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10 Best Water Purifiers in India (2020) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Looking for the best water purifier for your home? If so, you ‘re in the right place. We have listed the top 10 best water purifiers in India you must-have for your family.

All things are affected by pollution, from food to air and water.thanks to Purifiers of Water, By installing the water purifier in our house we can now drink clean water.

Different terms such as RO, UV, UF, TDS, and mineral may confuse you

In one simple note, you have to choose a RO water purifier if the TDS levels in your water source are above 300 ppm or if you have water from several sources.

The combination of UV, UF filters makes sure that the water is 100 % free of contaminants, most of the RO water purifiers.

At the end of this article, we highly recommend that you read the Water Purifier Buying Guide to learn all water purification technology.

Please post them on the comment section if you have any questions concerning water purifier selection and I’ll respond to ASAP.

Best Water Purifiers in India

1) Kent Maxx 7-liters UV + UF Water Purifier

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Kent Maxx is not a purifier of water for RO. So, if TDS is high in water, you should not use this appliance. In towns where local municipalities provide its citizens with RO-treated water, this system is ideal.


  • Seven litres capacity
  • water Purifier of UV and UF
  • Food grade plastic

Detachable washing tank

  • Suitable for low TDS water.

Kent Maxx provides UV and UF double purification, ensuring the elimination of all microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. It is ideal for places where TDS levels are acceptable in water as there is no RO purification.

This water purifier is provided with a seven-litre removable storage tank that allows you to bring pure water wherever you are. It is a durable appliance by the food-grade plastic content.

This device is fitted with an 11 Watt UV lamp for disabling all water microorganisms. The filter change alarm and UV alarm fail to notify users are other remarkable features.

The SMPS feature ensures the system is safe from spikes in high voltage. Since this water purifier is fully automated, no manual intervention is required. The push-fitting components in the Kent Maxx ensure that water is not wasted.


  • UV protection ensures that germs that cause disease are removed
  • Best water purifier for low TDS water areas
  • Food grade plastic
  • Limited maintenance


  • Not suitable for purifying groundwater
  • Does not work where water pressure is low

2)Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus 6-liters RO + UV + MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes also is a well-known best water purifiers and consumer product manufacturer. The water purifiers also use dual-cleaning technology to ensure 100 % pure and tasty water supply.


  • Six litres capacity
  • Technology for RO + UV purification
  • Mode of power savings
  • Controller of MTDS
  • Tank Type- Food Grade Plastic

The water purifier Eureka Forbes is able to handle all kinds of springs like water, a well, and petroleum tankers.

A 6-stage water purification technology includes this water purification system

  • Pre-filter for large bacteria
  • Chemical block with an integrated particular trap filter to remove bad smell and organic dissolved contaminants
  • Membrane Life Enhancer prevents dissolved salts such as magnesium and calcium from being scaled.
  • RO Membrane to eliminate TDS, water hardness and toxic metals such as arsenic and lead
  • An enhancer to restore the minerals lost in the process of RO filtration
  • UV disinfection chamber to remove RO purified water from bacteria and viruses

The intelligent design with LED indicators shows different activities such as cleaning, lack of supply of water and machine defects.

The design is so designed that you put it on the desk and mount it on the wall. Average Indian family of three to four people should be adequate for 6-litre storage.

The long service life of 6000 litres is provided to the RO cartridge. the presence of the TDS controller ensures that important minerals, which you usually lose during the purification process. so,   you ‘re getting 100% tasty drinking water all the time.

In many ways, this device is intelligent. Once the water tank is full, it switches off and saves energy. During voltage fluctuations of between 150 and 270V, the Smart Plus system takes care of the device.


  • Outstanding feature
  • Method of six-step purification.
  • MTDS to restore the water taste


  • Water waste like all RO purifiers
  • For an Indian family 6-litre capacity is a little small

3) Kent Ace Mineral 7-Liter 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

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Kent is a persistent water purifier choice for consumers. So, in different models and capacities, you have these machines. With almost all Kent models the basic characteristics are the same.


  • RO + UV + UF technology purification.
  • Capacity 7 litres
  • Water Purifier 15-Ltr / hr.
  • High-quality plastic storage tank
  • One year’s guarantee

Kent Ace water purifying model is used to supply the best quality of pure water by Mineral RO technology. It comes with a built-in TDS controller to replace minerals lost during the RO cleaning process.

