes for over 35 years.
  • If you are looking for quality water purification and reliable after-sales help, this is definitely a good buy for great value for your price.


  • 6 Stage RO+UV+MTDS purification.
  • Comes with an external Prefilter.
  • TDS controller.
  • Compact & Lightweight.
  • Shiny black color and color-changing indicators look beautiful.
  • Brand Value & Good Customer Support.
  • Attractive Price.


  • The power adapter is given outside the water purifier body.
  • No alert/indicator for a filter change.
  • You may need to install an external pump if the water pressure is less.

7) Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

 Key Features

  • Sediment filters, chemicals tubes, rotary diaphragms, UV chamber, Post-Carbon Filters.
  • TDS controller to adjust the taste and purified water level manually.
  • Appropriate to purify tap / municipal water, or TDS level borehole/groundwater from 200 to 2000 ppm.
  • Seven litres of semi-transparent storage.
  • Power On, purification On / Off, and Tank Full LED Indicators.
  • Garantie of 1 year.

Why is it good?

  • Aquasure Delight has a multi-stage purification that offers 100% clear, healthy, and tasty drinking water. it is a mixture of the latest purification technologies, such as RO+UV+MTDS.
  • With TDS up to 2000 PPM input, this purifier will treat the water. This water purifier ensures safe and tasty drinking water always with a reduction of up to 90 percent TDS.
  • This purifier is fitted with the Sediment Filter, Chemical Block, RO membrane, UV Chamber of Disinfection, and post-carbon filter to address purification technologies.
  • It has the potential to adjust the taste and TDS water level as required, with an advanced TDS controller. You always receive sweet, tasty water.
  • The filter cartridges are designed to last up to 6,000 litres according to the specifications. The cartridge will last around the year for a family of four with approximately 15-20 litres of water a day.
  • The purifier has 3 LED indicators for power on, purification process on / off, and tank-full to discuss the user-friendly approach.
  • According to the manual, the water purifier should alert you of any UV lamp failure. This is a useful function, as a failure of the UV lamp will last a long time.
  • Failure to produce UV lamps can result in the presence in potable water of harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria. -In case of a UV lamp malfunction, this water purifier will warn you to 100% protection for you and your family against water-borne diseases.

Why should we buy

  • Attractive and featuring a semi-transparent storage tank, Aquaure Delight.
  • The water purifier Aquasure Delight is quite compact and can be installed easily on a wall or on a table/kitchen counter.
  • It fits your modular kitchen requirements easily with this water purifier.
  • A big 7-litre storage tank ensures you never run out of clean and safe drinking water is available in this water purifier too.

Expert Review

  • The most popular water purifiers in the country are Aquaguard and Aquasure. After-sales service and fast customer support for water purifiers are very important.
  • Aquaguard and Aquasure are quite good in terms of service and support with a very wide service network spread across 1500 cities.
  • The world’s largest water purifier, the Aquaguard / AquaSure, is backed by a highly efficient service to customers.
  • With this impressive water purifier, Aquaguard has completely fulfilled its reputation. You will get all this at a very reasonable price when you decide to buy this water purifier.


  • Compact & attractive design.
  • Manual TDS controller.
  • Clean and compact design.
  • Affordable price.
  • 7-Litres storage capacity.


  • The power adapter is given outside the water purifier body.
  • No alert/indicator for a filter change.
  • The quality of the dispensing tap could have been better.

8) Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier

Key Features

  • 7 Purification stage, 100% Water Passes by RO & UV.
  • Approx.The capacity of 8 litres.
  • Purification up to 15 litres per hour capacity.
  • For all water sources, types recommended.
  • Self-diagnosing, purification, full tank, low water pressure alert and UV, SV and pump failure error alerts are available.
  • Voltage fluctuation Protection: works well within the 170V-330V voltage range. Automatically shuts down if the voltage exceeds or falls above the working voltage range. Futuristic, compact design with a flexible arrangement (corner arrangement).
  • Soft twisting rod with null spray, null odour, smooth flow.
  • PH-correcting mineral cardboard adds natural minerals.
  • The cartridge revitalizer increases water flow and mineral absorption for healthy drinking.
  • Tank cover and removable tank proof of contamination.

