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Kickass Refrigerator Buying Guide – You dont need to follow other shits.

In this modern world of today, Hundreds of refrigerator brands can definitely be found on the market. However, like every other technology, fridges in different capacities and sizes are now smarter, and more efficient. In this post we given best refrigerator buying guide you need.

How this refrigerator buying guide will help you!!!

You will finally confused finding the one that is best for your home. This is an easy guide that helps you to limit your choices between all the available options.

How to choose a refrigerator?


It is an excellent starting point when you already have a fridge and know its capacity. You can determine whether or not you have enough space to choose a refrigerator of larger capacity or whether the refrigerator you have is enough.

The refrigerator ‘s capacity is the most essential aspect to consider when you buy it. A small 80-litre refrigerator ideal for hotel rooms, dorms or hostels, while a 165-litre single-door refrigerator is suitable for most homes with two or three-person. Refrigerators with 200-300 litres or even bigger size with a total capacity of 400-800 litres are suitable for big homes, offices or restaurants.

It is clear that you have to cook a lot and need large storage space in your fridge if you are four members in your families with two grown children. Preferably, you should go for a large 200-250 litre refrigerator.


You must make sufficient space in your kitchen to fit the fridge once you choose the capacity. The internal capacity of fridges in Cubic feet is mentioned, but the external dimensions are more focused.

Measure the distance, depth and height of your existing fridge. Remember measuring the area where your refrigerator will be placed, allowing for optimal air circulation and ventilation at least one inch on the sides, top and back.

Refrigerators transfer heat to external air from the inside through coils on the back of the machine, so that they have a breathing space to provide. After this measure the entrances to your kitchen and home, and in particular if you are moving with your new refrigerator.

A good layout is more essential than a number of drawers and racks. A family of four will fit the basics into an 18-foot refrigerator. You want to have two more cubic feet for every additional person in your houses.

The regular deep refrigerator should have nearly every 36-inch of space — even for a big family — about 24 cubic feet or more. If there is no way to leave extra space then select Whirlpool Protton or a Haier fridge or some LG models. The fridge door in these models must not be opened to take out the vegetable box more than 90 degrees.

Type of Refrigerator

The different types of refrigerators are single door, double door and side by side doors. Which we will discuss one by one in this article briefly, For the better understanding of each type.

Single Door Refrigerator

The most common type is a single door refrigerator. They usually hold up to 200 litres of capacity. We would not suggest you buy a single door refrigerator if you are a non-vegetarian since the freezing space is smaller. Such fridges have built-in freezers and vegetable boxes and are the cheapest available in the market.

This type of fridge can be used in smaller families where space is a constraint. They ‘re always easy to move. A 2 to 3-member family that doesn’t store a lot of food can go for a single door. In addition, fridges with a single door come with direct cool technologies that are not as successful as free from frost and also require regular defrosting.

Check Best single door refrigerators here.


  • Compact, won’t make your kitchen a lot of space
  • Has a built-in freezer and box.
  • Affordable and energy-efficient
  • Easy Cleaning and maintaining
  • Perfect for a couple, bachelor or two-family


  • Most have the technology of Direct Cool, where manual defrosting is possible. However, several brands have also introduced digital auto defrost
  • You should have a larger refrigerator when you have a growing family.

Double Door Refrigerator

Double door refrigerators have a capacity ranging from 230 litres to 700 litres. these come with freezer equipment, superior cooling characteristics and long-term preservation of freshness of fruit and veggies.

Such refrigerators are designed to handle wider spaces with freezers, adjustable racks and door baskets. Higher models also have different fruits and vegetables crisper, milk chill trays, medical and beauty goods enclosures.

These refrigerators are built with two doors, they look not only sophisticated but also powerful. They are available in two forms – with freezer on top else on the bottom.

Here are best double door refrigerator you need to check.


  • Suitable for 4 or 5 members of the family
  • large capacity storage of over 200 litres
  • The freezer has different sections for different foodstuffs
  • Along with regular opening and closing, heat exchange is minimized with two different parts – top and bottom.
  • Frost Free technology removes manual freeze and improves the refrigerator ‘s life


  • The constantly bend down to take the veggies from the bottom storage can difficult for the people who are going through back pain problem
  • It Can be expensive

Side by Side Refrigerator

These type of refrigerator is identical to a closet. The ergonomically designed fridges open one door at a time, which helps to save a lot of energy otherwise lost.

The refrigerator capacity is between 500 and 900 litres. It is best suited for large joint families that use freezers extensively because it has a higher fridge to freezer ratio as compared to refrigerators with double doors.

It would be safer to select a double door refrigerator if you are a big family that is pure vegetarian and have very small freezers, as a side-by-side freezer would be very known.