A high-quality food-grade plastic tank for water storage is another noteworthy feature.


  • Reinforce all sources of the water inlet
  • Very secure to use
  • Selling service promptly
  • Promise 3-year no-cost service


  • RO purifiers lose plenty of water

4) Havells Max Alkaline 7-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier

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In the water purifier market, Havell is a renowned name with some of its models favoured by householders across India. This water purifier has excellent characteristics.


  • Purifying 100% RO and UV
  • 7-stage process of purification.
  • The pH-value of mineral technology
  • Stimulates hydration to improve
  • sufficient capacity to cater to Indian families
  • One year’s guarantee

The best processes available today for purifying the water in India are reversed osmosis and ultraviolet purification. Both these systems have this water purifier. Therefore, every time you use this appliance, you get clean and purified water.

This system has a water purification process of seven stages.

  • The sediment filter removes large impurities from the water supply.
  • The pre-activated carbon filter eliminates organic contaminants so that load on RO filters is reduced.
  • The heart of the device is the RO filtering system. Heavy metal toxins such as arsenic, plumes, antimony and other hazardous substances are taken care of.
  • After the RO filtering process, the carbon removes traces of organic impurities.
  • It also removes bad smell and tasty drinks the water.
  • Ultraviolet chamber ensures that the water is safe and hygienic to drink and eliminate bacteria and viruses.
  • Minerals ensure that the minerals lost during the purification phase of the RO water will be refilled.
  • It also corrects the pH of the resulting water, so that it can be drunk safely and alkali.

The function of Revitalizer improves water molecules to improve hydration and absorption of minerals.

This water filter looks fine and can be hanged in a prominent corner of the kitchen. You can also place it on your kitchen platform. It has a one year guarantee.

After the expiry of the warranty period, it is recommended to change to an annual maintenance agreement. This water filter is available in a number of mix colours.


  • 7-stage water purification, including RO and UV
  • Minerals feature to replenish lost minerals
  • Revitalizers to increase the absorption of minerals
  • Excellent performance and results
  • Provides great tasting water and  alkaline


  • Wastes water like all RO water purifiers, do
  • Needs filter adjustment once in two years

5) Blue Star Majesto 8-Liter RO + UV Water Purifier

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In many respects, Blue Star Majesto is similar to the Blue Star Aristo. However, in comparison with the 7-litre tank capacity of the Aristo, the capacity of the Majesto models is eight litres.


  • Store tank of 8 litres
  • The technology of dual purification
  • The plastic tank of food quality
  • Booster Aqua taste
  • One year guarantee

Blue Star Majesto has a 6-stage purification process that involves

  • Pre-filtering to trap large contaminants
  • Carbon pre-activated filter for organically volatile compounds removal
  • Sediment filter to prevent mud and other contaminants from dissolving
  • RO membrane removes impurities and TDS from heavy metals

This water purifier comes with advanced system warnings such as a complete tank indicator and a process indicator. The design is an aerodynamic design in which the appliance can be installed in two ways. One is the traditional wall mount. You can also put it on the countertop, as an alternative.

The outlet tap is at the right height, making it easy to collect water by placing a glass under it.

Another highlight of this product is its child lock feature, which enables you to save water.


  • Method of dual filtration
  • Deals high TDS levels
  • Outstanding feature


  • Does not work with water at low pressure
  • There will be water wastage

6) Kent Grand 8-Litre Mineral RO and UV/UF Water Purifier

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The first name that’s coming in mind is Kent, the talk of water purifiers. With their excellent products, Kent water purifiers have made their name in the Indian market.


  • Capacity 8 litres
  • Double future purification
  • Technology for patented RO TM
  • Tank Material: Food Quality Plastic
  • Indicator of water level
  • Ideal for homes in Indians

In addition to TDS controls, Kent Grand comes with the proprietary RO TM technology to provide the purest drink water for the family.

Kent water purifiers are suitable for Indian usage as the urban water source and the natural groundwater can be treated with equal ease.