Why is it good?

  • Havells Max is one of the most recent UV + RO water purifiers from Havells Water Purifier. Havells Max has all that makes it one of India’s top 10 RO water purifiers, which is manufactured by Havells, India’s top electronics brand.
  • Most of the water is used to bypass the RO membrane in most other water purifiers using features such as the TDS controller and is filtered with the UF membrane only, this bypassed water is later blended with RO water to retain the necessary minerals in the purified water. 100% of the water is not moving through the RO membrane.
  • Max 100 percent of the water passes in Havells via RO and UV to purify every drop. Mineralz Cartridge adds all the necessary minerals to the purity and safety, and Revitalization cartridge increases hydration and water-safe mineral absorption.

Why should we buy

  • Havells Max is in its price range an incredible RO+UV water purifier.
  • The seven phases of purification with Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, RO Membrane, Germicidal UV, Mineral Cartridge, and Revitalizer Cartridge provide you with 100 % pure drinking water full of important Minerals.
  • Storage Approx.8litres storage capacity and for purification up to 15 litres.
  • Havells Max can be placed on a table/counter or on a flat wall and a corner. No other brand’s reverse osmosis purifiers will require you to install the corner.
  • Self-diagnosing, purification, full tank, low water pressure alerts, and UV, SV and pump failure error alerts are usable.
  • Havells Max is another first of its kind with a unique soft-touch faucet, which guarantees zero splashes, zero noise, and smooth flow.
  • Havells Max also has a contamination-proof cover that keeps purified water free of any foreign impurities such as dust and insects in your storage tank.
  • The best part is to remove the storage tank and therefore the storage tank can be removed for regular cleaning very easily.
  • Advanced voltage fluctuation protection ensures that the purification system works well in the voltage range of 170 V – 330 V. Power transmission if the voltage reaches 330 V.

Expert Review

  • In his category and price range, Havell Max is without a doubt the best water purifier. This RO filter is a must purchase with industrial first-time features such as a soft-touch water supply mount and removable tank.


  • 100% Water Passes Through RO & UV.
  • Mineralz cartridge corrects PH and adds natural minerals.
  • Revitalizer cartridge improves hydration and mineral absorption and makes water healthy for our body.
  • Compact design with flexible mounting (corner mounting).
  • Advance Alert System.
  • Zero Splash Faucet.
  • Removable Tank.


  • Very costly.

9) HUL Pureit Marvella Sleek Mineral RO+UV+MF+MP Water Purifier

 Key Features

  •  7-stage advanced RO+UV+MF+MP purification
  • Enriches water with essential minerals like calcium and magnesium
  • Up to 20 liters per hour of high-speed purification
  • A large eight-liter water storage tank with indicator level
  • Recovers approximately 35 percent of the purified water
  • 6000-liter filter life
  • Suitable for water up to 2000 PPM with TDS level.
  • Garantie for 1 year

Why is it Good?

  • An advanced seven-stage purification process for HUL Pureit Marvella Sleek Mineral RO+UV+MF+MP water purifier. Seven purification phases are Pre-sediment filter, protector membrane, mini-filter, RO membrane, UV chamber, MF membrane and Post RO carbon filter.
  • The purification process ensures that the entire water is filled with 100% RO purified water through the RO membrane. This is possible as the Marvella Sleek does not include a TDS controller/modulator but has a mineral cartridge.
  • The cartridge of minerals enriches water without compromising the safety and purity of essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
  • The large 8-litre storage tank is provided by Marvella Sleek to ensure that drinking water is not run out. The storage tank characteristic a water level indicator.
  • The high speed purifying of this amazing HUL Pureit water purifier will also surprise you. Up to 20 litres of water can purify every hour with this water purifier. If your family wants 20 litres of water a day, then you only need 1 hour to drink it. Surely this is really impressive.
  • The filter life of this purifier is 6000 litres so the filter of your water purifier doesn’t have to change the filter and over again.