Many types are available such as french door refrigerators, door-in-door refrigeration, multi-door refrigerators, and more. However, the first three varieties are the most widely used in India.


  • Big sections for refrigerator and freezer
  • Large 500 to 800 litres of capacity
  • It is suitable for big families
  • Energy Savings
  • Certain models have a water supply at the doors
  • There is additional storage space behind the door.


  • It is highly expensive
  • It is a big refrigerator so you need a large space.
  • Check shelf sizes, as they may be insufficient for larger items.

Comparison of Different Models of Refrigerators

FeaturesSingle-DoorDouble Door2 Door Side-by-side
Ice/Water DispenserNoNoYes
Permanent PlumbingNoNoYes
ShelvesWired/AcrylicWired/ Acrylic/ Toughened GlassToughened Glass

Types of Compressors in Refrigerators 

There are two types of compressors general compressor and inverter compressor which is used to maintain the temperature of the refrigerator.

  1. General compressor 
  • There are general compressors in the smaller fridge.
  • Start at high speed and operate continuously.
  • When optimal cooling is attained, they are switched off.
  1. Inverter compressor 
  • Inverter compressors are operated at varying speeds based on the necessary cooling.
  • Begin with low speed and only speed is increased when cooling is less.
  • Efficient energy.

Features of Refrigerator

Defrosting System- Direct cooling

The refrigerator is cooled by use of the natural convection process. There are no fanning or air flows, so you have to defrost the refrigerator manually. However, many direct cool refrigerators offer the option of digital auto defrosts.

Direct cool cooling refrigerators are energy efficient and less power is required to cool inside. In the refrigerator, it immediately cools the air and the material. The efficiency of most Direct Cool models is up to two hundred litres.

Frost Free

This technology keeps the cooling air circulating in the fridge at constant temperatures, which prevent the ice from building up in the freezer chamber, thus preventing manual freezing.

This system helps to keep food fresh for a long time and also enhances the lives of the fridge materials. The contrary is that these fridges do not have the same energy efficiency as direct cool refrigerators. Most of the refrigerators currently on the market are free of freeze, with the exception of the simple ones.

Energy Rating

Refrigerators have been ranked based on their energy efficiency by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) of India. Nearly all of the branded fridges on the market and top manufacturers have received the energy efficiency refrigerators from the star rating.

The most energy-efficient fridge gets five stars, and the least one star. Therefore, more energy-efficient fridges are used to generate lighter energy bills than low star ones. Practically all leading producers show the star rating in fridges and a consumer should make sure he decided to take an energy-efficient one.

Star RatingEnergy Efficiency
1Very poor
4Very good

Some other features you should know while buying a new refrigerator


It keeps vegetables that are beneficial for Indian homes, at the ideal temperature and humidity.

Toughened glass shelves

Such shelves are more sturdy than plastic racks, so if your concern is long time use, you must have this function in your fridge.


The Functions uses powerful filters to remove odour from the refrigerator. This helps remove any odour that continues to come out whenever you open your refrigerator.

Antibacterial protection

This can help reduce the growth of bacteria inside the refrigerator by up to seventy-five per cent. Anti-bacterial enzymes are found in the fridge walls. It’s only available on selected fridges.

Adjustable shelving

You can easily remove the shelves if you want to keep some extra item in the fridge remove the selves enlarge you space which helps you to keep bigger items.

Indoor ice and water dispenser

Most of the side-by-side fridges have this feature. Help you remove chilled water from the fridge without opening it. Although this is an exciting feature, this fridge is very expensive and required a lot of maintenance.

Voltage stabiliser

The built-in voltage stabilizer is important if you live in a voltage fluctuating place as the stabilizer protects the compressor during any voltage changes.

Open Door Alarms

If your door is open for 30 seconds or your fridge door is not closed properly, some fridges will alert you with alarm.

Child locks

Children’s locking fridges help you lock the fridge to ensure children’s safety.

Cool pack

This feature helps to keep the refrigerator cool for approximately twelve hours without electricity. If your power cuts off frequently so this is the Essential feature to consider.

Tips to Decide the Best Refrigerator In India

  • Select your fridge according to your consumption usages.
  • choosing a 5-star refrigerator is beneficial.
  • Avoid wrapping food items in your refrigerator.
  • The frost-free fridge is efficient for daily use.
  • In-built Stabilizer


Now, knowing the essential factors to be considered when purchasing a fridge, you should check out our list of the best refrigerator.

You can see our list of the best single door fridges, the best dual door fridges and the best side by side fridges for you if you’ve already decided what model of the refrigerator to purchase, where we published the complete guidance of a few of the models.

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