A revolutionary double purification system consisting of RO and UV / UF, this water purifier is distinct from its peers. This technology prevents the purest form of drinking water from all impurities including bacteria, viruses, and dissolved salts.

During the RO purification process, the loss of minerals is natural. The TDS controls that supply the lost minerals during the RO purification process are provided by Kent ‘s patented RO technology, in order to provide you with safe and tasty drinking water.

The computer-controlled operations, ABS Food Grade plastic construction and high storage capacity are further notable features of Kent Grand.


  • Best Indigenous Water purifier
  • RO and UV / UF multiple purifications.
  • Clean all sources of water
  • Storage 8 litres


  • RO water treatment waste plenty of water

7) AO Smith Z8 10-Liter Green RO Series Water Purifier

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AO Smith is a world-renowned brand. AO Smith’s manufacturing units are among the best water purifiers worldwide. In India, these water purifiers now have the most common Z8 model.


  • 10 litres capacity
  • Mineralizer RO purification system
  • Up to 2000ppm for TDS can be used
  • Warm water at the button
  • Food-grade plastic storage tank
  • One year guarantee

AO Smith Water purifiers are unique in that they not only purify water but save water. The standard process of RO purification is to waste 50 per cent of the water on every RO machine. Usually, this water descends into the drain.There are ways to reuse the water, but not many people do so.

AO Smith water purifier comes with a patented and innovative technology that saves water twice as much as the regular RO water purifier.

The RO+SCMT system ensures that harmful substances are eliminated, whereas MINTECH adds minerals that have been lost during purification. therefore, you may drink pure and healthy water.

Z8 also comes with the hot water dispenser, where 45 degrees Celsius hot water is obtained by pressing a button.

This water purifier is available in various colours.


  • Not wasting as much water as normal RO water purifier
  • Give drinking water healthy and pure
  • Hot water supply plant
  • Best water purifier with Hot water dispenser option


  • Issues with after-sales services

8) Livpure Glo 7-liter RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

Compared to Kent and the others, Livpure is a fairly new entry into the market. These water purifiers are excellent as they can deal with all kinds of water, making them suitable for Indian conditions.


  • Seven litres capacity
  • RO + UV purification
  • Facilities for mineralizing the taste of water
  • Advanced 6 Stage purification
  • Best budget RO Medium Family Water purifier

An advanced water purification system is developed to ensure a 100 per cent safe drinking water with reverse osmosis and ultraviolet radiation.

With an excellent design, this water purifier has features like cleaner indicators and complete tank status. The system automatically switches off the tank. Thus, even without a regular power supply, the capacity of the 7-litre tank allows you to obtain pure water.

The Livpure device can handle impurity of water up to 1500 ppm with TDS levels. Up to 12 litres per hour can be purified.

The advanced six-stage purification method involves an activated carbon filter, a preactivated carbon filter, a RO membrane, a UV disinfecting cabinet, silver impregnated carbon filter and a mineralizer. Sediment, TDS, microorganisms, bacteria and bad taste are thus removed from the water.

The mineralizer refills the vital minerals lost during the process of RO purification, thus restoring the mineral content and improving the taste of water.


  • A phase of 6 step purification
  • The capacity of 7 litres is ideal for an Indian family


  •   Water wastes RO process
  • Its service is not that good after-sales

9) Blue Star Aristo RO + UV 7-Liter Water Purifier

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Blue Star is a prominent player in the manufacturing sector for sustainable consumption. The water purifier is a new, trusted brand name. It is a revolutionary product.


  • Capacity 7 litres
  • A phase of 6 step purification
  • Booster Aqua Button
  • Function Child Lock
  • System warnings such as low pressure, tank full and purification warning
  • 1-year product warranty

A 6-stage purification process that includes a pre-sediment, pre- or post-activated carbon filter, the RO membrane, UV lamps, and the Aqua-smoothing booster to improve the taste of drinking water is provided by Blue Star Aristo water purifier.

The Aqua Taste Booster maintains the optimal pH water level and improves the flavour of RO-purified water. The RO and UV double filtration method eliminates all impurities, including TDS, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, radioactive substances etc.

The copper impregnated carbon filter extracts organic compounds, poisonous odour and also has anti-bacterial properties. The high-quality RO membrane ensures outstanding purification. This water purifier comes with a huge 10-inch filter for efficient purification.