Why should we buy

  • The 7-stage RO, UV, and MF purification ensure 100% safe and clean drinking water. A good feature is the mineral cartridge, especially if it adds the necessary minerals lost during RO purification at a TDS level of the input water less than 900 PPM.
  • The design is very clean. A very attractive look is given by the color combination of white and blue. LED indicators are placed on a dial-like design for the storage tank and filter change.
  • The large 8-liter storage tank with a very high purification capacity of up to 20 liters per hour makes it ideal for small and large families.
  • The advancing alert system warns you automatically 15 days before the filter expires and stops water purification if the filter has not been transformed on time. This guarantees 100% safe and pure water, on the one hand, it may mean higher maintenance costs.
  • The filter alert changes on the basis of the purified amount of water. The number of hours of operating pump time is calculated by measuring this.
  • After approximately 315 hours of pump service, a water purifier shows advance warning and closes purification after approximately 330 hours of pump runtime.
  • The problem is that the quality of the water supply and how good or bad filters actually do not consider this approach. After fixed use, this water purifier forces you to change the filters.

Expert Review

  • HUL Pureit water purifiers have traditionally been comparatively priced at higher prices. But HUL Pureit is forced to offer a high-quality product to its prices by the fierce competition and the increased demand for RO water purifiers in the price range of Rs. 10,000.
  • We see Marvella Sleek RO as an effort by HUL Pureit to cater to the increasing demand for RO water purifiers in the Rs. 10,000 range.
  • Looking at the characteristics and purification phases, Pureit Marvella Sleek is a good value for money water purifier and that is why we believe that it is worthy to be on the list of India’s top 10 water purifiers.
  • However, we advise you to stay away from the water purifier if you are looking for a water purifier with minimum maintenance costs. If you compare this water purifier with other water purifiers with similar properties, its maintenance costs are very high.


  • 7-stage purification with RO+UV+MF+MP.
  • 8-litres storage tank.
  • Purification capacity of up to 20 litres/hour.
  • Adds back essential minerals.
  • Filter change alert.


  • High maintenance cost.

10) Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier

Key Features

  • Six 100% RO & UV purification levels.
  • Up to 12 liters/hour purification capacity.
  • 7 litres of storage capacity.
  • Purification On and Tank Full indicators.
  • Low water pressure and UV failure alert.
  • The child lock button on the tap.
  • Aqua Taste that maintains pH and water taste, as well as the alkaline.
  • Garantie of 1 year.

Why is it Good?

  • Aristo RO+UV Blue Star is a portable and stylish Blue Star water purifier. It has a process of purification in six stages: pre-filter, pre-carbon filters, sediment filters, the RO membrane, post-carbon filters and the UV lamp, available in two attractive colour variants of white and black.
  • Aristo has a double layer purification, which first and then eliminates all specific impurities from water by the entire water via the RO membrane.
  • The purification is up to 12 liters per hour high. The super-efficient and high-quality RO membrane can extract up to 96 percent ultra-high TDS.
  • The front panel has full indicators for standard purification on and tank along with a low-pressure warning.

Why should we buy

  • Aristo has 7 litres of a purified water storage tank. Aqua Taste Booster uses calcite media to maintain an optimum pH and to improve the flavor of the water.
  • One of Aristo’s distinctive characteristics. An optimum pH is good for our health because the water is alkaline.
  • Another fascinating feature is the child lock that is simply a tiny button in the tap that deactivates the tab once it is pressed and disables water. Especially if you have small children, this is a great feature as it reduces unnecessary waste.

Expert Review

  • The Aristo RO + UV is provided with all standard features, such as the Aqua Taste Booster and Child Lock, that any good Water purifier should have.
  • It will certainly be a great addition to your modern kitchen, we believe, Blue Star Aristo RO+UV.


  • Suitable for Water from all Sources.
  • Maintains the pH level and alkalinity and improves the taste of water.
  • Child lock function on tap reduces wastage of water.
  • Alarms for UV Fail and low water pressure.


  • No alert for filter change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1)Which is the best borewell water purifier?