The physical characteristics of this water purifier are a 7-litre water storage tank, a child-control function to prevent unnecessary water waste, and system warnings. These alerts include purification-on, full-tank, low pressure and signals of UV failure.


  • High-quality purification.
  • The capacity of 7 litres is ideal for Indian homes
  • Alerts system
  • 6-stage purification


  • Maintenance Requires
  • Don’t work under low pressure

10) LG Puricare WW180EP RO + UV + UF + Mineral Booster Water Purifier

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LG is one of India’s top enduring consumer goods. Whenever you’re talking in India about consumer equipment, the name LG rings a bell. LG is also producing excellent models of water purifiers.


  • Capacity 8 litres
  • Dual Steel Tank Protection
  • Filtration RO, UV, and UF
  • Booster of Minerals
  • Care for Digital Sterilization

The main feature of this water purifier is the stainless-steel tank that is used in almost all water purifier models instead of food-grade plastics. The first in the industry is digital sterilization technology used.

comprising an external sediment filter, an internal sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter, a RO membrane layer and the post-activated carbon filter together with the mineral booster. This water purification is provided with a robust 5 step RO filtration system.

Including a mineral filter to ensure safe and tasty RO-purified water, the essential minerals lost during the purifying process. LG is called True Filtration by this technology.

An additional valve on the side of the unit enables fruit and vegetables to be washed directly into the sink with sterilized water.

The RO water is sterilized with ultraviolet LED rays at intervals of 6 hours for 75 minutes to avoid breeding. Smart filter change, UV sterilization and water level indicators come with this water purifier.


  • High sterilization levels
  • Outstanding performance
  • Inoxidable steel tank to prevent algae production


  • RO process wastes a lot of water
  • Cost is a factor

11) Eureka Forbes Aquasure From Aquaguard Aayush Water Purifier 

Eureka Forbes Aquasure From Aquaguard Aayush Water PurifierCheck Price Now

Eureka Forbes is here again with its “Aquasure From Aquaguard Aayush 22-Liter Water Purifier, Green” trust is where it begins, carrying the legacy forward.

Where there is health there is always a box full of happiness and an awaiting bundle of wealth. Gone are the days when the water from the pond/lake was pure enough to drink it raw, the prevailing pollution everywhere, there is an alarming need to drink purified water to keep fit.

Using the ancient techniques of purity, i.e., the method of Gravity Purification, it produces pure water. The large capacity and the colour itself have a beautiful charm in establishing both the classic and the dignified outlook.

Easy Installation
The new purifier can be easily installed anywhere, so you can ensure water is available whenever necessary.

Pure water without electricity utilisation
Unlike devices that require electricity to work on, this device does not make use of electricity and is designed to produce sufficient pure water, which in turn is a beautiful point to focus on.

Colour and capacity to store
Colour green with an impressive storage capacity of up to 22 Litres.

12) Havells Max 8-liters RO UV Water Purifier

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Havells’ water purifiers in India are also a well-known brand which manufactures some of the best waters purifiers in India. This system uses techniques of RO and UV cleaning to ensure 100 % pure water supplies. The water purifiers Havells are known for their excellent physical appearances.


  • 8 litres of capacity
  • Technology for purification – RO + UV
  • Restoration of mineralization of lost minerals
  • Revitalizer restructures the molecules of water
  • Best budget Water purifier RO

Dual purification methods for water cleaning are used in Havells Max RO + UV water purificator. TDS, bacteria, viruses and other minor impurities are taken care of by the RO membrane.

The UV purification technology takes over the destruction and distribution of all residual bacteria or viruses to make the output water 100% pure

Havell water purifiers have a function of mineralizer that not only refills the purified RO water but also corrects the pH value of the water. This ensures that pure and tasty water is always provided.

Max water purifiers come with a revitalizer that restructures and biologically stimulates the water molecules to improve the water hydration and mineral water absorption.

The iProtect feature continuously monitors the purification process in order to guarantee a clean water supply, this water treatment system is an intelligent tool

Food quality storage tank and an innovative design include other exciting characteristics, enabling you to put the water purifier at the corner or at the wall corners of your kitchen platform.


  • Outstanding design
  •     Dual purification makes drinking water 100% safe,
  • The function of mineralizing to recover lost minerals


  •  Requires high maintenance particularly in areas of high TDS.
  • Purchase annual guarantees, but that’s costly

Best Water Purifier – Buying Guide

What is the life indicator on every planet?

How do astronauts and scientists look for as we say we ‘re testing the possibilities of life on Mars? Both questions are answered by ‘Water.’

Yeah, water is just as essential to all life as air. No form of life without water can be imagined. Fortunately, our World is provided with sufficient water for the present and future generations to look after it.

Sources of water pollution

When they come off the melting snowcaps, the rivers are pristine. Such rivers accumulate salt and minerals from rocks and sand as they are on their way to the plains.

These salts contain, along with, phosphates and nitrates, potassium, sod, chlorine and magnesium. They constitute the most significant portion of the dissolved solids (the TDS).

When we go deep into this purchasing guide, you will hear more about TDS.

Human beings contribute to the contamination of this pure water in addition to natural salts.

You have human waste running through the pipe, including wastewater and other impurities. industries aid with the disposal of toxic synthetic chemicals such as arsenic, lead, iron and mercury.

All these impurities enter human settlements, which causes waterborne conditions such as cholera, dysentery and so on. There is also an immediate need before they are used to purify the water supplies.

This is the concept behind the different water purifiers’ functioning. The purification methods based on impurities and TDS levels in water are different. For the good of everyone, we will discuss any form of filter.

Types of impurities in drinking water

As previously mentioned, you have different kinds of natural salts through the water resources into your kitchen. Groundwater also contains a great deal of naturally occurring minerals and salts.

The concentration of salt rises in groundwater as you push into the coastal areas. Today, wells drilling and well digging are the main sources of water in places where the rivers do not have to border.

This water well needs to be purified because in addition to TDS it can contain other impurities such as suspended plants and animals.

There are towns and towns that deal with disinfectants such as chlorine with these water resources. Therefore, in areas served by municipalities, you find a higher proportion of chlorine. It’s damaging to your health, too.

You must also treat these impurities with your water purifier. It is necessary that rivers and other water resources deal with human, animal and industrial waste.

Modern technologies such as reverse osmosis ( RO), ultraviolet purification (UV), and ultrafiltration ( UF) processes are required to eliminate these waste. Either one or all of these purification methods are used by modern water purifiers.

The acceptable TDS levels

We saw TDS in water as a rule. We know how it manages water resources. To be able to grow, our body needs some of these minerals and salts.

Therefore, you should not remove them from drinking water entirely. Now, there’s a question of which TDS levels are acceptable.

TDS levels are the following usually appropriate.

Under 300 – excellent

Between 300 and 600 – good for human use.

Up to 600, but down to 900 – fair and acceptable

Between 900 and 1200 – Poor levels of TDSAbove 1200 – Unacceptable and unable to be drinking

Note that these are indicative levels. Normally, all soil and other water sources with TDS levels below 900 can be identified.

It should be fair to consume directly in accordance with the table above. Is it true? Is it true? The answer is NO, unfortunately. The concentration level of individual TDS elements is greater than the general TDS value.

You may have water in the range of 300 with TDS rates. Yet water may have high arsenic or mercury concentration and a lower salt concentration.

Is the water safe under these circumstances? At the end of your tongue, you have the answer. Surely the water is not appetizing. Therefore, to fully remove those impurities, you need water purifiers.

Factors to consider while buying water purifiers

You should always test your house’s water source before deciding on the type of water purifier you want.

  1. Conduct the TDS measurement test for water quantity of TDS.
  2. It is better to conduct a chemical testing of the water source to determine the level of industrial contaminants if you live in an industry-inhabited area.
  3. If in doubt, the best, i.e. RO + UV + UF water filters are always possible. However, remember that the filters in comparison to the other water filters are comparatively expensive.
  4. The type of water purifier you choose plays a major role in your budget. You should also include the expense of maintaining and removing filters when calculating the budget.

Best Water Purifier – Frequently Asked Questions

 1) What brand of water purifiers offers the best after-sales service?

On this era of customer service, all water purifier brands offer good after-sales services.