Water in Borewell usually has a high level of TDS.

Besides the common minerals found such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, borewell water may also contain, plenty of harmful heavy metals such as mercury, plum, arsenic, fluoride, etc. Filters of reversing osmosis are best suited for high TDS water.RO purification is ideal for borewell water in combination with UV purification because UV provides additional protection against biological impurities such as bacteria and viruses.

UF or gravity-based purifiers can also be used in borewell water with no damaging impurities and low TDS (under 300 ppm) ..

If you have no budget restrictions then the safest purifier for borewell water purification is the RO+UV water purifier.

2)Which brand offers the best after-sales customer service?

A water purifier is a product requiring regular service and technical support. It is therefore important that only water purifiers with good customer support services are purchased from reputable brands. All good brands are now focused on providing better support after sales but you should always check whether the brand: before buying a specific brand:

  •  Offers free installation in your area. 
  • has support services and distribution in your area.

All this can be verified by simply calling the respective brand’s customer support number. You also can search for Google locally or read web sites such as Justdial and online shops such as Amazon or Flipkart for user reviews.

We claim this because in some parts of the world some brands will provide outstanding services and not so good service.

3)What is the maintenance cost of RO water purifier?

Frequent maintenance is required for all water purifiers in the RO, as must consumable elements such as filters and membrane.

Replacing these parts and filters ensures water cleanliness and keeps your RO purifier efficient and effective. Most well-known water purifier brands now sell regular AMC packages. Generally speaking, these AMC packages coverall consumer materials, electronics, and regular maintenance. The rates of the various brands for the AMC packages are different, and the AMC packages can vary depending on the model of water purification.

AMC packages generally begin at Rs. 4,000 and can rise to Rs. 8,000, depending on the water purificator model and the brand. AMC packages tend to be higher for high-end water purifier with many additional features.

4)Why RO water purifiers waste so much water?

Reverse osmosis(RO) purifiers are used to filter the dissolute impurities using membrane technology. Hundreds of holes are as small as 0.0001 microns that can filter water through and out. Unclean water is pumped out and sometimes refers to as wastewater or water rejection.

Water quality / TDS and RO purifying depend on the percentage of wastewater. With every 1 litre of filtered water, a typical RO purifier generates about 3 litres of wastewater.

It means that just 25% of water is filtered and 75% is wasted. You should not, however, send wastewater as a responsible citizen or reject water down the drain. It may be used for several other home tasks with this wastewater of RO. Recovery of up to 50% is possible in the new models of RO water purifiers, which greatly reduces the RO wastewater.

5) Is RO water purifier safe for health?

 The fact that RO water purifiers offer the most reliable water purification is a well-established fact. However, the issue with RO purifiers is that impurities and important minerals are not discriminated against. It is also possible to eliminate other essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium when eliminating most of RO impurities purificators.

Some experts say that long term intake of fully demineralized water is detrimental to human health if not covered by what you consume. There is currently no other method of purifying water so reliably, such as RO.

You don’t need to be so concerned about the demineralization as long as the input water TDS level exceeds 500 ppm. And even when the input water TDS levels are below 500 ppm, a good mineralizer or TDS controller for the RO water purifier is available.

Furthermore, when input water contains hazardous heavy metals such as plumes and arsenic, there is no choice other than to eliminate these impurities by any other purification process. If you make the right choice, RO water purifiers will not affect your health.

You should invest in a high-quality RO water purifier from a reliable brand if you do not wish to compromise the health of your family.

6) What is the RO Water TDS level?

 You must ensure that the level of purified TDS is not too low if you drink RO purified water. purified water below 50 mg / L with a TDS level shall not be considered safe and healthy. The TDS level of filtered RO water is recommended to be 80-150 mg / L.


Various water sources may need various types of water purifiers with varying impurities. In order to help you find the best purifier for your home, we have compiled detailed water purifiers.

This concludes this long and detailed review of India’s best RO water purifiers. Hope you liked reading this useful and informative post.

Please share your thoughts with the following comment form for your plans to buy a RO water purifier and have a particular inquiry or suggestion.

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