However, different factors depend on it, such as the availability of your city’s service centres, access to replacement parts, etc. The easiest way to test this is by searching Google locally, or by simply dialling comments.

Customers who publish their reviews via official websites or e-commerce websites are also a good way to find out what the water purifying brands provide after-sales services.

 2) How much does Annual Maintenance (AMC) cost a RO water purifier?

Most of the top brands offer AMC services on a regular basis. The concentrations vary according to different factors. In general, the range is approximately Rs 4,000 per year. However, the water purifier AMC provider should be checked.

The cost of replacing the different filters such as RO membrane, UV and UF filters, activated carbon filters and sediment filters is included in this AMC.

These filters must be replaced annually for optimal water purifier performance. See the current requirements

 3) What are TDS Modulators / Controllers?

The TDS controllers control the proportion of TDS in water from the RO water purifier, as its name implies. Why do the controllers need you?

The RO purifiers reduce input water hardness by around 90%. Thus, if the water source’s TDS level is around 800, the output water’s TDS proportion is within the range of 80.

This water is not good at a low TDS level. Second, in order to enhance the taste, you need minerals and salts. The TDS controllers work like this.

The TDS controller divides the water into two parts which enter the RO water system. one  Part moves through the RO membrane and part moves through the UV and UF filters.

There are no improvements in TDS levels to the water through the UV and UF filters. So two separate outputs are given. A mixture of these two glasses of water is the final production. The TDS modulator works this way.

 4) What are a mineralizer and mineral protector?

One must recognize that the water purifier RO does an excellent job of water purification. However, along with the hazardous, it removes essential minerals.

This leaves the water production with a smooth taste and no nutrient value. You thus have water purifier brands that include an additional filtration stage to ensure that essential minerals are added to water.

This also helps to preserve the pH balance. For such mineralizers, various brands have different names. It is called ‘Mineral Guard’ by Aquaguard.

 5) What amount of filtered water is wasted with RO?

RO water purifiers are the main drawback because they waste a lot of water. The machines waste 2 litres of water for every litre of pure water they produce.

Water wastage is dependent on the input water quality. The higher the TDS, the higher the waste is.

 6) How do you use water that is rejected?

The water which rejects 95% to 99% impurity. This water is therefore totally inadequate to consume. But other uses remain.

This water can be used for gardens, cleaning utensils, mopping floors and toilets. However, to remove salt deposits, you should note to wash the utensils with tap water.

 7) The ABS plastic tank or the Stainless steel tank – Which one is better?

In any water purifier, storage tanks are an essential component. These storage tanks can accommodate 10 litres or more anywhere.

Therefore, the weight of the machine, as well as the water, needs strong materials. ABS is a thermoplastic polymer which can withstand high-temperature variability and is an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

Unlike thermoset plastics, it is a recyclable material. They are naturally non-toxic. This makes it ideal for the production of water storage tanks.

ABS plastic made of steel is relatively heavier. Secondly, plastics from ABS are not harmful and are longer resistant to steel. A high-temperature range can be resisted.

ABS plastics need no maintenance of steel tanks as much as is necessary. Therefore, today’s stainless steel tanks are preferable.

 8) Is online water purifier safe to purchase?

It depends on the customer and on the website from which it chooses to purchase. Some people have a better look at the features to purchase water purifiers. Some people can shop online conveniently.

However, reputable brands of reliable websites such as Amazon must be used. These websites give you good deals.

 9) Can I purchase a water purifier unbranded RO?

A non-branded water purifier is never advisable to purchase. Your health is more important than ever. Invest in a brand that is well-known for its quality.

No TDS controls or mineralises are available in non-branded water purifiers. The quality of the output is affected. These water purifiers locally made may be inexpensive, but they are not worth investment. When you buy a cheap one, you lose all the minerals in the water.

 Final Words – 

You’ve just passed the purchase guide of the RO water purifier. This guide will help you decide easily on the best water purifier.

We have seen the differences between different purification techniques and seen that the best option available is a combination of all these technologies.

Hence, the big water purifier companies make multi-filtration water purifiers. Therefore the right way to go should be a water purifier that supplies RO+UV + UF + TDS controller.

They are India’s best purifiers of water. The list is continuously updated. If you have any questions about the water purifier selection, please post them in the comment section below.

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